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Could Lose Her House

3/19/2010 2:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman and her 14 kids may become homeless ... because she's fallen behind on mortgage payments to the tune of more than $450,000 ... this according to the person who holds the note on the property.


Octomom bought the La Habra, CA house in March, 2009. The seller, Amer Haddadin, transferred title to Octo's dad. In return, Octo and her dad were required to make monthly payments of $4,139 for one year. On March 10, 2010, a balloon payment of $450,000 was due.

A rep for Amer tells TMZ Octo hasn't paid the $450,000. And, he says, she didn't make the last $4,139 payment. He also says, she's been late on three other recent monthly payments. Amer says he "tried to handle this in a gentlemanly way" but unfortunately it's come to this.

Amer's rep says he intends to initiate foreclosure proceedings against Octomom.

We could not reach Octo for comment.


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How is it that ANYONE without a job and who has 14 kids to support signs onto such a "deal"?

I'm LMAO... she probably thought she'd be a multi-millionaire by now and coming up with $450K would be easy.


1658 days ago


Does that mean that the welfare she and her kids get isn't enough for them to live? Oh my, give her more quick. Wait, take the kids and adopt them all out, that should solve the problem.

1658 days ago


Some loser will come along and pay it for her, just like someone paid her healthclub membership, which will completely reinforce her leeching ways. She will never learn unless she actually has to lose something and be forced to pay for things herself.

1658 days ago


I guess her plans of talk shows, tv spots, and reality shows didn't quite materialize.

1658 days ago


how shocking. she seemed so responsible. no worries, i'm sure some sucker or suckers are going to come to the rescue for this loser spoiled good for nothing who has probably been given everything up till now anyway.

1658 days ago


So what has she actually done with the money donated and/or received for your failed reality show? See kids it's sooner or later shopping vs paying your bills does catch up to you! Not that I want her to profit any but for the kids alone, I'd like to see her be able to stay in the house. Just really sucks for those kids. Of course I'm sure she would just borrow against the house once it was free and clear.. maybe trust/homestead it under one of the kids names or something. Screw Britney someone should have set up a conservatorship for this idiot, just for the sake of those poor kids.

1658 days ago


Well it's about time Octo is getting what she deserves. Go work at WalMart Nadya.

And if any idiot does bail her out..god forbid...then bail me out! You can help with my husbands Nursing school tuition and our bills. At least we are working for a better future...oh and we only have one child. We are doing the responsible thing. Unlike octonut.

1658 days ago


Calling Gloria Alred....have her kids taken away...she can't support them. Get to court Gloria and get those kids away from her.

1658 days ago


Oh like we didnt see this one coming..She's blown whatever money she made...and is probably hoping for a new TV deal . And i can only hope and pray that NOBODY offers her a dime to record her life.. As nobody Cares anymore!

1658 days ago


I don't wish harm on anyone, but this was a conclusion that anyone could see. I guess the nannies haven't been paid either and the private school her kids attend are probably gifting her or they are looking for payment as well.

It is truly unfortunate that she could become homeless, but I'm sure Dr. Phil will come to her rescue this time, too.

1658 days ago


That lady is crazy like a fox.

1658 days ago


Guess that reality show never quite worked out and neither did finding the rich old man who could afford to keep her in the style she wanted to be kept in. Or maybe that gym membership was FAAAAAAAR more expensive than she let on!

1658 days ago



1658 days ago


If anyone is an "idiot" here, it's the guy that agreed to sell her the house.

Additionally, I am going to be TICKED OFF if she ends up getting bailed out. Can someone please bail me out? I am paying off the car I use to commute to an actual JOB.

1658 days ago


Lets see, let me have 14 babies with no way of supporting them, just because I want what I want. Then let the American people pay for my bad decisions because I had no foresight to plan for the children I wanted to have.

I torture my parents because of my bad choices and nearly put them in the poor house.

My name is Nadya and I am a dumbass.

1658 days ago
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