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Tiger's Alleged Mistress -- Graphic Texts

3/18/2010 3:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The text messages one of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses allegedly received from the golfer are extremely graphic, TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Joslyn James will release more than 100 text messages she claims Tiger sent her while they allegedly carried on ... the texts are pretty shocking.

And James will post other things, such as room keys from Las Vegas hotels with a Tiger image on them.

The stuff will be posted on at 11:00 AM ET.


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@mikelost One of the most famous golfers of all time is going to leave his beautiful young wife, and marry a two-bit PORN WH@RE
that looks 45 ???? And, she believed it ???? Yah, Right ! ! !

1648 days ago



Enough of the Tiger Woods situation, it's getting boring. Big deal, so another skank comes out of the wood work.

Why is TMZ avoiding the much fresher marriage scandal???

The Sandra Bullock, and Jesse James story that is about to blow.

Word on the street is, Sandra has moved out of the house.
Maybe TMZ should follow suit, and move onto this new, and more current marriage disaster.....Artofwar

1648 days ago


she's a skank? really? then what does that make that a-hole tiger? he's just as much a skank as you claim she know the old sayings....takes one to know one....birds of a feather flock or(fu__) reap what you are what you "EAT"...he's a pathetic disgusting likeness of a human being....keep in mind he chose her and all the rest of his flings!!

1648 days ago

brian mahoney    

You have had a field day with Tiger's infidelity. Funny how you have not put up anything on Jesses James????

1648 days ago

Rene Defourneaux    

Does anyone think Howard Stern got some sloppy seconds?

Jesse James was paying a Dominatrix to work him over Sandra Bullock couldn't play that role.

1648 days ago


Hey, I'm one of the Nasty Boys.

Post the text messages please!

Thank you.

1648 days ago


Tiger Woods didn't think about Elin, his kids, his Mother, his ENDORSEMENTS, the PGA, the media, his community etc. when he f*****d all the non-black women outside his marriage.

So why should the whores think about Tiger Woods and the Masters?
Tiger created his current low-life gutter values. Now bask in it Tiger!

Tiger Woods = Nike = Buy ANY other brand

Brands/endorsements associated with Tiger Woods, Elin Woods means buy ANYTHING else and maintain some dignity and respect.

1648 days ago


Nothing worse than a Washed Up Porn Chick.

1648 days ago


This lady is crazy & ugly. Why would Tiger have anything to do with her. She needs to jump in a lake, why are you trying to hurt him more. You are out for money & thats it. How much do you want? He's trying to do the right thing with his wife and here you pop up. Get a make over you look to old for him

1648 days ago


just when you thought is was over....there's more! WOW Tiger, you are FULL of surprises.

1648 days ago


muse be the water in mayfield ny

1648 days ago


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Come on skank, you were banging and married man. Did you honestly think he was going to leave her for YOU, a dried up, puss bag porn star for crying out loud? She needs a psychiatrist. The poor, poor tramp goes running to gas bag Gloria Alred. This world is full of entitled, moronic cry babies.

1648 days ago


lets face it,this women is after one thing and one thing only his money,why else did she hire attorney super bi*ch gloria alred.tiger broke no laws and owes none of us an apology.i wonder how many times her and her lawyer have tried to reach tiger for money?screw all those women they knew who he was and what he was they are just as much at fault as tiger!

1648 days ago


UNBELIEVABLE! Does this "thing" not have an ounce of dignity...She had a consensual affair with a MARRIED MAN… I do not understand why these woman are not EMBARRASSED to come out and show their faces after sleeping with a MARRIED Man. Do they not Know enough to be ashamed. WHO CARES at this point, My respect goes to the wife, Elin, who obviously knows the meaning of being a lady. She should hold a news conference and thank all the whores well all the “things” that gave freebies to her husband. They helped her husband get the treatment he needs. I would hold a media conference and embarrass the crap out of this thing! Talk about looking for a free ride…shes given plenty of them through her career in porn… MOVE on….you’re the other woman not the wife…everyone is laughing at you, not commending you for sleeping with a married man. While you show your text messages, why don’t you provide a list of all the others too, we know there're disgusting, but simply entertainment at this point!!

1648 days ago


Must be the water in mayfield ny

1648 days ago
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