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Could Lose Her House

3/19/2010 2:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman and her 14 kids may become homeless ... because she's fallen behind on mortgage payments to the tune of more than $450,000 ... this according to the person who holds the note on the property.


Octomom bought the La Habra, CA house in March, 2009. The seller, Amer Haddadin, transferred title to Octo's dad. In return, Octo and her dad were required to make monthly payments of $4,139 for one year. On March 10, 2010, a balloon payment of $450,000 was due.

A rep for Amer tells TMZ Octo hasn't paid the $450,000. And, he says, she didn't make the last $4,139 payment. He also says, she's been late on three other recent monthly payments. Amer says he "tried to handle this in a gentlemanly way" but unfortunately it's come to this.

Amer's rep says he intends to initiate foreclosure proceedings against Octomom.

We could not reach Octo for comment.


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She's trying to keep up with the celeb set instead of paying her bills and being a mother to her kids.

She has to grow up and be an adult SOMETIME.

1677 days ago


Guess Octo-turd was expecting a big payout on the kiddies. LOL. Too bad. Hope she gets tossed out on her ass and those kiddies are placed in loving homes.

1677 days ago


Guess it's time to start pimpin those kids out like Jon and Kate..

1677 days ago


Isn't it about time for the 'how are they doing now' special with Barbra Walters or something?? And I thought the house was 'bought' either for her or with donations or donated .. something like that. So was it really a back ally deal with the realtor assuming that Nadya and her kids would be raking in enough media dough to pay him for the house?

1677 days ago


Hmm..maybe she should stop with the botox, lip injections, manicures and daily visits to the gym. Then she just might be able to afford her effing mortgage!

1677 days ago


That woman is nuts.
God, I feel bad for those kids.

1677 days ago


She needs to pack up and move to COMPTON where she belongs.

1677 days ago


I know people who work every day and still lose their house, what makes her special?

1677 days ago


why is this news and why are we not surprised? She needs a therapist, she has it in her head she is a celeb and famous when she is not..She has all these kids she can not take care of , I am waiting to hear one is dead. One has already got ahold of poison, you think social services would have investigated her already.

I bet the neighbors are thrilled, when it came out she was moving there the whole neighborhood were outside with signs saying they did not want her there

1677 days ago


She seems to be trying to make money by various means, like TV appearances and is working on a book, which is good. But what about all the mani/pedi's, etc., that she seems to have money for?

1677 days ago


She KNEW she had a mortage to pay and what does she do, she gets a tummy tuck, botox, stomach stapling and spends all of her time at the gym. There are hard-working couples in this country that still can't afford a $500K mortage. NADYA HASN'T LIFTED A FINGER EXCEPT TO SHAKE IT IN HER MOTHERS FACE TELLING HER TO GET OUT OF HER HOUSE.

We all know she will worm her way back into the press, pout her collagen-filled lips on TV, so some moron will step up and bail her out again.

She hasn't learned a thing and is still in la-la land mentally.

If everyone who is truly tired of her will finally ignore her, she might realize that her 15 minutes ended last year, step up and start to support herself. She will not stop and will not learn until everyone forces her to and forces her to support herself.

1677 days ago


Okay, well, you can pretty much figure that she gets a pretty big goverment check and other assistance because she has so many kids, single mom, blah blah blah. The solution??? Let her have MORE kids so that she will be entitled to more of our taxpayer money and assistance. Its a no brainer here folks!

What I smell will happen next? Her actually suing the invitro doc assuming she has not already. And IF she has??? A lawsuit will be filed in the name of EACH of her kids against him for causing some sort of hardship he bestowed upon them!

Damn, just call me Ms.Cleo!

1677 days ago

ALLY get paid 0.20
for every question you answer.
I promise this is no scam.

1677 days ago


I'm sure she will get bailed out by someone, someone doing it for the kids. The takers just always keep taking. And those of us trying to make it with real jobs, or no jobs through no fault of our own, get to read fun stories like this.

1677 days ago


I would laugh about this but since I'm a taxpayer I'll probably be supporting her the joke's actually on all us taxpayers!

1677 days ago
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