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Jaafar Jackson -- Gunnin' for His Lil Bro

3/17/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson and her people insist the incident involving Jermaine Jackson's son, Jaafar, and the stun gun was an isolated event -- but TMZ has obtained a home movie that shows Jaafar is no stranger to playing with guns.

Jaafar, Jermaine, Jermajesty Jackson

The scene -- which appears to have been shot several months ago -- begins with Jaafar (left) barging into Jermajesty's room, Airsoft gun drawn, and then ordering his little brother to get on the ground. Jaafar pushes Jermajesty to the ground, pretends to pistol-whip him, handcuffs him and then gives the youngster an incomplete version of his Miranda rights.

Jaafar then tells his brother, "Don't move or I'll bust your head open."

Jaafar then cocks the gun, points it to Jermajesty's head, pulls the trigger and you hear the click. Jermajesty plays dead and Jaafar drags him by the leg out of the room.

TMZ decided not to post the video.

As for the stun gun incident, sources tell TMZ Jaafar pointed the weapon at two of Michael Jackson's kids -- Blanket and Prince -- but the family insists the two kids weren't even in the same room.

Our sources say the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services are still reviewing the stun gun incident.


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Jermaja-what?? They love those crazy names?!

1651 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

** Yes!! Susie I heart all his stuff. Tales, poetry, short stories, essays, his novel, his Balloon-Hoax (lol) and play...anything Poe!!

But I think...Oscar Wilde is my all time fav. But there are so many!!

Hope all is well with you Susie!
Keep the Faith!
Where/how is lankandiva?

1651 days ago


Oh snap.. stungun may be the least of their worries now...from the link I posted :

California's airsoft guns law is much more strict than most others in the country, short of a total ban. Instead of treating them like toys, as many regulations tend to do, the California's airsoft guns law regulates the firearms as real ones, and as such does not require airsoft guns to have fluorescent paint on their barrels. This is to place emphasis on the fact that no gun - not even an airsoft gun - should fall into the hands of a child, and, indeed, the law makes airsoft guns available only to adults over eighteen years of age. United States federal law, on the contrary, is much less specific regarding its regulation of airsoft guns. The rules already discussed - markings, plastic construction - are generally the only airsoft guns law codes you need to be concerned with when purchasing an airsoft gun. For using one, you need to obey the federally and state mandated areas for play, make sure that you do not threaten anyone with the gun itself.

Airsoft gun laws walk hand in hand with airsoft gun safety. Keep both in mind while you are researching and becoming involved with the sport, and you will have a grand time in the world of combat simulation.

1651 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

More Evidence Points Towards New Michael Jackson Title For PlayStation
Written by Mike Hartnett

Gamers far and wide are now speculating, yet again, that we may be seeing the ‘king of pop’, Michael Jackson, return to video game consoles upon recent news surrounding Sony’s renewed $250 million contract with the recently deceased star which will grant the company around ten new projects over a seven year time span.

Sources close to the deal have stated:

1651 days ago


I'm fine, thanks for asking.
Lankan has an account on YouTube. She's a sweet girl!

Take care.

1651 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Michael Jackson: Estate Lands Historic Record Deal
By Brennan Williams
Mar 17th 2010 5:55PM

Despite shaking up the world less than a year ago with his untimely death, it appears Michael Jackson will remain even more relevant for generations to come -- he's also making history in the process.

1651 days ago


oh my god what the hell is wrong with you people.

I know for a fact that me, and every other kid, when I was younger, played games where we would pretend to shoot each other, whether we were policemen or in star wars or something.

THIS IS NORMAL FOR CHILDREN. I don't know many boys who didn't play with fake guns or swords or something.

Its the fact that its the jackson family that you're all getting your panties in a bunch.

1651 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

266. Hi Tellit,
do you like Poe's "The pit and the pendulum"?
I love it!

Agony but no death.... he heee!!!

Posted at 8:07PM on Mar 17th 2010 by susie

Susie, which part of Italy are u from? We're booked to go visit Rome, Venice & Milano to check out the fashion there. LOL. U said Ermenegildo Zegna has beautiful models. We need to find that out. LOL.

1651 days ago


You post freakin 911 tapes of people dead or dying, but you don;t post this.

Yeah. Makes sense to me. [not]

1651 days ago


Hi Daphne, I'm from Milano.
Those models are sooo cool but I'm too old, damn!
Too young, no gold pants... I'm hopeless LOL

1651 days ago


I don't know about calling the Children Services, but somebody needs to pull a Papa Joe Jackson on Jaafar's butt.
Let Papa Joe have Jaafar for about a month, after being greased down and swatted with a switch, he'll be just as sweet as Michael. Only in the case of Jaafar, because I really do see trouble on the horizon for Jaafar, should he continue with this kind of behavior.

1651 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

283. Hi Daphne, I'm from Milano.
Those models are sooo cool but I'm too old, damn!
Too young, no gold pants... I'm hopeless LOL

Posted at 9:16PM on Mar 17th 2010 by susie

Please let us know the "must see" in Milano. We are going in July (I know its hot there), but hubby has to attend a business conference there. On another note, why don't people just leave the kids alone. Germain should really take the kids home. I'm sure the kids want to spend some quality daddy's time with him. Oh, one other thing, Crystal Bowersox is my next American Idol. LOL.

1651 days ago


I just wonder what Michael would say about all of this? He himself had to put up with being roughed up by all the older brothers he had. I remember in the movie when they were recording a song, and he did something wrong. One of the older brothers hit him, and he said "That hurt", and he was mad. I think the song was Kansas city. I am sure he was no stranger to being hit by siblings. He knew all these people lived with his mother, and yet he still wanted her to have the kids he loved. We will just have to believe he did the right thing for his kids. They seem like smart kids, and I am sure they will tell their lawyer if they ever want to leave grandmothers house.

1651 days ago


281. You post freakin 911 tapes of people dead or dying, but you don;t post this.

Yeah. Makes sense to me. [not]

Posted at 8:57PM on Mar 17th 2010 by SUsan

Ain't that the truth!

1651 days ago


lol I have a video of BigFoot and Ufo but I decided not to post them

1651 days ago
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