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Corey Haim's Death Certificate Released

3/18/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Corey Haim's death certificate, confirming what we first reported ... cause of death is "deferred."

Corey Haim Death Certificate

We're told the L.A. County Coroner's Office is waiting on toxicology results before it determines Corey's official cause of death.

As we first reported, Corey was prescribed four medications a few days before he died: Valium, Vicodin, Soma and haloperidol, an antipsychotic drug.

All four drugs were found in the apartment where he collapsed, though it's unclear if he took the meds before he died.


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Wow, overshadowed by Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, and that porn star of Tiger Woods. Kind of sad really :(

1642 days ago


Right on Tam !! Well said.
RIP Corey

1642 days ago


Just because an addict quits this does not mean he or she is out of danger. Getting sober is dangerous and can kill a person. The heart rate and metabolic state does not regulate over-night and the body struggles with this. Getting sober is painful and if stress and negativity become part of a process that is supposed to be about healing, blood pressure goes up and this is not good for someone who already had an enlarged heart. Haim also smoked and this did not help stabilize his metabolism either. From what we can read about his life, Haim had a lot of stress during his last days. Anyone in his condition should have been in Arizona or Montana somewhere on a farm getting in touch with life on life's terms and getting plenty of rest and healthy living.

1642 days ago


He didn't quit, come on people. And IF he did then he was buying to resell to other addicts which is even more despicable than just buying for yourself. You can be a fan of who he was but don't try and whitewash his addiction, his actions as an addict or the damage he did to himself, his career, his family or his friends.

1641 days ago

mike Szy    

Its elvis an Michael Jackson all over again. I'm not saying corey wasn't responsible for his own death but someone should yank the license of the hack that prescribed those meds. As someone who works in the medical field I can tell you that any one of those drugs can be lethal. A combination of all four of those is beyond comprehension how he stayed alive as long as he did.At least Michael Jackson's doctor will eventually be brought to justice.

1641 days ago


I read somewhere that his original agent dropped him because he wouldn't get clean from drugs. But I guess you have a point because alot of actors today, Robert Downey, Jr., Charlie Sheen, etc. still function in movies and on tv with a drug problem.

With his talent I also expected him to go onto better things. IMO this is a great tragedy because he was loved by alot of fans and had the respect of some famous critics and still it all went to pot.

We love you anyway, Corey.

1641 days ago


How the heck do you embalm somebody after an autopsy who is now just a bag of loose parts with no top on his noggin?
That would be like trying to stick a needle into the vein of a Loose Meat Sandwich.... The only thing
holding the bag together is just some heavy duty upholstery thread.. That doesn't hold the fluid in. It would just keep leakin out. How they heck do they do that anyway?? Anybody know? It would help me deal with Corey's loss a little easier if I knew how they managed to put all his parts in the box and keep them juiced with formaldehyde.

Do they use one of those big ZipLock bags and put the fluid in like a teriyaki marinade?

1641 days ago

Jama K Shabazz Martin    

He looked like a fat lesbian

1641 days ago


I see the mortuary was an Orthodox Jewish Mortuary in Santa Monica.

Was Corey Jewish??

1641 days ago


Anyone know what airline transported his remains to Toronto?

1641 days ago


just another drug addict that bite the dust

1641 days ago

Mrs Butters    

I'll see your "what airline transported his body" and raise you a "what company manufactured his toe tag?"

1641 days ago


Its obvious that most of the people commenting here know nothing about addiction. You all seem to have a vague understanding of the terms and words used because it's become so common in the past 2 or 3 years with all that are dying in Hollywood. But you have no idea what the addiction is ! You all have no idea how painful it is for the families of addicts who have to sit by helpless to help the addict. The worry that comes with loving an addict. The phone ringing and hoping it isn't "The Call." All of the pain the addict causes and creates and still the drugs are more powerful and the addict can't stop. Its sad how his addiction tortured him, how he lost friends because of it, it just plain wipes a person's life away and he is the best example of how powerful the drug is to that person.

1641 days ago


If a normal person were given the choice of being happy and drug free versus having a tortured unhappy life, what would that normal person choose ? Of course they would choose happiness and drug free. But with the drug addict, the person thinks that the happiness comes from the shot, the pill, the bottle. Their minds don't think like a normal persons. They honestly believe they are okay using the drugs, they have a sense of reality that if off kilter. They don't believe they are hurting anyone.

Then they cross the line into the drug addiction where its no longer a choice if they take the drugs or not. They physically and mentally need the drugs just to function. They start realizing that they have a problem, but they don't see any solution, so they keep on using. During full blown addiction they now know they are hurting the one's they love, but the drug is more powerful and pulls them back. People start walking away from them, giving them the excuse to use more because now they need the drugs to dull the pain of losing people from their lives.

They are in a vicious cycle of knowing what they are doing it wrong and then taking more drugs to kill that pain. They become tortured because they don't see a way out and use more to kill that pain.

Then they are offered relief. They are offered treatment and they run to it, thinking if they clean up life will be good again and the damage will be repaired. The only problem with that kind of thinking is that once they are off the drugs and physically clean that the work involved in staying off is daunting. They try it for a while and their lives get better. Their lives get so good that they think they are cured and what will one drink, one pill, one shot do to them, it will make they happy for a minute. One is too many and a thousand is never enough. There's no such thing as one pill, one shot, one drink for the addict.

And sadly the merrygoround begins again. So unless you know addiction in the true sense of the word its hard to comprehend and the keywords, addiction, drug abuser, drug abuse, addict are just words with no clear understanding. Go spend a day at the soup kitchen and see what addiction is, and where it can take you. Talk to the addicts and ask if they are happy to be homeless or getting their food from a soup kitchen and sleeping out in th elements. Ask them how happy they are because of their addictions. And if you do that then come on here and make comments with true understanding of the addict.

1641 days ago


Yes he was Jewish and the comments on drug addiction here are very good. We know it all to well unfortunately.

1641 days ago
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