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Tiger Woods -- Master of Inflated Ticket Prices

3/17/2010 3:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods' return to golf is hitting tournament-goers where it hurts most -- because ticket prices for the Masters have gone through the roof.

Four day Masters Badges -- which ordinarily go for $200 each -- were listed for resale at $1,950 on GoldenTickets.com last Friday ... even before Tiger announced he was going to play.

Yesterday ticket prices skyrocketed to $2,400.

Golf hasn't seen this much buzz since Happy Gilmore.

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Mr Common Sense    

So Polar Bear, If Tiger doesn't win at the Masters he's gonna quit golfing? You are such a stupid fool! How did Tiger take advantage of you? Do you have any kind of life at all? Tiger Woods has done more to help others through charity than you will ever do ranting here on TMZ! You sound like a self righteous little prick! We need more people like Tiger and less do-nothings like Polar Bear!!!! Class dismissed you moron!

1652 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

If you don't care, don't read the story and then comment! When you take time from your busy busy important life to comment on here, that tells TMZ you do CARE!!!!!!!! Do I have to teach you stupid morons everything? If there are so many other important things going on in this world that you are so concerned about, what the hell are you doing browsing TMZ?

1652 days ago


Why would anyone pay these prices? This guy gets away with everything and now it's making him more money. The losers that actually pay these outrageous prices are minions, desparate to be part of Tigers life. He is a rich, thoughtless, self indulgent, naraciss, don't enable him.

1652 days ago


Come on TMZ, these tickets are always expensive. I go every year and these are always the typical prices. Tiger always has a huge following there, it always looks like a heard of cattle when he moves from hole to hole. There is no heckling at the Masters, this is a classiest tournament there is. If you act like an ass you get booted, they take your badge and the person who "owns" the badge will probably be taken off the list. Pretty much the only way the normal person who just decides to go to the Masters can go is by paying the inflated "scalper" prices. With or without Tiger it would have been a great time because it is the Masters, the cheers heard from one hole on another, the madness when they change the maual scoreboard, it is a tournament like no other. I love it.

1652 days ago


common sense,
Wow man, who put a burr up your gay ass?
Just cause you want to pork Woodie doesn't mean we want to listen to your ignorant, candy-assed, gay rights rants.Now wipe the Tiger nut mustard off your chin and apologize to polarbear, you little toady.

1652 days ago


DITTO Sarah!! Dayum...LOL

1652 days ago


I wonder just who this know-it-all Mr. Common Sense is?? I wonder if it's Woody himself?? hahahahaha I agree with Polar Bear. Personally, I wouldn't pay a penny or waste a minute of my time to go see that conceited, arrogant, narcissistic "sex addict" (another big joke) Tiger Woods. Does "sexual addiction" mean a person is a pervert, a sex fiend, a depraved degenerate? Makes sense to me.

1652 days ago


Good grief!!!!!! ;oP

1652 days ago


Who didn't do their homework? The Masters is different than the other tournaments. All the tickets are held by season ticket holders so its always been difficult and expensive to get tickets. Hecklers won't be tolerated at the Masters and if it does occur the heckler will be kicked out and will lose their season ticket. The resale price might be a little higher because of the Tiger fiasco but its always been a hard tournament to attend.

1652 days ago


It must be a bunch of stupid men golfers buying those exorbitant price tickets, because it's certainly not any female fans. I'd throw up at the sight of Tiger Woods at this point.

1652 days ago

Augusta Native    

As a resident of Augusta I can tell you from personal experience the rush on Hotel/Motel reservation that is supposedly now occuring due to Tiger playing in this years Masters Tournament is for the media's benefit only. The Hotels/Motels within a 50 mile radius are booked a year in advance. If you do not already have reservations then you are out of luck and it has nothing to do with whether or not Tiger was or was not going to attend. The rooms had been sold out long before he his "accident" in November. Get the fact straight people!

1652 days ago


There are a couple things you non-golfers who like to bash Tiger, etc... need to understand.

He chose the Masters for 2 specific reasons.

1. Its a comfortable course for him that he knows he can win on
2. more importantly, the environment, fans, etc... are very protective. he chose The Masters because its the safest route for him to take for a come back.

The Masters fans are the most respective fans in the world. You can get up from your chair, come back 8 hours later, and your chair will still be in the same spot. Heckling will be completely discouraged, and unruly fans will escorted off the course immediately.

you have to understand...these are the hardest tickets to get in sports. Tickets are passed down through families and generations. Your name is printed on the tickets. If you eff-up, they get revoked and you lost your chance, so people will be respectful just so they don't lose their opportunity.

So I truly think Tiger will probably feel a little out of his element just because he is probably worried how fans will react...but I do think his true fans (of his playing ability on the golf course, not his personal life) will be out in full force and will be rooting him on. He won't be heckled as much as you think he will..and it won't turn into caddyshack. Sorry to disappoint you.

1652 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

typical tmz not having a clue this is the average price of the toughest ticket is sports yes there was a slight tiger spike but each and every year badges go for the amounts you posted and more it keeps the rif raf like tmz outside the gates and because badge holders want to keep them year after year the require a big deposit to make sure the badge is returned

1652 days ago


Hole in ONE?....Tiger gets into too many HOLES!

1652 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

one more thing the patrons at augusta wont boo or act up in fact they will cheer tiger all around the course

1652 days ago
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