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Jermaine Jackson on Jaafar: It Wasn't a Stun Gun

3/16/2010 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson admits his son was in the wrong for ordering something online -- but according to him, it wasn't a stun gun.

Jermaine & Jaafar Jackson: Click to watch
Though extremely vague on what 13-year-old son Jaafar -- who was with him -- actually purchased, Jermaine says he "never touched Blanket" with "that thing."

Jermaine claims he had "no idea" anything was going on.

As TMZ first reported, the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services seized a stun gun during their first visit to the home after the incident. Family members tell us Jaafar fired the gun into a piece of paper but contradicted employees who say he pointed the gun at Blanket and Prince.


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Jermaine Jackson TMZ tells lies? They know nothing?!?!
Until you can show PROOF that TMZ is telling lies, SHUT UP!!

1649 days ago


His a kid. I'm sure he pointed it at his weird, rich little cousin. But I doubt he fired it at him. Kids due stupid things all the time. It doesn't need to be made into some kind of big deal. It was all taken care of and no one got hurt. Time to move on to something new.

1649 days ago


Kathrine Jackson has already spoke out about it and said he had a stungun so we know that he is full of it

1649 days ago


Ok this stun gun garbage has been blown way out of proportion and basically a mountain has been made of a mole hill. When I was his age I was shooting BB guns,Crossbows and everything else under the sun. But I never would point it at other people. New's flash. Kids get into their parents stuff. Unless its in a combo safe they will find it. Now granted..If a kid does indeed find a "weapon" of any type that kid should of previously been educated on it by a PARENT and it needed to be explained that its a weapon rather it be a gun,etc and treat it as if its loaded,blah blah all that gun safety stuff. This is a stun gun not a friggin automatic rifle he found was was supposedly chasing him around the house with it..2 kids playing paintball is probably more dangerous then a kid playing with a stun gun. Move on. and who cares about this guy? His whole family is a bunch of freaks.

1649 days ago


and rofl at the photog thinking that TMZ has any credibility. These people at TMZ think they are CNN or something lol. "This is your chance to clarify you're story" ROFL riiiight, Like someone is going to take a pap seriously that works for TMZ whos approached on the street while eating yogurt. just LOL

1649 days ago


Pardon me for laughing, but every time I see the name "Jermajesty" I LOL. What kind of moron would name his kid that!?! Apparently, one named Jermaine (and a wife who would go along with it!). What a messed up family!!!

1649 days ago


This story is the least disturbing of all the Jackson stories this year - sounds like kids playing. And no one got hurt.

1649 days ago


That Jackson family as a whole are just one F***ed up crew..Some people just do not deserve to be rich and famous..especially with all those clingy untalented family members.

To TMZ - how about adding a report SPAM button for the lamo in number 14 (shoptrade) I'll make sure never to go there..This spamming everywhere is getting old..F**K you SPAM Whore. May you're company disolve.

1649 days ago


People will always nit pick the Jacksons!!

1649 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

Jermaine is constant liar and WACKO JACKO is a sick molesting freak...or should I say "was a sick cold molesting freak" DR. MURRAY IS A HERO for taling WACKO JACKO out of the world. I wonder if there is any propofol left to finish Jermaine off?

1649 days ago


Just another clueless Jackson.

1649 days ago


Oh for goodness sake. Put this to rest. As much as I think Jermaine is a schmuck, what's he gonna say? "Yep, my kid is a little sh*t and I'm a gonna whoop his butt?" Would that make everyone happy? Tsk. He's very right in saying that because of the last name of Jackson, things get blown waaaaay out of proportion. Teenagers make all kinds of crazy mistakes, they test the boundaries and they get in trouble. Let's hope there's enough love and respect and attention in the home to address whatever issues they come up against - I hope and pray that not only Michael's children have a successful future, but all of the Jackson children - past, present and future. ((The only shame of all of this, despite that this is the way the Jacksons have lived for years, is that Michael still seems to foot the bill for more than 1/2 the clan!))

1649 days ago


Jermaine was the one Jackson male I always held out hope for, but playing ignorant doesn't make a good parent. So disappointed in his denial.

1649 days ago


Know how to tell when Jermaine Jackson is lying?? His lips are moving.

1649 days ago


Those boys are already as pathetic as their father. I hope Katherine DOES put them out of the house. That older one is a bullying, mean-spirited little bastard already. Good job TMZ, for getting in their faces. I bet they were plenty embarrassed. They deserve nothing less.

1649 days ago
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