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Corey Feldman -- Haim's Death 2 Much to Bear

3/17/2010 7:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman skipped his best friend's funeral yesterday, but he found his own way to pay tribute to Corey Haim last night -- getting a big ol' tattoo.

Corey Feldman

Corey mourned his friend at T-Man Tattoo, a San Fernando Valley ink shop. The art features the numbers, 222. On his blog, in his open letter to Haim, Corey said correctly, "Nobody will understand the magic of 22/222."


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3twinkles I do not have to argue with your small mind.. Before you tell someone else to get the facts, how bout you check them all our for yourself.. Here is a quote from a article Feldman said he defended the singer in 1993 because he thought he was being a loyal friend. "I did what I believed was right as a friend," Feldman said. "I defended him up and down. ... I did so publicly, and I did so behind closed doors with police."

Harvey Levin, executive producer of "Celebrity Justice," came into possession of Feldman's 1993 audiotaped statements to investigators and says they could ultimately help Jackson's defense. Levin says they show authorities were convinced of Jackson's guilt then and could suggest they have a vendetta in the current case against him. Gee accused MJ of molestation, get your facts st8.. I am out of here.. Wish I could judge you.. Wish your life was public..

1660 days ago


22 IS YOUR IQ COREY!!, but yeah 222 are aspirin with codeine in Canada

1660 days ago


Feldman, if you read this...and you probably do troll the press...then you know you are an attention seeker. If you truly cared about your friend, you would have given his mother money to help with his burial, instead of having her ask fans for donations and you would have DISCREETLY got on a plane to Canada and DISCREETLY attended his funeral service. You can't be discreet and incognito coz you have the child star disease called '' LOOK AT ME''. Posting a dumb blog, doing on Larry King Live $$$ cha ching and arranging a '' Hollywood'' memorial only serves one person....YOU! Shame on you Feldman.

1660 days ago


Wow. The tattoo symbolism had better not be about drugs because that would just be sick, seeing as drugs are what ruined both of these guys' lives and probably killed Haim. I can't imagine anyone doing something so horrible. I want to believe it's something else that we really don't understand because it's a private thing.

Also I don't recall there being an issue with Feldman going to Canada. When they did their scripted reality show it was Haim who couldn't enter the U.S. due to HIS record, which eventually was overturned or something since he was recently back living in the U.S. along with his mom.

The excuse given for missing the funeral was that the ceremony as private and family-only, but as close as these two supposedly were, I would think that Feldman would be considered as close as a brother and therefore allowed into the small ceremony. It seems more likely that he's just a huge self-serving douchebag.

1660 days ago


15. to "HOW DARE YOU" ...YES I have helped an addict and you are correct it is not easy, however you are clearly not an actor and the fact that you "read somewhere" that he was not allowed in canada due to his record just shows how uninformed YOU are so shut up Douche. The fact is Corey Feldman is an opportunist who is making damn sure his face is in the news speaking about this and exploiting his friends death the same way he did to Michael Jackson..he was the first one to accuse him of molestation and was not speaking to him...but made damn sure he had hsi ugly mug in the news speaking about him. IF you knew what the hell you were talking about you would come across more intelligently. :)

Posted at 10:41AM on Mar 17th 2010 by 3twinkles

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The MJ freaks are back. They never go away. If Feldman accused MJ of molestation, than it is true. He is just a forgiving person.

1660 days ago


Ummm to the "how dare you" guy,
your quoting from an "article corey feldman did" um ya that is not edited at all and must be the solid gold truth. LMAO you really are stupid. I think 3 twinkles has a point, he is an opportunist and he is also a fame whore, and if your quoting the "truth" don't get it from an edited article by a has been.

1660 days ago



1660 days ago


LMAO. Yep go run and hide "how dare you" what a chicken. Clearly even you have realized how ignorant your little statement was given the fact that you are quoting interviews done by Corey Feldman himself. You must be his ONE fan left. lol Corey Haim is the reason Corey feldman had any fame at all even though he was in the biz since he was 3. Oh and the fact that you are depending on a producer of "celebrity Justice" as your voice of truth proves you are ignorant and stupid. The fact is Corey Feldman is an always has been a fame whore, and look where it has left him...alone. I never was disputing MJ's guilt or innocence, I simply pointed out that corey feldman is an opportunist as is his dirty whore wife who is giving smiling interviews with fake crying on Radar online. she is so dumb she has not even figured out her husband is a has been yet. LMAO

1660 days ago


22 years Haim took "222's". Wow Feldman, that was really hard to figure out.

1660 days ago


Lolli...I am not an MJ freak at all, I was pointing out that CF was using MJ's death as an excuse to get his face in the paper again to try and resurrect his long since gone career. I was NOT disputing whether or not there was any MJ molestation frankly I could care less. I was trying to poitn out what a HYPOCRITE CF is. Just like yesterday he made this big grand statement about respecting Haims mother and family yet posted a very personal letter all over the internet knowing it would get the press attention. he is out for himself and not his "friend" .

1660 days ago


First of all, missing your "best friend's" funeral is just plain cold. And also, that tattoo artist sucks. It looks like Corey drew the picture himself or that the artist was an amatauer. Corey, at least if you get a tattoo in memory of someone, make it a GOOD tattoo. Go get it re-done somewhere else to honor your buddy properly.

1660 days ago


Why don't all of you haters go crawl back into your holes. You are pathetic excuses for human beings. Corey Feldman can't go to the restroom right now in private. The media are following him around because of his friend's death, people have always linked the 2 Coreys! They were best friends! Shame on any of you who judge this man! I would not deem you worthy to be in his presence. No wonder celebs have to worry about crazy people stalking them, there are no shortage of you out thre!!!!

1660 days ago


I just found this. Pretty sad... It's Corey Haim remembering the late Michael Jackson and his visit to Neverland.,2933,529264,00.html

1660 days ago


HOW DARE YOU, I would like to thank you for being the only person thus far with common sense and a heart! I agree with you 100% people need to stop trying to bash anyone they can. This is a time for RESPECT not for hey lets point fingers and be rude and opinionated. It does not matter why Feldman or anyone else for that matter was not there or what the reasons were. It’s a personal matter stay out of it and stop jumping to assumptions on everything. Some people can’t handle the stress of someone that close passing away others show grieving in odd ways. Hell the person I was closest to died and I remember not being a train wreck but when someone I hardly even knew passed away I was all over the place. Weird I know and I did beat myself up over it for the longest time then I realized I just took the two situations differently. It did not mean I did not care any less, I just did not know how to approach it… There is a realm of possibilities for every question and people always assume the worst. It’s a shame we live in a world of hate because so many people have lost their compassion toward others.

1660 days ago

Christopher R    

This guy should move in with the Kardashians. He knows NO shame. I guess it's true...some people will do ANYTHING to get noticed.

1660 days ago
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