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'Curb' Star

Rips Jay Leno:

He's Got No Character

3/16/2010 1:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Jeff Garlin says he wouldn't be caught dead on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" ... because he says Conan's nemesis "has no character."

Jeff Garlin and Conan O'Brien
During an interview with Jimmy Baron from 92.9 Dave-FM Atlanta this weekend, Garlin -- a long time friend and former roommate of Conan O'Brien -- claims NBC was "stupid" to replace Leno with Conan in the first place ... but says Leno derailed Conan's chances for success by doing the 10 o'clock show.

Garlin goes on to rip Leno by saying he has "no character" -- and says he won't be caught dead on "The Tonight Show" now that Jay is hosting it again. 


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LOL!!! What makes you think that Jay would even want him on his show!! ;oP

1651 days ago


My first reaction is 'who'? My second reaction is 'who cares'?

In an industry where everyone is competing with others to get on
the air, on the stage, in front of a microphone, a cutthroat business from day one....they're still whining big, bad Jay did
not say, 'gee, no, please, I cannot take the job I love and did
well at for years, and was forced to give up, back from the
guy who didn't do well at it after me........' Yeah, right.

Conan and his buddies need to grow up. YOu walked away with
$45 million, and more publicity than any NBC exec could have
dreamed of....and you're more famous because of it. If you had
created your own ratings, you wouldn't have lost the job. You
had lousy ratings, with or without Jays help or hinderance. YOU
did a bad job on the Tonight Show. Good luck with your new show
and road tour. You'll do great. But, will it last? Is Fox
really going to cut into successful adn profitable re-runs and
local news to give you a shot at a 5 day a week show?

Jay's ratings today, great. Even with the onslaught of self righteous critics.

Millionaires whining.......what a fun sport and hobby.

1651 days ago



1651 days ago

Whatcha Tryin' to SAY?    

Jeff who? Who cares what the minority Leno haters say? Somebody is sure glad Leno is back. Ratings don't lie.

1651 days ago


This guy isn't even a D lister. More like a W lister. Who would pay money to see this guy. Talk to the hand

1651 days ago


Are Leno fans such giant jackasses that they have nothing better to say than insult every person who makes a valid point about Leno's two-faced ways. Thats all I ever see from these morons. Howard Stern, Rosie Odonnel, Jeff Garlin, etc all made great points, but rather then argue against them, these people try to discredit them. Hey Leno fans, if they're in the entertainment business, they have a lot of credibility on this issue. It doesn't matter whether their A or D list celebs (lol).

1651 days ago

Oh yeah!!!    

To Jake,
The king of all celebrities, the top A-lister in all of Hollywood, Tom Hanks, is on Conans side so thats really all the support he needs. Now watch the pathetic attempts by these fools to discredit Tom Hanks. They will try but the end result will have them looking like idiots.

1651 days ago


To #35 Isabelle,
Ok look. It was not Conan's low ratings that caused this situation. It was Jay's primetime ratings. When Lenos 10pm show started to fail, the local affiliates said "see I told you so" to NBC and threatened NBC to pull him off or else, because he was damaging not only the Local news' ratings but also Conans ratings. This is when NBC realized that they couldn't keep both Jay and Conan. They knew they had to get rid of one of them. So they looked at who was cheapest to get rid of. To buyout Lenos contract it would cost them $150 million, to buyout Conans, it would cost them $40 million. They chose to keep Jay not only because he was cheaper to keep but because after 17 years, he had already found his audience at 11:35, while Conan was still trying to find his. NBC in panic mode against CBS made the wrong decision for the long run. This same thing almost happened to Jay.
Leno's first three years as host of the Tonight Show saw a dramatic loss of ratings. A loss so bad that NBC actually did offer David Letterman the job. This is when Letterman called Carson and asked him what he should do. Oh and GASP! Letterman had the decency and honor to say no to NBC and let Leno keep his job. Something Leno wouldn't do for Conan.)

1651 days ago


Go Jeff!

1651 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

Leno's numbers are already beating the best numbers co
had ----
who are you any way?

1651 days ago


To everyone who took the time to post, "Who is this guy?"

"Jeff who?"

"My first reaction is 'who'?"

Are you freakin' illiterate?

First line of the article says, ""Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Jeff Garlin."

Or are you just trying to look cool for living under a rock and not knowing about what is one of the most critically acclaimed shows of the past decade, and one of its stars?

A little thing called "Curb Your Enthusiasm?"

Nominated for thirty Emmy Awards?

And a not so little guy named Jeff Garlin who is an executive producer of said show and like, star of movies and stuff?

Also, to everyone saying that Jeff Garlin would never get asked onto Leno's Tonight Show anyways, WELL NEWS FLASH: HE HAS (IMDB says it was September 14th, 2005).

1651 days ago


jeff who ?

1651 days ago


For all you idiots out there.....Jeff Garlin is on one of the funniest shows of all time, Curb Your Enthusiasm. And, he was in WAll-E. Pretty big actor.

I'm with Jeff, I absolutely despise Jay Leno for what he did to Conan and David Letterman back in the day. Karma is a bitch and Jay should be looking over his shoulder 24/7.

1650 days ago


I'm really scratching my head at the "pro Leno" comments on this thread when the guy has just NEVER been funny or original during his entire career.
The funniest bits on the tonight show are when he just holds a mic & others get what little laughs he gets.
Hands down the least talented of the late night line up.

1650 days ago


CONGRATULATIONS, JAY! It was announced, yesterday, by a ratings company, (sorry, I don't remember the name) that your show is up by 45%. Not bad for being back for such a short time. Your fans are with you, all the way. CONGRATULATIONS!

1650 days ago
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