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MLB'er To be Questioned About Amphetamines

3/18/2010 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kansas City Royals catcher Jason Kendall will be in court this morning in his bitter child custody fight, and we've learned he'll be asked about his use of a prescription amphetamine that can enhance performance.

Chantel Kendall has alleged in legal docs that a Los Angeles psychiatrist prescribed Adderall to Jason after just one in-person visit, concluding the catcher had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Adderall is an amphetamine, and amphetamines have been used by Major League ballplayers for years to enhance performance. Players diagnosed with ADHD are permitted to use the drug in prescribed dosages.

Chantel claims in the docs that Jason took more than the prescribed amount of Adderall numerous times when he was watching their kids.

Jason says in his docs that he has never abused the drug. He also counters Chantel's allegation that his behavior has changed, saying, "I attribute those changes to the fact that I was married to an alcoholic and drug-addicted woman who abandoned our children, regularly punched me, and was unfaithful."

So will Jason talk about Adderall on the stand? We'll be in court to let you know.

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1678 days ago


What a classy woman. The more I read about all these celebrity and sports morons on TMZ, the more I believe money is a curse. Either that or it's earned by people who are simply too stupid to handle it.

1678 days ago


Great!! Let him get out there on the baseball field loaded up on
Adderall & watch how long it takes for him to drop dead of a heart arrythmia. These profession sports athletes are total idiots!! Oh, but they ALL THINK THEY KNOW BEST! Rock on brother. They'll be carrying your casket & everyone will be 'boo-hooing' & wondering 'why' this had to happen. Take a guess dumbass?! So over these arrogant fools. I will be just another one added to the list of dead celebrities & athletes! I have ADHD & take a med this is far safer than Adderall. He 'likes' it because of the buzz, nothing more. Live by the sword, dies by it! My sympathy for these idiots is waning quickly!

1678 days ago


Gold diggers will accuse anything for a lifetime flow of free money. So what the guy has a prescription for medication, that doesn't automatically mean he's abusing drugs? Tramps give all women a bad name.

1678 days ago


Jason has always been a stand-up guy. Some women will say anything in a custody battle to 1) get more money, 2)keep kids away from dad to punish him, 3) get more money....I'm sure the case will be judged correctly in court. Poor kids! I hate it when parents can't get it together for their kids.

1678 days ago


Now it's a problem to get a script. Come on, I take 5mg of adderall for insomnia, everyone doesn't abuse drugs. People abuse alcohol all of the time, it is still sold. I am sick of these cheap women these guys marry, and then they try to destroy their rep. Get a job b....!

1678 days ago


Sounds like we all got a bunch of geeker monsters here. I do agree with the statement that adderol would not make a person better at baseball. It doesn't make you do anything better except for geeking and staying up for two days in a row. Then you crash really hard and have to sleep. I don't even understand why doctors would prescribe this drug. Oh yeah, they get kickback from the pharmacudecial companies. Doy.

1678 days ago


See NASCAR's Jeremy Mayfield's Adderal issues, as well.

1678 days ago


"I attribute those changes to the fact that I was married to an alcoholic and drug-addicted woman who abandoned our children, regularly punched me, and was unfaithful." Jason's comment tells us everything. She is in search of money, and using excuses to take attention away from the fact that she is a terrible mother and was a terrible wife. TMZ, you need to show both sides of the coin. What about Chantel and Sean's addiction problems? What about the fact that she did cheat, abandon her children, and use drugs?

1678 days ago


When a child is in school the teacher can write a note to a doctor and advise this doctor that the child is ADHD and the doctor will perscribe adarall by giving the teahcer a questionare to fill out and send back to them (the doctor) so what seems to be so odd that a doctor can perscribe it in one visit? My true question is why is this stuff so easy to get hold of if you buy or sell amphetamines on the street it is illegal but a doctor can pass them out like candy and that is ok, is it not just as addictive weather you have a perscription or not? PS my child does not attend this school any longer that has more than 39% children on meds for ADD or ADHD and he is doing wonderfully.


1678 days ago


it didn't help - he hits about 2 homers per year.

1678 days ago


people have know clue what they are talking about i take adderal everyday and i take 45 miligrams for add and adhd that is not overusing it its based on weight idiots. know what you are talking about before you speak. he is such a nice guy. its probably all her think of it if i had the money i am sure my husband if he was trying to divorce me would say the same thing for money and the kids are they key to money.

1678 days ago


She's a gold digger and a DRUGGY on (crack). She left her two older kids years ago for a 3 year drug spree and its no different with these two little ones. No one wins in this! These poor children are so lost and for what, over money and drugs! Jason's the bad guy? I feel for him, we saw first hand what went on. Believe me, teams get tight, wives & families, you see everything TRUST ME!

1500 days ago

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