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Jaafar Jackson -- Gunnin' for His Lil Bro

3/17/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson and her people insist the incident involving Jermaine Jackson's son, Jaafar, and the stun gun was an isolated event -- but TMZ has obtained a home movie that shows Jaafar is no stranger to playing with guns.

Jaafar, Jermaine, Jermajesty Jackson

The scene -- which appears to have been shot several months ago -- begins with Jaafar (left) barging into Jermajesty's room, Airsoft gun drawn, and then ordering his little brother to get on the ground. Jaafar pushes Jermajesty to the ground, pretends to pistol-whip him, handcuffs him and then gives the youngster an incomplete version of his Miranda rights.

Jaafar then tells his brother, "Don't move or I'll bust your head open."

Jaafar then cocks the gun, points it to Jermajesty's head, pulls the trigger and you hear the click. Jermajesty plays dead and Jaafar drags him by the leg out of the room.

TMZ decided not to post the video.

As for the stun gun incident, sources tell TMZ Jaafar pointed the weapon at two of Michael Jackson's kids -- Blanket and Prince -- but the family insists the two kids weren't even in the same room.

Our sources say the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services are still reviewing the stun gun incident.


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Larry, do you even know how much it cost for everything that is needed for Michael Kids for a whole month? Well, until you do, shut up!!! I think Katherine is doing a good job of listening to the kids and letting them be kids. As far as Jermaine's kids go that is his and his x wife's problem(if there is one) not Katherine's. Some of you all need to think before hide behind you're keyboards!!! Katherine just needs(if she hasn't already) a family meeting. I'm quite sure has been done.

1673 days ago

Lakeisha smith    

i am very simple living person with love and peace and would like to see peace and love everywhere and hate crime as like human or cyber.

1666 days ago


Sad to be first here for a jackson story

1680 days ago


oh geez, leave them alone. So what, he was playing a "Cop" and the other the criminal...

1680 days ago


Chicken ! I want to see the freaking video. An imcomplete version is your take on the video. I want to determine for my self if any civil rights laws were broken. Inquiring minds want to see the video .

1680 days ago


What a mess. They need to get those extra kids out of the house! There is no reason why they should be there.I saw a video posted on another website showing the kid smacking his younger brother so hard in the head, he hit the ground.

1680 days ago


1st set a MALE kids to ever play cops/robber type game, much less play rough in general. A BOY PLAYING ROUGH? wowww TMZ....thats never ever happened in human history before.

What next, girls playign with dolls :-O?????

1680 days ago


Then again....maybe Jaafar inherited the 'Joe Jackson' violent gene...*shrugs*..

1680 days ago


8. wow they're little black kids just playing cops... just practicing the routine for later in life...

Posted at 2:51AM on Mar 17th 2010 by Tom

Come on, Tom..(I'm assuming you are white), but I remember playing these same games as a kid and I'm white. What difference does color matter when kids are playing, other than if you're a racist, I see nothing different whatsoever. That was uncalled for.

1680 days ago

Catherine Krieger    

Leave the Jackson Family alone... they gave up any chance of a private life; For Us, The Public! Michael will never rest in peace if we don't leave his babies in peace... they are simply victims of our pariah! They are children... they have yet to become whom they will be. Let them rise on their own! Stay away from them... they are not ours to seek. Bless, Bless the Jackson Family

1680 days ago

Catherine Krieger    

oops... thought this was regarding Michael's babies. even thou I was wrong... just leave them alone!!!

1680 days ago


What's it going to take for Family Services to yank Germaine's family from that house? Why isn't the Guardian ad litem for the 3 kids getting involved too? Or is everyone waiting for Jaffar to kill someone after he loads the gun and pulls the trigger??

1680 days ago


When we played cops 'n robbers as kids we never used REAL GUNS. MJ's three kids are in serious danger in that house, why is this acceptable?

1680 days ago


Wow Tom #8! I know that your mother proud of your narrow minded bigotry... What a success...

Can't they just be kids playing cops?

1680 days ago


IF this is true, then Jaafar needs help. He has very disturbed behavioural problems. This seems to have gone beyond the "Cops N Robbers" stage. What's going to happen now?? Are the authorities and the family just going to wait and see if it happens again... when it may be tooo late. ?? This a POTENTIALLY VERY serious problem. Jaafar needs to be monitored at all times, for his own sake as well as others. He seems like a bully, and a very insecure one at that.

1680 days ago
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