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Corey Haim's Death Certificate Released

3/18/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Corey Haim's death certificate, confirming what we first reported ... cause of death is "deferred."

Corey Haim Death Certificate

We're told the L.A. County Coroner's Office is waiting on toxicology results before it determines Corey's official cause of death.

As we first reported, Corey was prescribed four medications a few days before he died: Valium, Vicodin, Soma and haloperidol, an antipsychotic drug.

All four drugs were found in the apartment where he collapsed, though it's unclear if he took the meds before he died.


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Poor Corey Haim. I agree with much of what others have said. This guy had it all - talent, good looks, charisma. Unfortunately he also had an addiction to drugs of all kinds that he simply could not overcome. I hesitate to judge and say that people should have done more for him. It's hard, and if you've ever loved an addict, you realize this. For years, many people tried to help him, including Feldman. But Haim had to want help and be willing first. Until the end, he denied that he had a problem. He felt that because he was off the illegal hard stuff, that the prescription drugs he was taking were not a problem. He was wrong.

It's a real shame what happened. I feel so sorry for Feldman and Haim's mother. They must be devastated. Haim was a real talent and a beautiful person inside and out. What a waste of a good soul. Like Michael, I think Haim had long ago accepted that he would die a premature death. He didn't know exactly when, but he knew it would happen.

Jeff Conway told Haim recently, "Man, you're gonna die." According to Conway, Haim responded, "yeah, probably." Rest in peace, sweet boy. :(

1678 days ago


The fact that a psychiatrist rx'ed these meds despite the fact that Haim publicly revealed that he had abused Vicodin, Soma, and Valium in the past is disturbing - to put it mildly. Corey Haim's manager has said that there were no missing tablets from these bottles which suggests that Haim was taking his medication as prescribed; drug abusers have been known to keep secret stashes. It is possible that his death had nothing to do with quantity consumed or an overdose, although overdose hasn't yet been ruled out.

I read that Haim had a heart condition which he was aware of. His cause of death could be the result of his heart condition being aggravated by the meds he was taking. All anti-psychotics can cause sudden cardiac arrest and death even in people without heart conditions. Haloperidol is contradicted in patients with heart conditions for this reason. He might have had a reaction to the anti-psychotic which would explain the flu like symptoms & fever.

"Haloperidol is a typical antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia but it is also used off label to treat opiate withdrawal (could explain the Vicodin). Anti-psychotics like Haloperidol are associated with neuroleptic malignant syndrome the symptoms of which include **fever and flu like symptoms.** Haloperidol has the potential to cause muscle spasms, cramps, intense restlessness, muscle rigidity, and tremor."

It is possible that the Soma and Valium were prescribed to counteract the side effects of the haloperidol. Valium has muscle relaxant properties and Soma is a muscle relaxant.

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1680 days ago


I hope it doesn't take months to find out what happened to Corey. I'm sure it was an overdose. I still want to know why he had flu like symptoms? What does that have to do with drugs?

1680 days ago


This just makes it all the more real. I still can't bring myself to believe it :(

1680 days ago

Had it coming    

Rot. in. Pieces.

1680 days ago


The ironic thing is that he just signed to do a picture with Universal. It took him twenty five years to get back there. And he almost made it all the way. Died trying actually. Christ.

Okay I just wanna say one more thing. CH was a child actor in a different era. These days a kid who had delivered a performance like Lucas in a feature property would never be so badly managed. *Roger Ebert* said Corey was going to be one of the finest actors of his generation when he saw Lucas. What kind of insane talent handlers would let someone like that spin down the toilet and not even offer him a towel when he clawed himself out?

Demolition High? Did you see that movie? Who let him do that movie? Who let him do that movie and then let drug stories run in the tabloids every week for years, and who kept insisting he go on tv and apologize? RDJ needs electroshock therapy to get to work and he still managed to avoid Demolition High.

None of these other kids now have an agent who would let their property get near any of that unless they wanted to see them destroyed. Drug problems can be paid off and erased, rehab can be hushed up, careers can be protected. It would have been worth doing. When is the last time you heard about Paris Hilton's jail term? Think you ever will again?

I say if his career had been better managed by the *professionals in charge* much earlier on that kid would not be dead right now.

I am very upset.

1680 days ago


To Had it coming,.... What in the heck is your problem? I'm 100% sure you don't know him personally, I don't myself... BUT its clear you have some anger issues... and no substance of respect for anyone. The man is passed on.... and your mad at him? Why? If you cant say anything nice about someone... why not say nothing at all? Dang people are ignorant now days! Oh yeah... if your NOT a fan... why bother reading this? Why bother with it period? RIP Corey!

1680 days ago


do not care, it is 2 bad that he spent his life the way he did....

1680 days ago


Why are we still hearing about this guy?? No one remembers who he was or even really cares!! Just another guy with a drug problem.

1680 days ago


Enough about him already!!!! ;oP

1680 days ago


Have you sucked his corpse dry yet TMZ?
Harvey are you not getting enough panhandled money outside of the peoples court?
Your sponsors are getting weaker and increasingly pathetic.
DING! Times up parasite!

1680 days ago


Just another washed up kid actor that couldn't handle he wasn't a "star" anymore. Hollywood uses them, and spits them out. Sorry for his family, but not really for him. He did it to himself. No one forced him to "do drugs". May sound cold, but life isn't fair.

1680 days ago

Benzo Awareness    

I said benzos were involved before it was even released!!! I knew it! Valium is the benzodiazepine!!! Become aware of what this drug is doing to the world.

1680 days ago

Benzo Awareness    

"""""I still want to know why he had flu like symptoms? What does that have to do with drugs?""""

@RIPCoreyHaim....this is what happens when you have withdrawal of any kind. Think those people around you are sick all the time? flu? or just withdrawalling?

1680 days ago
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