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Jesse James: I'm Sorry for My 'Poor Judgment'

3/18/2010 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James has issued a vague public apology to Sandra Bullock and his children, following a woman's claims that he's been having an affair with her.

Jesse James: I'm Sorry for My 'Poor Judgment'

In the apology, James never directly admits to having an affair, but says, "There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me."

James says a "vast majority" of the allegations made against him are "untrue and unfounded," but says, "It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way."

Jesse goes on to say, "This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me."


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He was nothing but a " lowlife scank '' to begin with. Now he is a lowlife scank with money. She was blindsided with this creep. Sandy dump the skanky whore that he is . Don't blame it on the other scank he messed with blame it on him.. He is really, really really creepy. Oh and get tested for the big one 'AIDS'.. Good luck sweety.

1681 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I watched Jesse on the Apprentice last year - he seemed like a nice guy - guess I was wrong. What the hell is wrong with men anyways?? I know women cheat too, but c'mon guys, I think you do about 80% of it.
It's easy to tell Sandra to leave, but you gotta remember there are three kids of his that she has raised for 6 years. If she goes
I think their only hope of being raised by a normal parent goes out the window - I think his two exes are either druggies or porn stars. Yeah, I know you shouldn't stay just for the kids, but I bet it it very sad for them.
What a terrible situation.

1681 days ago


Mr. DNA, you sound like such a total loser. Shallow, low-class, heartless. Ladies, do not listen to such nonsense, this person obviously has major issues and needs to see his shrink soon. ( If he can even afford one.) ; )

1680 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Gosh, couldn't we all just script these things now?

Act I: They know they have been caught doing SOMETHING, so they claim that all of it, or at least most of it, are lies and they confess to "poor judgment."

Act II: The press digs deeper and start exposing new revelations every day - and sometimes every hour - and public sentiment turns against them and builds rapidly.

Act III: They hire a company to salvage their public image.

Act IV: Realizing they have to say something - anything - to stop the explosion of information that, they either hold a press conference or go on Oprah to admit to everything and give a long-winded, emotional and contrived apology.

Act V: They either (a) go into hiding or (b) go into rehab or (c) both.

Act VI: They get a cover on People magazine after it is all over and the dust has settled to proclaim how they are a "new man" and stage their comeback with a new woman who is loyal and standing by her man whom she swears has changed.

1680 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Oh, and I forgot to mention - I am SO over it.

Is anyone else tired of this same ol' song and dance?

1680 days ago


Sandra RUN!!!!!! you can do so much better. Get tested for every disease you can.

1680 days ago


I feel really bad for Sandra Bullock. This would be difficult for any woman but to have it all play out in the media this way would make it really unbearable. It's a sad situation.

1680 days ago


They did not look like a couple, they look like opposite people.
he should have worried less about his dogs life and more about his life.

1680 days ago

svuko live in your moms basement and are jealous tht her "saggy boobs" look better then your MAN BOOBS. You wouldn't know class, cause your trash. Go back to your trailer and fry something. Oh yea you live w/ your mom.

1680 days ago


One-night-stand perhaps equals bad judgement.
11-month affair equals a deliberate and conscious decision, and a clear expression of who you really are and what kind of man you are.

Judging from his previous maritial choices, how could Sandra Bullock not have had a clue that this was what she married?

How sad, really. Especially for his children. Bullock is nuts if she stays with him now. He's not interested in real women. The only thing that floats this guys boat is ditchpigs - the skeezier the better. his new flame will look just too cute when she hits 60 or so.

1680 days ago


Never ceases to amaze me how as women we allow ourselves to be sucked into a man's agenda to destroy his ex wife by taking away her child. Any man who can be that ruthless and heartless cannot and should not be trusted. He used her and she went along with playing Mummy to his kid, now look at how he repays her - by cheating on her. Lasting lesson - Ladies please have your own kids and don't get involved in his war with his ex. It is only a matter of time before he turns on you once he has defeated his ex.

1680 days ago


BTW In her Oscar acceptance speech, she thanked him for having her back. Well, obviously he didn't have her back, but I'll bet you anything he's had Ms. McGee's :)

1680 days ago


I know its not the time to make jokes about a very serious situation, but boy was she truly blind sided by this.

The past couple of months they looked like such a happy couple as she won award after award for Blind Side. Her situation is very similar to mine. My ex-husband started cheating on me and I found out rather quickly, thank god, and booted him to the curb. She was in the dark for a bit longer than me, but she packed her bags and left right away.

We all don't even know if he did cheat on his wife because we are taking the word of a woman who is tattooed everywhere and uses her body for money. Who is to say that they were just close talking to each other, and even that is a no-no, its still cheating in my eyes.

And why on earth would this woman come forward ? Why now ? Was she jealous that he was on display at the awards show and found herself jealous and cheated on ? Why would any "other woman" want to shout it out to the world that she is sleeping with a married man. Is she proud of herself ? Does she think by doing this she is going to get the man, or worse is she being vindictive because he was just using her ?

And seriously how could she say she thought they were separated at the time of the affair ? You'd have to be living under a rock to not know they were together every step of the way during the past 3 months as she won award after award.

I speak as a woman who has been cheated on here. Women are vicious and vindictive ! She just needed to come forward and tell her dirty little secret. Piece of Garbage ! And he deserves everything he gets, everything. I think Sandra walked out the door for good. She doesn't strike me as the kind of woman that would go running back. She must be so humilated just thinking back to the past few months holding him up for display on all the award shows.

Poor thing....didn't deserve to be Blind Sided in real life...

1680 days ago


It sounds like he regrets having considered the alleged mistress as a future employee, and having minimally brought her into his life. Not that he's sorry for having had an affair with her. It's all about reading between the lines people.

1680 days ago


I hear she cancelled attending London premiere. THAT IS A BAD MOVE! Whose her pub?
Suck it up, grow up, toughen up! You are not the first woman to get cheated on, nor will be the last. Why let this dirt bag win, smile, get dressed and get out there...dont do that to the people that have been loyal to you, wheres your friend telling you what to do...???

1680 days ago
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