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'Hills' Star Mysteriously Sprung from Mexican Jail

3/17/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Wahler -- former star of "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach" -- has somehow made his way out of a Mexican jail, but for some reason the U.S. Consulate is keeping the reason for Jason's release a secret.

Justin Wahler: Click to watch
Wahler was cuffed in Cabo last Thursday and thrown in the pokey after getting in a fight. We couldn't find any record of Jason yesterday when we called various jails.

Today the Consulate told TMZ Jason was released seven hours after being locked up. As for why jailers let him out: Wahler signed a document keeping the terms of his release secret. We've never heard of that either.

Jason's dad tells TMZ as far as he knows no charges were filed against his son and he's back in L.A. His dad says Jason tells him he was not drinking and was actually released after one hour.


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Glad he made it out of there! I hope he learned his lesson & stays AWAY from MEXICO!!!!

1651 days ago

J C    

He wasn't drinking?
Was He on drugs then?
Because from the video His motor functions were extremely impared.

1651 days ago


This video shows Jason very wasted. He really does not realize what is going on. Now,
my questions is this : I thought he was on probation due to his last 2 drunk incidents.
Why does this idiot not learn??? answer me that question

1651 days ago


Well, duh, Jason is one of our nations shining stars! During this time of money troubles and war, we can't afford to have America's sweetheart sitting in a foreign prison. It's just not good for morale. I mean, how many soldiers in Iraq were heartbroken because of this arrest and were not able to shoot and murder innocent Iraqis. God bless America and Jason Whaler!

1651 days ago


He is lucky that they didn't just let him go in the dessert to find his way back across the border....He is very lucky. That was a scary video to watch them just take him away like that....I mean where the hell were his friends?????? And how come no one from his family made a statement about his where-abouts????? I agree that something doesn't add up.....but at least he is back in the states....I hope that he does learn a lesson from this and that he gets his life together.

1651 days ago


Its because of that video that he was released, it shows force by the Mexican Police. Others have not been so lucky. But it does not change the fact that he is STILL getting into to trouble because of his drinking. HE JUST DOES NOT GET IT !!

1651 days ago

Zach Swan    

Jason Wahler, CIA agent extraordinaire.

1651 days ago


i agree something isn't measuring up. if he was released after an hour or even 7 hrs. then why is this the first we hear or know anything?! true we wouldn't know right away, but its been a week and now he's home and talks. there is more to this story i think than just him paying them off (which he did). i want more!! anyway glad manchild is ok and hopefully wakes him up. i think he was sexually assulted in jail or right b4 the arrest. i mean his pants were off during that video!

1651 days ago

Big Dave    

He got off on two DUI cases and another one because of his medical condition. His AIDs is just now blowing up. The alcohol with his meds caused a reaction. They didn't want him in the county jail.

Now he pays off the Mexican auth so he can continue his "treatment" in the US and none of the other Mexican Prisoners will hit it and get it.

Safety for all.

1651 days ago


what happend to this guy is simple, in mexico getting into a brawl is considered disturbance of the peace and is not even a missdemeanor, at the most they give you a 36 hours arrest or a 30 to 200 dollars fine, provided there`s no one injured, so there`s no suprise there is no record of the arrest because he was detained, not arrested.

1651 days ago


This dude is a douchbag but im glad he wasnt treated like one in a mexican jail.

1651 days ago


I guess his parents paid the 'ransom'.

1651 days ago


"Jason Wahler is a BAAAAHHHHHHLLLLLERRRRRR!" Hadn't been drinking........really.....he could barely keep his head up! Love the open air "paddywagon"! Viva Mexico!

1650 days ago


La Mordida OR "the bite". In that situation it's best to not argue and pay off the first cop right away otherwise if you go to jail you have to pay all of them off.

1650 days ago


Nice ass shot, Jason. Perhaps you could launch a tour with Levi Johnston.

1650 days ago
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