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Investigation into Jackson, Murphy, Haim Deaths

3/19/2010 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The State Attorney General's Office is investigating a number of doctors who prescribed meds for Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy and Corey Haim ... sources tell TMZ.


We're told several dozen doctors are being investigated for allegedly prescribing meds without medical justification. The A.G. is also looking at various aliases that were used in prescribing powerful meds.

Sources say between 25 and 30 doctors are being "actively investigated."

UPDATE: The State AG officially now says they are investigating MJ and Haim but not Murphy. However, TMZ has confirmed that State investigators are indeed involved in the Murphy matter.


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Linda Lovelest    

171. and, oh looky!....this same bullsh!t comment on EVERY MJ after day! What are YOU doin' here? Do you ever sleep? Do you eat? Do you have a life?.....

How 'bout coming up with some 'new' or 'original' thought/post??

Posted at 3:27AM on Mar 21st 2010 by janalal4

I beg your pardon? I read some here everyday on all the TMZ topics. I have never commented before and will probably never comment again.

1615 days ago


170. Thank you, janalal. I know your opinion of what happened that day could be EXACTLY what occurred. I guess it's still just hard for me to face that Michael Jackson died in a room by himself...with so many drugs in his system that he just stopped breathing. I mean, how sad is that??? To die alone, at the incompetence of this doctor???

I have witnessed over time many people who have become apathetic in their chosen field. Young people start out with the best of intentions, but over time they become more focused on the monetary rewards than the reason they entered their field in the first place. It is just almost impossible for me to envision a doctor administering Propofol in a home setting no less, and then LEAVING THE ROOM TO MAKE PHONE CALLS. Murray deserves much more than the maximum 4 years in prison.

And janalal, what is your opinion of why the LADA did not charge Murray with 2nd degree murder? Don't they have enough evidence to charge Murray with something more than involuntary manslaughter??

Posted at 3:26AM on Mar 21st 2010 by Chico

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AUCK...heartbreaking! All the money & material possessions in the world yet he dies like THIS; alone & yes like you said, at the hands of yet just another opportunist instead of surrounding by those you love...with someone holding your hand. He 'died' just as he feared that he'd always live..'alone' & that's just wrong. So ironic. The 'King' who had everything but..... His whole life, although it including MANY 'heights' of emotion, personal achievement/success that most never know or feel, still his life unfolded like some tragic work of fiction in some ways. Mj just seemed to 'learn' thru experience & to believe that it was his money that could motivate people to do things & to 'make things happen' instead of people caring about who he was on the inside, he sort of set himself up to be 'used' for only what he could do for others(just shaking my head). What it must have 'felt like' to live inside of Michael Jacksons skin?!

I just have arrived at my conclusions of what 'probably' took place by sort of common sense. If Murray will accept a 'job' like this, demand a huge amount of money for doing what he KNOWS is wrong, will give a regiment of drugs like what he gave to a 136lb man, will perform CPR on a bed, will NOT reveal to EMT's info about what he gave so that they could potentially have 'saved his life', then is it a stretch to think he'd give Propofol & leave the room. To leave the room, assume MJ is just 'sleeping like a baby' then get involved in his phone calls or perhaps fall asleep, lose track of time?? Well, OF COURSE HE WOULD! This man was inept, his pharmaceautical knowledge was very poor(to combine these benzo's with propofol& to 'stack' them in the manner he did), his medical skill was unbelievably negligent to do this with no monitors or infusion device, his 'ethics' were totally NON-EXISTENT to exchange money for his illegal medical services done on 'the down-low'...I's MIND BOGGLING TO ME, TOTALLY!
This is NOT a kind, caring, friend doing a favor for another friend; this is opportunism, greed, & sociopathy in the flesh! I don't think he was merely 'absent-minded' or 'inept' or 'out of his depth'...I think he is nothing but a pure sociopathic, narcissistic evil man. Period.

I think the DA showed unbelievable 'lack of any backbone' whatsoever in the charge they chose. They should have gone for 'what they'd hope to get' with a lesser included 'what they'd settle for' in my opinion. Hell, even N.Grace said so on HLN. She said the L.A. DA ALWAYS DOES IT THAT WAY. So, I'm led to believe that frankly the DA doesn't give a 'rat-turd' about MJ really but is doing this to 'lock down' some sort of guaranteed, no-fail 'outcome' to appease the Jax clan & public sentiment. I don't think they care at all about MJ, most probably consider him a 'pedophile who got away with it' & think Murray just 'did what MJ asked, therefore he got what he wanted'. People who work in the criminal justice system tend to see things in either 'all black or all white' terms & I really don't think that they have much interested in viewing MJ as a valuable, complex human being who was a 'victim' because I think they view ANYONE ELSE, PARTICULARLY CHILDREN AS VICTIMS OF MJ; therefore, how could MJ be a 'victim' & if he was...'he deserved it'. That's exactly what I think. So he was a victim of the medical system & now a victim of the judicial system(he was found innocent so it's only fair 'he get what's coming to him in the end'-I think the DA

1615 days ago


173. 171. and, oh looky!....this same bullsh!t comment on EVERY MJ after day! What are YOU doin' here? Do you ever sleep? Do you eat? Do you have a life?.....

