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Joslyn James: This Is the Real Tiger Woods

3/18/2010 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joslyn James -- former porn star and alleged Tiger Woods mistress -- says she published the infamous texts because there's a lot of BS floating around ... and she wants to show the world who Tiger really is.

Joslyn James: This Is the Real Tiger Woods

Joslyn went on the "Keeler in the Morning" radio show in upstate New York today -- and said she created her website so the truth could come out and Tiger could take responsibility for his actions.

According to Joslyn -- there's more to come.


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Why hasn't she posted the full dialogue, i.e. her text messages along with his purported messages? I think this swine is too stupid to realize that she is setting herself up for a lawsuit. She's one sick swine and needs to find another trough from which to inhale a man's semen. If she only realized, how stupid she comes across to intelligent people. None of the swines realize the responsibility they have in violating the sanctity of another woman's marriage let alone a young woman of integrity with two tiny children under the age of two years. Get lost trailer park white trash....

1645 days ago


More humiliating than his sex text messages is the fact that he actually did this fugly ho. She's the ugliest one of the bunch!

1645 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

If you break trust and screw a skank, why be surprised when the skank breaks trust and screws you?

Use the head on your shoulders men.

1645 days ago


Why are we supposed to care? She is a porn star; she's does all of that and more on Monday and calls it the start of a work week.

1645 days ago

Carolyn Brandon    

Absolutely amazing. The one question I would love to ask all these ladies who think that they are entitled to an apology or even money is this, "You said that Tiger lied to you. He was lying to his wife the entire time so what made you think that he was suddenly telling you the truth?" These women need to really crawl back to their lives and just keep their traps shut. Posting disgusting text messages, what is it going to be next? Nude pics that she just happened to save. I think Tiger should post what she sent to him and see her really turn on the water works. She is really making her parents proud. Oh almost forgot, she was a porn star so I guess her parents are no longer shocked anymore.

1645 days ago


Ewww....sperm burper!

1645 days ago


How can anyone take this whore seriously when a simple search of her name brings up mostly pictures of a man pole being rammed up her butt. She was probably hoping Tiger would write her a big check to keep the texts off her nasty website. I have no respect for Gloria Allred for representing someone like this.

1645 days ago

danger baby    

Very believeable interview with Cori Rist, one of Tiger's mistresses. She comes across as honest and real. Wow, TW just never gives up.

1645 days ago

danger baby    

Oh, stuff it Carolyn. TW is the only one responsible for this mess. He pursued these women, even when they told him no, for YEARS. Listen to the link I just posted, the interview with Ms. Rist. She cries near the end, and it's real. TW is a MASSIVE liar. He lied to and misled his wife, all his extended family, people he worked with, all his mistresses and millions of fans. And we are supposed to forgive him because he's a great golfer? I don' think so. If you think a few weeks in sex rehab is going to cure what ails him, think again. He should never have married that much is clear. But he likes the wholesome family image that that fake marriage gave him. FU Tiger.

1645 days ago

danger baby    

YES, and it goes by the name of Tiger Woods.

124. walks like a skank, talks like a skank, IS a skank!

Posted at 8:38PM on Mar 18th 2010 by lili

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1645 days ago


She's trying to extend her 15 minutes of shame. Obvious and desperate cry for Tiger's money and media attention.

1645 days ago


Those so call women need to SHUT their mouths. They knew who Tiger was. The women are at fault also for fooling around with a married man. Everyone needs to leave them alone so they can get their family back together. If they didn't know who Tiger was, well then go back in that BIG hole you were in and don't come back out!

1645 days ago


She's a whore looking for fame and fortune. Ignore the bitch!

1645 days ago

Zach Swan    

It would be a dreadful shame if some mishap were to befall this bandy-legged, loose-lipped whore.

1645 days ago

danger baby    

Now, now. No need to wish harm on Tiger. Get a grip. meant...


156. It would be a dreadful shame if some mishap were to befall this bandy-legged, loose-lipped whore.

Posted at 11:41PM on Mar 18th 2010 by Zach Swan

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1645 days ago
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