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Lil Wayne -- Incarcerated in NY, Wanted in AZ

3/16/2010 6:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne Lil Wayne had a perfectly good reason for missing his court date in Arizona today -- he's currently behind bars in New York. But Yuma County didn't care ... and issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Wayne pled not guilty in the past to a litany of drug charges related to a January 2008 arrest, where DEA agents found 105 grams of marijuana, 29 grams of cocaine and 41 grams of ecstasy pills and a 40-caliber pistol on his tour bus.

Wayne had a court date today, but missed it cause of the whole "already in jail" thing.


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Slutty Whores Rock    

Stop the arguing, you are all right and all wrong at the same time.

For the past tense of to plead, you may use either pleaded or pled.

Example: He will plead not guilty to the charges.
Example: He pleaded not guilty before his trial.
Example: He pled not guilty before his trial.

Note: In the strict legal sense, one cannot plead innocent, only not guilty.

1649 days ago

Jomica Man    

I agree with #8. And this guy has been a repeat guest on both PTI and First Take on ESPN( wonder what Disney was thinking?). That total street gangster rap was so obvious, yet I would agree he knows his sports. They'll give him a few guest spots on either show once he is out and paid his debt to society. The fact of the matter is that he is has a huge following from many who watch these ESPN shows. Hip Hop/ Rap could not go away fast enough. That vile language used primarily in the lyrics, which I guess is supposed to pass off as a form of music. To me, rap was spawned in prison, where is belongs. Yes, I'm a baby boomer that hates that noise irritant.

1649 days ago


I agree with #8, but may I suggest adding 8- grillz

1649 days ago


I love it!! Arizona is not going to risk losing him in flight. They will drag his ass back to AZ. I hope he comes to Georgia and tries ANYTHING because we LOVE to lock up criminals!

1649 days ago


Lil Sissy Wayne who is become a PC "b*tch" needs to get his butt to Arizona where they will know exactly how to "cater" to his wannabe sissy gangsta self. I am sure Ye Ole Sheriff will find him a pink jumpsuit and a bunch of bif ole' white arayna firends to play with. This wannabe lil' sisy with his "death tear drops" will become a real regular with the homeboys. He talked the talk now walk da walk Lil Sissy

1649 days ago


Rikers is just a warm up: What he was caught with in AZ was way, way worse, something I've been yelling from the mountaintops ever since his NY prison stay overshadowed this charge. Get used to jail Wayne, you are officially the poster child for "when keeping it real goes wrong". Let this be a lesson to other rappers, both established and aspiring....there's a price to pay for upholding an image if you aren't smart about it. What's truely sad is that Wayne was never a drug dealer OR a gangsta to begin with, he just bought into the mentality and then surrounded himself with the real deal to boost his street cred. Now look at him. Millions in the bank don't mean a damn thing if you aren't in the outside world to enjoy it. And he won't be, for a very, VERY long time.

1649 days ago

Black Power    

To #8 - You also forgot that they have to be packin' an un-licensed firearm.

1649 days ago


Enough with the pled, pleaded Lets get down and dirty with idea of a pink jumpsuit, add some bling diamonds to his CHICK SUNGLASSES!!!

1649 days ago


Serves that dumb ass right! Hope he stays in jail for a long time!!!

1649 days ago

Jill Goessling    

Throw away the key. This rap sh*t is the worst thing for
young kids. Li'l Wayne should not make a dime on this foul
type of music, if you want to call it music.

1649 days ago


TMZ...I want to know what on Earth is the Paternity result of Beyonce's Dad. Did this man pay that woman to keep it hush? Did TMZ lose track of following the evidence? We know that the test was ordered and scheduled for March 1st and that the results would take two weeks. Well, the time for both has come and gone and we thought TMZ of all media would stay on top of this. We want to know...get on it already you guys! We're waiting.... :)

1649 days ago


Where is his daddy and big shot friends now? Wasn't he pictured with the Rev's daughters? How about Fiddy cent? Amazing, he spent so much on a "grill" & gold dental care, and ironically he's going to need the real "white" ones back. Maybe he's staying gumless - know what I mean?

1649 days ago



1649 days ago


You guys know nothing about Lil Wayne other than the way he looks. Hes got his Bachelors degree from the University of Houston and was working on his Masters degree before this trouble happened. The gun and drugs didnt even belong to him, there were lots people in his entourage on the buses. He just gets in trouble for it because they buses are registered to him. Stop hating for no f**kin reason.

1649 days ago

Christina G.    

You've been watching too many movies. He's not going to involuntarily date men in prison. It's already been published that he's going to be isolated from the other inmates in New York on account of his celebrity. I'm sure that will be the case in Arizona as well. Sorry to throw water on your sexual fantasies, boyz.

1649 days ago
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