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Gabourey Sidibe -- Beauty Comes in All Sizes

3/16/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gabourey Sidibe -- Beauty Comes in All SizesGabourey Sidibe might have a weight problem, but it doesn't mean she's unhealthy ... this according to the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA). Yes, that's a real group.

As we first reported, a weight loss company is reaching out to the Oscar-nominated "Precious" star in an effort to help her lose weight and get healthy.

But according to a spokeswoman for NAAFA, being heavy doesn't always mean being unhealthy. Peggy Howell tells TMZ, "You cannot tell by looking at a person if they are healthy. Fat does not equal disease and thin does not equal healthy."

Howell also said NAAFA does not encourage people to get fat or stay fat and reminded us, "Achievements come in all sizes."

Gabourey Sidibe Pics


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Since you fools don't want to foot the bill for the "obese", then perhaps I don't want to foot the bill for alcoholics who develop liver disease or smokers who develop lung cancer! I'm sick to death of this judgmental society who thrives on what they feel is socially acceptable and what is not. And for those who are commenting on her crotch, how disguisting of you. You haters can keep on talking because this young woman is going to have a long, happy career whether she is big or not!!!

1626 days ago


Listen people, stop defending being fat butts. I am big boned, b/c when I am 135 I am a size 0 (that is heavy to be a size 0). I've had a baby, and I am slightly over weight, about 20 lbs. THAT is slightly over weight, not 150 or 250 over. And I am b/c I have been LAZY and LOVE food, so sorry I'm not buying you're crap. I agree some people are just not skinny I understand, I know people that eat well and exercise and are still a bit heavier b/c of age or what have you. But if that girl does not have health problems she will. It's just what more often than not, happens, kinda like if you don't breathe you die. She is about 400-450 lbs, because my best friend is 350 and she is WAY bigger than her. She should lose some weight if she wants to maintain her health, not for beauty! And if she doesn't care about her health, then leave her alone. But really if you're OBESE you are unhealthy, at the very least in your relationship with food (and trust me that won't be the least for long) and if that is what a person is happy being then so be it, but don't defend being obese, if you don't want to deal w/ the problem fine, but do not say it is ok to stuff your face, and defend it.

1626 days ago


Fat=unhealthy, huh? Give me a fat wallet, any day! That survey was answered by 77% Runway Models.

1626 days ago


She didn't eat broccoli and carrots to reach her current weight.

1626 days ago


I am so sick of the idea that the US is dying of an obesity epidemic.
According to the Body Mass Index, Brad Pitt and George Clooney are obese.
We as human beings are programed to put on weight if we can. It is how we are made. As for those disease if it is true that only obesity causes them, then my best friend who is 5 foot and 90 lbs would never have had her massive heart attack at 37. You people are soo stupid. Please watch Penn and Teller's episode on obesity.

1626 days ago


Ask any DR.!!!!! FAT is UNHEALTHY!!!

1626 days ago


I don't think being overweight means you are unhealthy, but I do believe it is unhealthy to be overweight. You have a lot more risk of health problems when you are overweight...the same goes for being underweight.

1626 days ago


Anyway you want to spin it, she is FAT! Looks terrible and should definately wake the heck up and lose some serious LBS! She needs to loses atleast 150lbs. She is gross and anyone who says she isn't really needs thier head checked!

1626 days ago


We recently vacationed in the U.S and I see firsthand that obesity is an epidemic certainly for American's. Even being 10 lbs overweight is a health concern. There's no such thing as fat and fit.

1626 days ago


Not in all cases is fat unhealthy I am considered fat but i have low cholesterol a healthy heart and run marathons and half marathons. I know that many of my thinner relations can't even run up a flight of steps without being winded. It is between her and her Dr. they are the only ones who should be deciding anything about her health.

1626 days ago


Overweight or excessively thin are unhealthy! If this girl's mother had been there for her as a child, so as to prevent her from watching excessive amounts of television and stuffing her face instead of being physically active like other young children, she would not be in this condition at her young age. Yes, as much as she wants to perceive herself as a Cinderella right now, the visual speaks for herself and, hopefully, she is working with a clinic and a psychotherapist with the money she made from that film.

Susan Boyle, also, needs to be in treatment.

1626 days ago


First off, there is no such thing as being Big Boned. That's ignorance at it's best and shows no knowledge of anatomy. Sorry.

Secondly, being obese is unhealthy, PERIOD. Carrying that much weight causes your heart to work much harder and puts extra stress on those "big bones".

She has a right to be the size she wants, but it doesn't do her any good to have people give excuses for her. She's seems like a nice girl. Healthy she is not.

1626 days ago


I am about 70 pounds overweight.. I am not morbidly obsese but I am fat.. However, I just had major surgery and had to have a zillion tests done.. I have LOW blood pressure, LOW cholestoral, LOW trigliceroids.. and my heart is in perfect shape.. no signs of plaque build up, nothing.. heart of a 25 year old and I'm 45! so being fat does not equal unhealthy!

1626 days ago

Anatomy of a Fat Person    

All you retards queefing out your ridiculous statement that there is "no such thing as BIG BONED" need to put down that ultimate pig burger you're chomping on, back your wide load onto an elliptical machine and try to remember something you failed to learn in either Biology or Foods and Nutrition classes back in high school.

If you can muster up any energy, mayhap you can drive/walk your fat arses down to your local bookstore or library and peruse an human anatomy book specifically on the chapter about bone structure/bone density.

BAH! Who am I kidding? Just sit your fupa down and I'll just give you the blooding f*cking answer...

Endomorph which is a bigger and broader boned body
Ectomorph which is more slender and smaller boned body
Mesomorph which is a more medium sized body

I'm 4'11 93 lbs and wear a size 0. I may be "tiny" to most people but in reality, I'm a mesomorph. I am a slightly bigger frame than someone like that skank Tila "socio/psychopath" Tequila. Someone like Chestica Simpson (during her slim years), given that she's a couple of inches taller, would look like a giant next to me as she's more an endo rather than a meso.

1626 days ago

Libera me-ya    

Ok, I am FAT!!! My choice!!! I make no excuses... I seek no simpathy...

With that said. Get over it people!!! She's HUUUGE and truth be told, I find her fugly. I will never pay to see her in a movie as a romantic lead or in action flics. Drama... maybe.

1626 days ago
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