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Jesse James' Alleged Mistress

I'm No Nazi

3/19/2010 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle McGeeSources close to Michelle McGee -- the woman who allegedly had an affair with Jesse James -- tell TMZ Michelle is adamant ... she's not a white supremacist.

According to our sources, McGee claims she just enjoys fetish modeling and the pics were an attempt to be "provocative." As we first reported, McGee posed for the pics over a year ago and the Nazi outfit was the photog's idea.

McGee's ex-husband begs to differ, claiming she was fond of making the Nazi salute.

McGee told InTouch that the "W" and "P" tattoos on her legs don't stand for "white power" -- but rather "wet p***y."

Stay classy.


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San Francisco    

When the votes come up to legalize "gay marriage", I hope the LGBT lawyers bring up how heterosexuals are such great role models for marriage -- NOT!
The pattern I see is the hetero men have a traditional marriage with a foxy woman, but they want the bad girl after a while.
Vanilla sex is boring after 6 months.

1640 days ago


Jesse and Michelle are both mean and foolish people, they blame others for there stupid decisions. They know what happend in the Holocaust. They are so crule and lustfully devilish and are ooh I can't even think of saying yes to taking awful pictures like them they need to repent and read the Holy Bible and get wisdom, because they for sure lack it. Please accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, he is the Messiah you wait for, he was the one who came the first time and will come back the second time, read the BIBLE, get wisdom, learn of Him Jesus Christ, God is Love. Read the book of Galatians chapter 5 all of the chapter it's good to apply.

1630 days ago

Alfreda Harris    

I don't know if this woman(and I say that hesitantly) is a NAZI/white power tramp but I do know she is stuck on stupid! She is not Jesse's mistress she was some stupid cheap whore willing to spread her legs for publicity! It should be obvious to everyone what her true motives were when she slept with him. Too bad he was to greedy to see that. It is no mistake that she chose to reveal her sexual romp with him AFTER Sandra won her award and made such a big deal out of how supportive Jesses was. This person saw her opportunity to get some publicity to boost a nonexistant career. Until now the general population didn't even know she existed!
Other famous men have cheated even recently, but it went unnoticed for the most part because the women kept their mouths shut. I wish these other skanky tramps would do the same!

1640 days ago

Alfreda Harris    

It is fine for white people to be proud of their heritage. The problem is the phrase "White Power" is associated with Skinheads and racists. And those poeple have been willing to use violence and intimidation against others (and not just minorities and homosexuals). It is NEVER o.k. to get your point across with violence! Be proud of your heritage and culture just don't trample all over someone else's culture, heritage and rights! And NAZI's perpetrated some of the crulest, disgusting, most violennt actions in history! Why would any sane human being want to be associated with them in any fashion?! Even if this woman isn't a NAZI she is a very misguided person!

1640 days ago

Harry Prebble    

It's time to realize that there was nothing special about the Nazis and there is nothing special about the Jews. Now, Jesus was different, don't dress up as Him.

1635 days ago


I met this girl like 1 yr and a half ago she's friends with my close friends, she lives in San diego works at Pure Platinum strip club, and I must say she has got to be one of the MOST annoying ppl ever! I couldn't stand her within the first 5 mins of being introduced to her. She was completely obnoxious, and loud.

1639 days ago


Poor Sandra Bullock! A lot of women are blindsided by cheating husbands, but this is the absolute most humiliating spectacle of degredation any wife should ever have to face. This is her payback for being a faithful, loving supportive wife.

I hope Jesse James' stock crashes to the ground. No judge will ever award him a dime of Sandra's money. He and Michelle McGee should marry each other and live happily ever after.

He needs to stick with porn stars and Nazi models.

1639 days ago


Hey I have a nazi outfit too, if I put it on and take some pix will I be labeled a "Bombshell" too?

1633 days ago


C'mon, Jesse James wasn't stupid because he boned this girl. She's a slut, and that's what guys do with sluts. Jesse James was stupid for ever lying and making someone believe he would be loyal (oh, which includes about 80% of married guys). The smart guys are those that a) tell women up front that they will sleep with other women or b) cheat with people who aren't blabber mouths.

1638 days ago


agree with above posting stating that you women who are out there messing around with married men are shameful. clearly not one sided, as the married men are more to blame, the problem with women in general is the constant urge to tear one another down instead of empower. respect the understood sisterhood between women, break the vicious cycle that occurs with cheating. shame on you girls who find this behavior any less than inappropriate. karma is a bitch.

1633 days ago

Just Me, Mary    

Ick! This "bombshell" looks like a bomb went off in her face. She's gross, she looks like she has at least 5 STD's festering in her whore cave. It's not even the tats that I find nasty (I've got tats too), it's her face, she looks like Marilyn Manson w/ a boob job. Who told her she was cute enough to model, damaged...that's a given, but pretty/cute?....NO WAY IN HELL.

1638 days ago

Just Sayin    

The photos tell me different.

1643 days ago


Oh good.... so she's less of a Nazi & more of a whore like we thought.

Thanks for clearing that up "sources close to her".... [might wanna shut up now, yerrrrr NOT HELPING]!

1643 days ago


I have said it before and I will say it women that are messing with married and involved men NEED to believe that you are doing "nothing wrong" but you KNOW that this is NOT true! I have been tempted MANY TIMES by married and involved men, but I also know HOW to control my pu$$y too! I REMIND MYSELF OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again that I would never want to cause another woman pain. In other words, I RESPECT THE SISTERHOOD by NEVER getting involved with married or involved men! Stop trying to RAIONALIZE WRONG! Just stop it. Act more responsibly than the lower forms of animals by CONTROLLING YOUR SEXUAL URGES! Women MUST unite!

1643 days ago

Just Sayin    

As a model, if a photographer suggested me to represent NAZI, I would CHOOSE NOT TO DO IT.

and well, You did it.


1643 days ago
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