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Porn Star to Tiger:

'I Got Your Texts

Right Here'

3/18/2010 3:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned one of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses is going public with his text messages to her, as well as other revealing items, proclaiming, "It's time to tell the truth about Tiger."

Tiger woods
We're told porn star Joslyn James will release a ton of stuff at 11 AM ET -- including scores of never-before-seen text messages from Tiger -- on the website

Joslyn acquired the domain name two weeks ago.


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haha, she is just mad that she didn't win the 10 grand from Howard Stern. She thought she would make a buck there, and didn't have a chance. Well, i guess this is her "back up plan" gooooooooooood luck. :p

1590 days ago


She's bogus, trying to act like she's all moral now, that the TRUTH must be told....the truth is she's trying to get some money...which makes her a deceptive person, a liar trying to act like she's all about truth, because $$ is her real motive! either from tiger or the media, she's cashing in. Why are men still stupid enough to send text messages like this even after the much publicized Detroit mayor scandal. Guess they believe they can trust their whores/side chicks....the ones that are lying as much as he is to cheat...yeah, traits of a trustworthy person. Guess he's getting what he with fire, you get burned. They wouldnt be coming out if he had pursued them and broke his vows.

1590 days ago

leave here alone    

she just wants attention. and we give it to her. what a nutcase. dumbass

1590 days ago

London not England    


1590 days ago

doc murry    

sounds like most people want to give tiger a free ride on this..he was telling these bimbos that he was leaving his wife for them.granted they were stupid but what women isnt.I am glad she is making life rough for him,he shouldnt be given a free pass for being a player and getting caught,his wife is just as stupid.I pray he doesnt even make the cut and makes a fool out of himself.He needs to suffer,think for a second what he has done to his kids .....

1590 days ago

London not England    


1590 days ago


TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK....Your 15 minutes were up 15 minutes ago. Odd isn't it, isn't this the chick that hired Allred as a lawyer. Gee I wonder who's idea it was to go live with this. What a bitch! One article had quotes from her saying she was the full time Mistress...hey stupid, whore is spelt W-H-O-R-E not M-I-S...ahh what am I doing, like it matters.
Do you want more from Jocelyn, go to and see her in all her gloria, ah, I mean Glory!

1590 days ago


It's so funny how the media are giving there women who slept with TIGER time when these tramps had sex with a married man. It's all about money and that is all the only victims are Tigers wife and kids so these tramps with this crying crap and saying TIGER said he loved them was a weak ass game that worked. HEY TRAMPS GO BACK TO HAVING SEX WITH MEN FOR MONEY YOUR MONEY WAGON HAS GONE!!! DID YOU REALLY THINK YOU HAD MORE POWER THEN HIS WIFE LMAO. I HAVE ONE FOR FOR YOU TRAMPS. HALF!!!!

1590 days ago



1590 days ago

Illinois person    

Dear sweet, simple porn star - so is this going to be your only claim to fame except for your porn star duties? We already know you (among others) enjoyed sex with a your rich, famous black stud. But honey, it seems he's moved on and you haven't. Why not? You idiot, you weren't smart enough to be the only "other" woman so you must have not been pleasing him too much. Gosh, I would think what with all of your training and all he would have dropped his wife like a hot potato. Other than that fact that you look like you're about 70, it's no wonder he didn't choose you. So you have text messages big deal - how else was he going to reach you, send up smoke signals? Now if you had the brains to write a tell all book about how great his Tigerness is in bed well then you'd make some money and you wouldn't even have to spread your legs to do it. Oh wait, that's how we got to this point in the first place - silly me. Go way you dumb slut!

1590 days ago


She is UGLY looks like an OLD lady

1590 days ago


Next time have him leave the money on the night stand so you don't have to do this whole song and dance.

1590 days ago


Boy, this just don't get any better than this. The Golden Age of TMZ.

1590 days ago


TMZ, how come you aren't all over the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James story??? It is all over the news...,,20352494,00.html

1590 days ago


Your a Whore and no one cares!!!!!!! Go do your porn and shut the hell up!!! His wife totally looks better than you SKANK!

1590 days ago
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