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Gabourey Sidibe -- Beauty Comes in All Sizes

3/16/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gabourey Sidibe -- Beauty Comes in All SizesGabourey Sidibe might have a weight problem, but it doesn't mean she's unhealthy ... this according to the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA). Yes, that's a real group.

As we first reported, a weight loss company is reaching out to the Oscar-nominated "Precious" star in an effort to help her lose weight and get healthy.

But according to a spokeswoman for NAAFA, being heavy doesn't always mean being unhealthy. Peggy Howell tells TMZ, "You cannot tell by looking at a person if they are healthy. Fat does not equal disease and thin does not equal healthy."

Howell also said NAAFA does not encourage people to get fat or stay fat and reminded us, "Achievements come in all sizes."

Gabourey Sidibe Pics


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Apparently Howell is obese and mentally challenged. Obesity increases your risk for disease exponentially. Duh. While you can theoretically be healthy and fat, that is all spin; that healthiness will not last long. If you're fat for more than a few years, you'll notice your health taking a hit.

1676 days ago


There IS such a thing as big-boned and those people will weigh in on the higher end of what is acceptable for their height.

Having said that... come on. This girl has WAY more weight on her than being 'big boned' would allow for. Such a stupid thing to say.

Let's get straight what the truth is here.

Thin does not mean beautiful nor does fat mean ugly.

But fat always means unhealthy.

1669 days ago


fat does not equal unhealthy some people are big bonned. you cant tell by looking at a person if their healthy or not unless their anorexic of obese.

1680 days ago


It's about statistics which show links between obesity and a number of health problems. Interestingly, there have been studies that show that a low calorie diet means increased longevity, which makes sense because you're putting less crap in your body. Besides, eating all of that food is just a waste.

1680 days ago


Leave her alone tmz. You guys are horrible.

1680 days ago


Big boned? Thats so elementary playground. Thats an excuse. There is no such thing... big boned...(rolling my eyes).

I'm obese according to my doctor. I am unhealthy.

Fat is unhealthy. Anorexic extreme at the other end does too, but healthy is healthy. A correct weight for your height.

I wont get into why an obese person like this is unhealthy. But its very ignorant to think not AND I suspect if a person who is obese starts talking about anorexic people and such and what equates healthy, they are certainly avoiding the work it takes to be healthy.

It appears this chick actress likes the way she is, its none of our business, its her choice. Fine. I have no need to change her. I have to worry about me.

So, move along. Leave her alone. Change comes from the person. I always laugh inside when people want to change other people. Start with yourself.

1680 days ago


Fat does not mean unhealthy! Skinny does not mean healthy! I am slightly overweight and have had NO medical issues, am on NO medication, yet my underwieght sister has serious issues with her blood pressure and cholest. and requires daily medication for both. Where is the fat=unhealthy theory in that?

1680 days ago


There's levels of fat, and she is on the death bed kind of fat. If she wants to live to be a grandmother she needs to lose the weight now.

1680 days ago


Fat and Unhealthy are two separate things. Fat is fat, and Unhealthy is obese, and Gabourey Sidibe is obese. I think she should at least lose a few (or 50) pounds. Big is beautiful (as long as you wear appropriate clothes), but obesity is not.

1680 days ago


Not everyone who smokes gets health problems from it but most people would say that smoking is unhealthy. Obesity to me is the same. Underweight or overweight.

1680 days ago


I'm so tired of hearing the "fat" argument. Sure, being fat doesn't mean you are not healthy. Neither does being a smoker mean you are not healthy. But over time, with either, you WILL become unhealthy and be at risk for multiple medical problems, which WE will end up paying for, either through taxes or increased health insurance rates. So go on a diet FATTY!!!

1680 days ago


ITT: Fat people defend themselves.

1680 days ago


Theres alot of big girls who are very pretty n sexi!! But with her shes too big!! when u go over 250 i think its too much!!!

1680 days ago


The whole fat can be healthy argument is actually quite retarded. If you are extremely overweight and go and get tested and everything comes back ok people are like "See you can be fat and healthy"..Uhh NO. Keep that weight on and go get test ran 5 years from now and it will be completely different. AND ROFL AT THE "NAAFA" is there literally an organization that defends people with no self respect and overall lazy people? oops sorry I meant "is there an organization that defends overweight people"

Can I make an organization as well?

1680 days ago


Yeah this is just stupid. Way to encourage obese people to not try and lose weight due to the fact that they are and will indeed become unhealthy at some point because they're obese.

But what more do you expect from an organization that seriously has "fat acceptance" in their name. Seriously? FAT ACCEPTANCE? First of all that's a ridiculously stupid name. Secondly if I were making an organization of this kind, I definitely wouldn't put the word fat in the name. If I were overweight I wouldn't want to join an organization that clearly stated I was "fat".

1680 days ago
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