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Tiger's Alleged Mistress -- Graphic Texts

3/18/2010 3:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The text messages one of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses allegedly received from the golfer are extremely graphic, TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Joslyn James will release more than 100 text messages she claims Tiger sent her while they allegedly carried on ... the texts are pretty shocking.

And James will post other things, such as room keys from Las Vegas hotels with a Tiger image on them.

The stuff will be posted on at 11:00 AM ET.


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Tears? She got paid for it! She excepted the job....and by the way she is nasty looking, she wants her 15 min of fame is all. What did she think, hes a married man! Duh!

1677 days ago


What is the point of this? Seriously. What is she trying to prove with publishing texts? That they had an affair? We know that. He admitted it. So what does publishing these texts accomplish other than humiliating the wife?

1677 days ago


Enough already! He and his wife are trying to make it work, why bring this up now???

1677 days ago


This girl is from a small place 10 minutes from me in upstate ny and her father has been in the local paper saying how she doesn't come talk to him anymore and that she owes child support on the west coast

1677 days ago


This is what happens when one mixes with the Porn Industry. Yah
get WH@RE bit ! They are Wh@res, look up the definition. She's
one ugly woman, inside and out ! ! !

1677 days ago

doc murry    

most of these commentors must be tiger employees or complete morons...he told her he was going to leave his wife and he played her..okay she was stupid but why give tiger any break at all..he is the one that needs to pay or go down,,I am so happy she is releaseing these texts and other things,,tiger is bad bad bad and needs to suffer and if his wife is stupid enough to stay with him she needs to be ridiculed..i hope she is sitting front and center at agusta and lets see tiger make a hole in 1 then and gloria needs to be there to..BAD TIGER BAD TIGER

1677 days ago


Why and why now? Because Tiger is finally having a chance with his wife and family? Because he's working on his golf game, trying to regain his career?? Sorry. Just makes her look like a greedy, vengeful B&#$h. Bad move.

1677 days ago


It is obvious she is still hurting and longing for Tiger. I say remember the good times with him, pick your self-respect off the floor and move on, honey.

1677 days ago



The site askes you for a password before it'll load.

1677 days ago


All of the women that were involved with Tiger are such jokes, bet their families are ashamed.

1677 days ago


Tiger's WHORES will go away when Tiger stops messing with whores!

Until they all speak out and then there is silence, we won't know when Tiger is finished!

Just goes to show, Tiger Woods CAN'T CONTROL everything and everyone, keep speaking up whores!

Tiger Woods is not the Pope, not the President, not a dictator, not the Ruler of the Media or World. Tiger thought he was so SPECIAL.

Tiger Woods IS a SPECIAL kind of IDIOT, as he himself as proven.

1677 days ago


Why doesn’t this tired old call girl go sit her pathetic skanky self down somewhere and shut up? Nobody cares what you have to say witch!

1677 days ago


Tiger never should have paid-off that skank Rachel Uchitel. His lawyer should have made it clear from day one that he wasn't going to pay hush money. This skank never would have had that press conference with Gloria The Extorter and probably would not have released the stuff today. What is the point in paying off one if you don't pay off the rest. Tiger has gotten some bad advice IMO.

1677 days ago


Desperate and pathetic is this swine as is her legal eagle madam, Ms. A., who best do a lot of service work in Haiti and Chile to expend the bad karma she has created by jumping on the bandwagon in this this terrible saga regarding the full-blown sexual addiction of a man. What the attorney did (along with the swines) was disgraceful to Mrs. E. Woods and her two children under the age of two years.

1677 days ago


Can someone please tell the crying porn star that no one cares. Everyone knows the man cheated.

1677 days ago
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