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Bindi Irwin Comes to Hollywood

3/20/2010 1:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you watch this video, please keep in mind Bindi Irwin is 11 years old.

Bindi Irwin

She's got a movie coming out, plays with non-venomous snakes, and doesn't think people should wear wildlife.

She's 11.


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She is so eloquent for her age! Such a smart, well spoken, and polite young lady. You can tell that she has a real passion for what she does and I don't think she would be doing it otherwise. She is a great role model for our children because she is pursuing her dreams and educating them at the same time. More power to her!!

1588 days ago


She is such a sweet and polite girl. I don't know why anyone would have anything negative to say about her. I would be proud if my children conducted themselves with such confidence and maturity. Way to go Bindi!(and mom)

1588 days ago


What a cute girl. Well spoken and seems to be well centered.

1588 days ago

I'm Just a Kid    

Well, ya know...

1588 days ago


This is a very smart and pretty child,,Go Bindi!!

1588 days ago

Why'd He Didn't Do It?    

She's a very charming little girl- going to make some big things happen when she grows up I think.

Her mother doesn't seem to push her - that meal ticket comment was silly- you can't MAKE a little kid have that much passion and extroverted willingness to be public with it. If she was unhappy deep inside and hating it, it'd show. If the mother was trying for meal ticket, she'd also push little Bob into all sorts of stuff too. I don't see much of him. Maybe he'll want to eventually, but right now doesn't seem to be so.

Kids shows are always better when hosted by actual kids- and she does it well.

1588 days ago


she's a cutey and has a great outlook on life, keep it up Bindi : )

1588 days ago


#10, you said it perfectly!! She is quite the young lady and has a confidence I wish I had. Very cool to see a girl so young be so mature and able to handle what comes her way. I doubt she will end up looking like a two dollar street walker like M. Cyrus did, and I hope she is an inspiration to many young girls.

1588 days ago


She's turned out to be a smart, caring young lady. Her dad must be so proud. She also seems to know what she likes, and enjoys doing. Those of you who think her mother is pushing her into things, think again. This is a very confident lil girl, and I'm sure she does what she does because she loves it.

1588 days ago


I can understand #1's concerns generally, but don't agree in this case. This kid is clearly a chip off of the ol' block and really enjoys doing what she is doing. What a cute kid. I'd rather have my kids interested in Bindi rather than Hannah Montana.

1588 days ago

Jane (England)    

Bindi is sure growing into a mature & confident young girl,if her dad Steve was here today, he would be so proud of her.However, Steve would be turning in his grave if he could see that since his death, that Terri no longer keeps in touch with Bob Irwin (Steve's Dad.) Bob decided to leave the zoo because he said that Terri was changing it so much, that it wasn't about the animals anymore.The management at the zoo tried to gloss over the incident by announcing that Bob had just decided to retire.Bob however has since told Australian Press that he no longer sees his grandchildren, (how sad.)It was evident to anyone who used to watch The Croc Hunter, just how much Steve loved his Dad and his Mum, & how devastated he was when she was fatally injured in a car accident.Terri of all people should realise that life is too short to hold a grudge.I wish Bindi all the luck in the world, and, after watching the short clip of her, can't fail to notice how much her little brother Robert is the spitting image of Steve, he's gorgeous. I hope you continue to spread your message about your love of wildlife. God bless you two beautiful children.

1588 days ago


On some level or another just about every child star is "pushed" by there parents. But this case is a little different. She was born into it and seems to be handling it very well. I am actually glad this little girl is a pseudo celebrity. Like it or not most young girls look up to celebrities as role models. I would rather have my 10 year old have a poster of this girl on her wall than of Lady Gaga.

1588 days ago


She's a beautiful child. So smart too! Her father is so proud of her, I'm sure.

1588 days ago


What a refreshing change. So un-Jersey Shore. Finally someone with some grace and intelligence on TMZ.

1588 days ago


She's more poised than most grown-ups! Good for her. Her dad would be so proud.

1588 days ago
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