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Joslyn James: Tiger's BFF Arranged Meetings

3/19/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joslyn James is getting ready to unleash another load of Tiger Woods' dirty laundry on her salacious website. This time it's about Tiger's good friend allegedly helping to set up rendezvous for her and Tiger. Sound familiar?

Tiger Woods, Bryon Bell, Joslyn James

We're told Joslyn will release emails -- on -- that she received from Bryon Bell in 2007. One e-mail details an alleged meeting in Charlotte from April 27-May 2. Woods had a PGA event that began May 3 in Charlotte -- he won.

The second alleged trip was in July 2007 to Washington D.C. For that trip Joslyn was in town during the actual PGA event -- Tiger finished tied for sixth.

As we first reported, Bryon -- a childhood friend and President of Tiger Woods Design -- also helped arrange a November tryst for Tiger and Rachel Uchitel in Australia.


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So basically Veronica Sewek/Joslyn James, whatever is a boundary crossing hourly skank who does bareback for the right price?

Or alternatively... a "Porn Star", huh... who knew? Oh, right, everyone :)


1648 days ago


Does The Woodman have to hump your own daughter's before you poor mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging clowns stop supporting him? Or maybe that would be okay too?
Golf worshipping pervs.

Good one Ray. hahaha

1648 days ago

Larry Fuller    

This little tart is apparently trying to keep her 15 minutes of fame by running her jabber jaws continuously. WSkanks like this and the one who is talking her affair with Jesse James deserve to be put on a private island and left there never to be heard from again. Their families must be so proud of them.

1648 days ago


The people that keep using the terms "15 minutes of fame, Karma, and various spellings of bitch", are sooo 1980's, copycat wannabe cools dopes that most of us lol when we see it.
Try to be a little more original morons.

1648 days ago

danger baby    

Excellent that she is posting all the facts for the whole world to see. She had so much traffic yesterday that the site wouldn't load when I tried it. LOL.

22. This little tart is apparently trying to keep her 15 minutes of fame by running her jabber jaws continuously. WSkanks like this and the one who is talking her affair with Jesse James deserve to be put on a private island and left there never to be heard from again. Their families must be so proud of them.

Posted at 6:42AM on Mar 19th 2010 by syrman8

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1648 days ago

danger baby    

Excellent that she is posting this for all the world to see the real Tiger. WTG, Ms. James.

1648 days ago


With all the crap that came out all over the place after Thanksgiving, one would wonder why this thing held back from making the texts, etc. public. I suppose that she was waiting for a more lucrative moment to drop another bombshell. Obviously, her game plan was good for a dumbo because what better timing than when Tiger announces his return to golf that she comes forward with more garbage. I am neither a golf fan nor a Tiger fan, however, it is very obvious that Tiger does have a serious addiction and he does seem to be working on his problem. It's just a matter of time now to see if all his therapy did any good!

1648 days ago


It's funny watching this desperate SKANK do everything she can to try and extort money from Tiger...go back to your trailer park whore, Tiger isn't going to pay your ugly ass a penny! You can keep releasing everything you have, it won't matter...You are not getting paid skank!!

1648 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

"What a horrid new breed of men"???? Have any of you stupid fools ever read a history book in your lives? Until fairly recently women were treated as property by men in almost every country! I won't even get into the 15th and 16th centuries in Europe, Asia etc. I think women today would much rather deal with the men of today rather than men of the past! This is my last TMZ comment. You people are hopeless and downright scary ignorant! Wow, a profession athlete cheats on his wife and everyone goes bunkers! Well, at least it's good that they have internet connections in mental hospitals to keep you people busy!I have one last piece of advice for PolarBear, take your DAMN MEDICATION you sick psychotic Tiger worshipping freak!! I bid you stupid asses farewell because I can't help you!

1648 days ago


What's with that idiotic website of hers? It's never working.

1648 days ago


U dirty nasty whore! Go hide under a rock! U were a disgrace to ur parents and relatives, now u r just rubbing salt in their wounds.

Tiger do not allow this biatch to extort money from u! Let her and her sick lawyer Gloria Alred do what they want.

Pimps dont apologise to how!!

1648 days ago


Previous comments on Jesse James/Sandra Bullock, simply put when you have fame and fortune you isolate from the rest of society and the rules cahnge drastically, you become like little gods that are worshiped by very insecure, little people that say they will do anything you want because they too wnat some of that fame and your money. Many have the propensity to act out, be above it all then you add the private jets, the unlimited funds and your handlers that placate you, disaster, it will bring you down. The moral of all these stories, be who God made you not what people wnat you to be or perceive that you are. What it took for you to get to the place where you are apply that to staying grounded and know who you really are, forget all the fame and fortune, its just s perk, its not who you are, it does not define you.

1648 days ago

Top Grade Acai    

Hi friends my name is Adam. I read about of all three celebrity. This All of three if very popular in self feiled..

1648 days ago


Do you suppose it's the sex that makes Tiger a good golfer? I guess we will find out at The Masters.

1648 days ago


Yeah really!!??? Someone should put a sock in that ugly trap of hers.

tick tock... your 15 minutes are UP

1648 days ago
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