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Tiger Woods Wife Does Disappearing Act

3/19/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Call it coincidence, but Elin Nordegren has been completely absent from the family home in Isleworth, Florida, where Tiger Woods is living -- MIA for the last two days.

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren

Elin had been a regular at the house until Wednesday. No one is saying whether her absence is connected to Tiger's text messages to Joslyn James, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist ...


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Arty Ziff    

Tiger and Jesse should get together, do some clubs, pick up some hoes... Party down! Dude is over.

1645 days ago

The Jackson twenty five    

Does Elin need any more information??? Run as fast as you can, but be sure to get all that cash first....

Golden showers, choking, etc., what a catch you are Tiger... yuck.

1645 days ago



umm.... what?

1645 days ago


She must have watched the South Park Sexual Healing episode which was hilarious by the way.

1645 days ago


This is not healthly for Elin and kids.

1645 days ago


The weirdo Tiger doesn't just like normal sex .... he likes perverted sex. He probably knew black women wouldn't do all the nasty, strange things he wanted to do to a woman, or else he just wanted to degrade white women or women in general. He looks like a voodoo man. Creepy. How Elin could be near him is beyond comprehension.

1645 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

Although I don't blame Elin, I hope she finds it in her heart to forgive. One more chance ONLY. But she has a family and if he is truly sorry... then...

If she leaves the porn star will get what she intended to do. Break up a family. I hope that that doesn't happen and if it does I hope that Tiger would not be stupid enough to contact this poor excuse for a human being.

The texts are so surprising, going to a porn star, and she probably texted him worse. We'll probably never see those, will me...

Good luck to Tiger and his family.

Read more:
Totally agree with you. All these whores had just one idea in mind : break up a family no matter what. I hate them for what they did. They distroyed Elin and her kids'lives !!!!! For what ??, Money and fame. Yes what Tiger did was wrong but he's trying to put his life back together and these stupid sluts just coming back and coming back with their salacious stories.
Disgusting and beyond shameful !!!!
Hope Elin can sue all these whores for alienation... and rebuild her life away from the media.

1645 days ago


I'm not condoning anything that Tiger and Jesse did...but I've always heard that "for every pretty woman out there...there's at least ONE man that's sick and tired of her @ss". So just keep that in mind people.

1645 days ago


If she is going to be waivering, I think Tiger should just divorce her. He messed up, but says he is going to try not to do that any more. She can either stay or go. One or the other. Either she is in or out. But no going back and forth.

1645 days ago


no amount of money in the world is goiung to shield those kids of his in a few years from those texts he sent to that lady..they will find out that daddy is a sexual freak who likes golden showers,hershey highways and beating up hoes...nice father figure there dude..and for him its back to golf and party time..he did a few weeks in a shame rehab joint and never partisapated in any group therapy which by the way is normally required,,but he is tiger..she is to blame to foe not getting out because of the high and might dollor bill..tiger needs to go away for a long time..please just leave tiger...NOW

1645 days ago


Once again. Tiger is a damn fool if he beleives this is going to blow over. Tiger has been seriously f-ing up out there and Karma is nailing his behind to the wall. He can sit there, play stupid and act like he will get back to his life before folks found out truly the type of guy he is.

Never going to happen. Elin is going to find out more things.... Told the fool to divorce Elin. Cause shes going to leave his a@@ before this thing is over...

1645 days ago


Hey #15, what is wrong with you? What are you trying to tell us? You are from planet what?

1645 days ago


ELIN........Run like the Wind!!
Before the kids catch something from this Douchey Golf Bag!!!

1645 days ago


How ridiculous for anyone to blame the women Tiger went to for his cheap thrills. They aren't the ones who damaged the marriage ..... Tiger is the one who did it. It was his choice to disrespect his wife and children. It wasn't up to the porn stars and prostitutes to be a marriage counselor to him. Just like a business establishment is run, they're receptive to anyone who has the money. People need to grow up and quit giving Tiger a pass.

1645 days ago


The longer she stays with this sicko with a smile the more she looks like a fool. One day those kids are going to Google their dad!

1645 days ago
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