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President Obama: Tiger Woods Is Still the Man

3/17/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama says it doesn't matter how many times Tiger Woods flopped in the hay with other women -- he's still gonna be one badass golfing machine.

Barak Obama and Tiger Woods: Click to View!

Obama told Fox News today while Tiger betrayed his family -- and has lots of unresolved issues -- "he's still going to be a terrific golfer."

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No Avatar


I respect Tiger a lot more than I respect our "leader".

1660 days ago


Mr. Pres you can make a few mistakes as our leader and this is one of them. You are a married man who loves and respects his wife! This man is not and not even close to your league.

1660 days ago


bush did not fiht nothing he lied thats why he went dwn in the polls

1660 days ago


bush did not fight nothing he lied thats why he went dwn in the polls forget the g.o.p the smartest person there is s.palin that says alot

1660 days ago


Says one lying clown to another!!!!!!

1660 days ago


From one liar to another... Good for you Obama.

1660 days ago


This man is an idiot. I bet Obama is a sleaze just like Tiger. Not clean and articulate, more like Jivey.

1660 days ago


i have to laugh at the ignorant ass who brought bush up in this! this was a comment the "PREZ" made about tiger, where it say he said anything about bish? people like you are the reason why the country is in bad shape, its called ignorance! why dont obama ask michelle if it ok if he screws 37 women? lolz, dont he got better things to do like put us further in debt or try n change our money into euro dollars? oh and how about BRING OUR TROOPS HOME?

1660 days ago


That's our President & he says it the way it 'should be'..... His personal issues have nothing to do with golf!!!

1660 days ago


I voted for the man but he just keeps stepping in it.
Don't comment, B.O. Leave it alone. Go back to work. Forget the photo ops. Put a shirt on. Tell Oprah to back off. I'm so sick of politicians.

1660 days ago


I do like President Obama, however, I wish he would start doing more to help out the American people that are hurting (losing homes, jobs, etc.) than talking about Tiger, possibly speaking at a high school graduation ceremony, etc.
I know he inherited a bunch of garbage, but where is the DIRECT help for the people of the U.S.??? I would rather have a President working hard to better those that are really having a hard time, then seeing him just "talking". It's time to start DOING.

1660 days ago


does President Obama a get free pair of nikes too?

1660 days ago


I think Obama is right. Tiger's private life might be a mess, but that won't stop him from being a great golfer.

1660 days ago


Da brutthus gots to stick together!

1660 days ago


It's okay to give opinions, but lets get to the things that really do matter to the American people: jobs, keeping homes over their heads, food in their mouths.
And schools?? He wants to make improvements here? Okay, then "getting back to the basics" must be a priority too. WHY do we have middle and high school students who can't read well, cannot spell/write or do basic math?? Kids are passed on even when they shouldn't be. Some kids are so disruptive to those that want to learn, and today very little is done to discourage this type of behavior. It's time that the adults and the system take back the schools/education from those that obviously don't want to learn, and are repeatedly disruptive. Students who are a constant disruption/threat to other's safety should have to find alternative education. Obama, if you really want to find out what is wrong with today's schools-then talk with those that are in the "trenches" each day! There are many good kids, but many are also physically and verbally abusive to staff and other classmates and it's a revolving door issue. Take back the schools from these kinds of kids, and ensure that the basics are grasped before promoting students to the next grade!!!

1660 days ago
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