How 'bout coming up with some 'new' or 'original' thought/post??

Posted at 3:27AM on Mar 21st 2010 by janalal4

I beg your pardon? I read some here everyday on all the TMZ topics. I have never commented before and will probably never comment again.

Posted at 3:47AM on Mar 21st 2010 by anonymous

Read more:

as to 'you probably never comment again'...well, then that's a good thing because frankly we're pretty sick of that same old comment which is basically pointless & really none of your business as to how long any of us spend on here. If you can't CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING POSITIVE then fine...feel free to just go away then.

1615 days ago


172. Good Evening Chico and Janala ..... it's been a rough night .

Posted at 3:37AM on Mar 21st 2010 by Tstorm

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Well, HELLOOOO Tstorm! 'rough' how so? The other 'posters being poo-poo faces' or you mean 'personally rough'?

1615 days ago


Janala ...tonight is like June 25 has come back .

1615 days ago


177. Janala ...tonight is like June 25 has come back .

Posted at 4:07AM on Mar 21st 2010 by Tstorm

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Oh...yeah. I understand. That report was really 'wicked' to read but I guess just not 'surprising' to me. It' s how I always thought things really unfolded at MJ's house. Your right though. Horrible to read in 'black & white' isn't it? So 'hopeless' his situation was:( He never had a chance with Murray. If not the night of June 24-25th then it would have happened another nite because this doc is just DANGEROUS. I'm really surprised he hasn't caused a death before now.

Have you seen the vh1 'famous crime scene' show about this?? OMG, talk about graphic. The actor looked so much like MJ, it was unnerving!

1615 days ago


Posted at 3:53AM on Mar 21st 2010 by janalal4

Read more:
The ONLY thing that gives me some hope here is Jerry Brown. He investigating both MJ's and Corey Haim's prescription drug use, and with the new info about Haim's alleged involvement in a massive fraudulent script ring, hopefully Brown is going to try to push some laws through in California to deter this from continuing to happen. MJ, Brittany Murphy and Corey Haim were all celebrities in their own right, but I have personally witnessed lots of illegal prescription drug abuse and because they were just regular people like you and I, there is no headline when these ordinary people O.D. or commit crimes to support their habits.

There needs to be a centralized base for prescription drugs and how they are dispersed. It doesn't seem that difficult to come up with some sort of software that would compile a statewide system for just how and when citizens are receiving prescriptions. These state systems also need to have a federal system as well that would have a searchable database from state to state. It needs to be completely revamped, kind of like the educational and prison systems in America, but that's a whole other ball game.

1615 days ago


I am sure I read something a few months ago about a couple of deaths on CM's watch.

1615 days ago

Nasty Nate    

Not too much to investigate. Not a thing these people have done impacts anyone other then themselves. Sure the government no longer is able to tax them to death so that must burn up Uncle Sam, I people wanna pop pills, all the power to them. Who are you or I to say they can not do as they please? We are not god and hold power over people.

Government needs to govern, not control.

1615 days ago


Isn`t it another proof that tmz never read the comments!? huh

I want to thank all the regulars for your great work,i think the new story show how many intelligent people are on this board! We already read it here the last month`s!

For all Michael addicted


yes it really felt today like last June

1615 days ago


Attn Haters: Leave him alone...don't be startin anything with his fans..ok...I will answer you back if you attack me for defending him..
Back off Jan...
Have some respect!!

so sorry about Corey Haim and Brittany Murphy..its not fair they were so young..Corey was a year younger than me..I lost a brother really young to cancer why in the world don't you have compassion these ppl had families!! I can empathize can you?

Clearly Corey needed more help and Ms Murphy died of a lung infection so don't judge!!


1615 days ago

Top Grade Acai    

Hi friends my name is jimmy tat, Michale Jackson is my favorite dance.But after his death proper world suddenly silent ,especially every dancer who want to his very much..

1614 days ago

dont beLIEve the hype...    

by now, janalal4 breath and body must smell like poo-poo.

go hose down...

your not a nurse. your a piece of poo-poo.

1614 days ago


look at Youtube..lots of proof..


1614 days ago


I'm so sick of these physicians being able to prescribe anything for these people. There should be a limit to the number of scripts.

Seriously, WHY SHOULD WE CARE? HONESTLY!?!?!I bet you can't even watch 6 minutes of this without crying.

Honestly, if you can watch even 6 minutes of this WITHOUT crying i'll PERSONALLY send you 25.00 with paypal.

1614 days ago
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