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Corey Haim -- Thousands of Pills, Dozens of Docs

3/17/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Haim had been getting a massive amount of prescription drugs from numerous doctors, according to the California Attorney General.

Jerry Brown: Click to watch
A.G. Jerry Brown -- who is investigating a fraudulent prescription drug ring that has a Corey Haim connection -- said on HLN's "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell," "How many people go to 10 or 15 or 20 doctors and then run around to 10, 12 and more pharmacies to go fulfill them and sometimes two different doctors in the same day?"

Brown says pharmacy records show Haim obtained "thousands" of pills from dozens of doctors over the last year.

As we first reported, just days before Haim's death, he obtained 4 prescriptions from the same psychiatrist -- Valium, Vicodin, Soma and haloperidol, an antipsychotic drug.


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Zippy T. Pinhead    

Gee, I wonder what killed him. Taking all those drugs or the stress of multi-tasking on how to get said drugs.

1659 days ago


It's sad that the press continues to glorify these pill-pushing, drug addicts. They are really poor examples for our children. What do you bet, this lowlife won't join the likes of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole, Keith and Michael Jackson and that we won't celebrate the anniversary of his birthday every year.

1659 days ago

Allen Ridak    

An easy solution is a national database that would alert pharmacists that a customer is Doctor Shopping.
It's a bit hard for the government to cite privacy as a reason for not doing it, especialy after releasing that 911 call.

1659 days ago


It's totally out of control and it's never going to end as long as the government,doctors, and pharmacies are making tons of money. Sick sick sick!! I guess they won't pay for killing people until they croak.

1659 days ago

Allen Ridak    

@ dessertgirl

Who is Keith Jackson?

1659 days ago



The word 'sad" not only doesn't apply to this event..... It needs to blocked from the comment blogs of TMZ due to overuse.

One healthy cure for your sadness would be to immediately go and burn any videos of Haim's movies you have in your possession..
You'll feel soooo much better....

1659 days ago


....Then go flush the bottles of downers you have piled up on the table, that you bought from Mr. Haim.

1659 days ago


yeah....he wasn't a drug addict. totally sober.

1659 days ago


You're camping out at Imagination Station....

1659 days ago

Luke Mason    

sounds to me like A.G. Jerry Brown is trying to make a name for him self on the back of a dead man how low is this .

1659 days ago


Hydrocodone, carisoprodol, diazepam, and haloperidol are hardly what killed him. I hate it when the media lists a bunch of medications in a story that general public has no idea about what the meds are, and they are left to guess…then they make uneducated conclusions. When they come out with the official cause of death, (if they haven’t already) It will have nothing to do with those drugs unless he took them all, which I doubt he would do unless he was suicidal. They mentioned that he had a heart issue--Now that will be the overlying factor. One other theory is that they (his people) had mentioned that he had recently detoxed. If he picked up those pills on the day he died, then it is possible that he ate too much of the hydrocodone (Vicodin), the soma is not a controlled drug and is not really a drug of abuse and probably didn’t factor in too much, just more stress on the liver and heart. The antidepressant is not a drug of abuse, so there was no reason for him to eat a bunch of those. So…, that leaves the Valium. He probably got a script of a month's supply; 60-90 7.5mg or 10mg hydros and probably about the same in number of Valium. He was most likely given 60-90 of 5mg or 10mg, most likely 5mg. Corey has been abusing drugs for over 20 years he know how his tolerance works because anyone who has done opiates and benzos that long has been through a withdraw a few or more times. However, he gets his scripts, his body loses its tolerance the last 6-10 days, he know he can get high as hell since his tolerance is down and he has a lot of opiates and some benzo to boot. I’m guessing he took about 150-180mg of hydros and probably three or four Valium. Now, this is based on the assumption that he really did withdraw and lost all or most tolerance. This is close to theory about Jim Morrison as well. As a matter of fact, most deaths due to opiate overdose is after a user’s tolerance has gone down during a dry spell or whatever the reason, and then they get a hold of the dope and do too much. With heroin its even more of a paradox because you don't know how pure the product is etc. At any rate, this was Corey's body telling him, "too much".

1659 days ago


I never liked corey haim.He was a cute kid but a mess when he became a has been.I found him explosive,defensive,bitter and difficult.It might of been the drugs,but other has beens were the same,like gary coleman,and jeff conway among others.Then they're is the pill pushers,anything to make money on someone else's addiction..Greedy and unethical...

1659 days ago


Calling 'Chaz' Haim a "man" is a stretch!

1659 days ago


The End will set him free.I am glad he never turned out like Feldman.Hes pretty bad,The finger pointer.

1659 days ago


it seems Corey Feldman is getting the publicity he has allways sought. So sad he is riding the tails of a friends death to get it

1659 days ago
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