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Tiger Woods' Wife is Jammin'

3/17/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is a shot we think Tiger Woods' wife wanted to go far and wide -- or is it just coincidence Elin Nordegren carried a TigerJam bag near her home in Florida?



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She needs to dump him so they both can be happy! He can stick whatever he wants and she can raise their kid and shop! Makes sense to me! She must not give it up or or is pretty lame in bed. I don't think he had a sex addiction,I just think he wasn't getting it at home!Age old problem!

1659 days ago


Elin is a GOLDIGGER AND DESERVES WHAT SHE GOT, and Tiger is a phoney and has no credibility. I will NEVER buy anything NIKE, though, it isn't fashionable anyways -- totally '90s like ED Hardy crap.

1659 days ago

How Sad    

@ So Sad..." Why these White woman want to be with Blacks is beyond me". Really? I am sure you already know the answer!

1659 days ago


This woman has CLASS!!! The whores can't hold a candle to her!!! you know the only way Tiger touches the other whores was to have been on some kind of pill and/or alchohol! No way any of the hos compare to the kind of woman Elin is.

1659 days ago

The Jackson twenty five    

Wait til the porn star releases Tiger's sexts - I doubt there will be any real marriage or trust after that. They may stay legally together, but the rest is ca-putz (it was already judging by his actions).

1659 days ago


So Sad - still making your family proud, I see.

As much as I don't like the Kardashians, or any of these 'famous for nothing' folks, they have more class in their little fingers than you do in your whole body.

Guess you don't get out of N. Idaho much.

1659 days ago


WHAT ever possessed her to cut her hair in such a bad way?? Did Tiger do it to abuse her even more? The little p r i c k has no respect for women. Such a selfish, self-centered person can only love himself. Why is she still with him??

1658 days ago


She is always carring this kid..c'mon let her walk. shes 3 for gods sake!

1658 days ago


Tiger wants to break Jack's record; he thinks all of his moral degeneracy will be forgiven and forgotten if he does. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. You can't separate a man from his public life and his private life. Obama said something to that effect, like what he does in private doesn't matter if he's a good golfer. Wow! Just because they share the same racial background doesn't mean the president needs to give the horndog a boost for popularity. What a joke this country has become. No wonder we're not respect worldwide anymore.

1658 days ago


Elin was so gorgeous and healthy looking before Tiger got his claws into her. He chased her.....she didn't want to go out with him. (I wouldn't either, he's too ugly.) I hope she gets tested regularly for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases as she is definitely at high risk for getting them. Some of them don't show up for years; AIDS is one of them. She is very thin and doesn't look healthy at all, and no wonder. Poor girl. He wrecked her. Money or no money, kids or no kids, it's not worth it if a person's health and life is being gambled with.

1658 days ago


ELin, I know there are lots of whores who are trying to break the peace now with you and Tiger. Let them be, just remember that lots of us are wishing for the two of you to get back for the best. Put all these bitches to shame. They do not have to win over trying to ruin a family who is starting to mend and start anew.

Its not going to be a bumpy road but there is always strength when you and Tiger will be holding each other hands to face all these. They say for better or for worst. Now you are going back to better and the better will become best as time goes on. God bless your heart with strength and love to support your husband. Tiger also to be strong to stay away from temptation and from those people who would like to take his concentration on the game. God be with your family. This will past and may you both become an encouragement to those broken homes that even some big problems like this will be solved when there is love. God bless, we love your family

1658 days ago


I have a good comment supporting Tiger and Elin team. May God bless them and give them strength as they faced these whores who are trying to get their 5 seconds fame.

DO not look back of the past mistakes, just bring the lessons so when the journey will be bumpy again, you both will know what to do to make it all so right next time. Take care of your family, do not let anyone break it now this time. God bless you both and the kids

1658 days ago
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