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Tiger Woods' Wife is Jammin'

3/17/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is a shot we think Tiger Woods' wife wanted to go far and wide -- or is it just coincidence Elin Nordegren carried a TigerJam bag near her home in Florida?



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Phil Mickelson has more integrity than to have an affair. The PGA should not even let Tiger come back. He has disgraced the game of golf. Golf is a gentlman's game that is what separates it from basketball and other sports. You have to have integrity to play golf. When you call penalties against yourself you have to have integrity. If Mr. Woods would cheat on the one person in the world he shouldn't what will keep him from cheating in golf?? He is trash. Almost everyone will give him a pass and he will not suffer one bit. Sad
Only three weeks ago he say he did not know when he would be coming back to the tour. This guy is so self-centered and arrogance. If he was all about healing and would not come back. He only has himself in mind when he comes back for the Masters. He wants to break Jack's record so he can be called the best golfer ever. I could go on and on.

1678 days ago


Tiger is being led to a cage; a small dark cage in Hell. Elin has been given the best marriage/divorce/court settlement/elation advice available, so don't think Elin is an idiot. From the Tiger legal and sponsor camp there will be a lot of focus on trying to ease Tiger back into the PGA Tour simply and successfully and they'll want the divorce out of the headlines for a few months.

("Team Elin" buttons everywhere)

So glad to see that Tiger has found Rachel to be his true sweetie. After getting married, everyone should then be so happy as to go out and find their true love out of a batch of 16 teenage VIP lounge sluts. Ya, a hero, to the inmates in a psycho hospital behind an electric fence, maybe!

1678 days ago


RE: 13. 5000 missing women in Juarez? That comes out to 69 times more virgins than the Taliban get. A coincidence?

Posted at 3:59PM on Mar 17th 2010 by jeff

Alright, I'm going to hell because I laughed at that :)

Seriously though, Elin's wardrobe isn't news or even interesting. Lots of things out there are- write about them guys!

As far as Juarez, it's no laughing matter that hundreds of young girls and women are found raped, mutilated, and murdered to the point that they have called it La Feminicidios (Femicide).

1678 days ago


1) To Harvey and staff: From Linda on the East Coast of Canada: I LOVE YOU! I watch you every night very late (1am) as I don't have acble and it's free on the analog station here....Love you guys and gals!!
2) Re: Elin: Don't ya think that they might be just doing the "Appearances thing" to look like they're a unit but they're really not?? That's my gut feeling on it....Also, could she be doing that $ 7 or $ 8 million dollar agreement to stay under the same roof but not necesarily have any "loving obligations" towards the creep??
Linda E

1678 days ago


Elin is young, beautiful & wholesome (unlike the trashy loser tramps he has bedded). She & Tiger have 2 beautiful babies. I hope he can keep it in his pants or some deserving man will have his family & there will be no 2nd chances (or 14 whatever way you want to look at it)

1678 days ago


Wow that is one ugly kid, yikes... good thing she's rich she can buy friends when she's older

1678 days ago


Here's a woman with absolutely NO self-respect. Sickening!

1678 days ago


When Tiger Woods or Elin wear anything with logos, let that SIGNAL you to buy ANY OTHER BRAND!

1678 days ago

Roseann Richardson    

I guess when the guy yells "Get it in the hole" it's gonna have a whole new meaning.

1678 days ago


APPROPRIATE sponsors this time for Tiger Woods:
condoms, toilet paper, whale sh*t clean up, sewer companies etc.

Don't be sucked into the false hype. They just want you suckers to pony up the CASH for Tiger's millions.

1678 days ago


TMZ, THAT'S HER TWIN SISTER, JOSEFIN!!! Elin's hair is platinum blond, nothing like the picture! Even though they are twins, you can tell them apart by their styles.

1678 days ago

Roseann Richardson    

First, Mel, put your glasses on. That child is beautiful. But secondly, don't start picking on innocent children. That just sucks.

1678 days ago


This is all a part of Tiger's well planned image recover plan. Its right on schedule

1678 days ago

Mr. X    

Tigerjam is what he left inside the women he slept with.

1678 days ago



1678 days ago
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