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Bindi Irwin Comes to Hollywood

3/20/2010 1:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you watch this video, please keep in mind Bindi Irwin is 11 years old.

Bindi Irwin

She's got a movie coming out, plays with non-venomous snakes, and doesn't think people should wear wildlife.

She's 11.


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bob watford    

It's quite sad that the only 'requirement' to be a paparrazi for TMZ is to buy a video camera and be a complete moron.

1622 days ago


Guard her well Mom.
Tiger Woods just spotted another white girl to conquer..

1622 days ago


My son, who at the time was just days away from turning 8 years old, cried like he lost his best friend when Steve died. He watched him like other kids watched cartoons. So when I saw Bindi on here I had to show him. He was like "How old is she?" I told him 11 years old (one year younger than him) and he smile, said "she's cute", and asked if we could get her movie. :) I hope Bindi has a bright future in anything she decides to do. You can tell she is just a sweet intelligent kid. I believe she has already may a new fan in my son.

1622 days ago


To Sandy...the remark about her being pregnant. Thats really none of your f---ing business. You are a real winner.

Posted at 11:37PM on Mar 20th 2010 by Alan

Read more:

LOL! 'Sorry' Alan but it IS a celebrity 'gossip' site & unfortunately, if this woman IS pregnant, then TMZ will be asking the very same question with a big pic of her & accompanying article by next week. As much as I may agree that the question posed might have been in bad taste, nothing seems to be 'out of bounds' on THIS site. If your looking for people to be sensitive because this happens to be a nice family who lost their beloved patriarch in a tragic manner? Then TMZ is probably not for you. There is NOT much propriety here. Just check out a 'Michael Jackson article', seems 'anything goes' is the only 'rule' posters seems to observe here at TMZ, much to my own chagrin as well.

Everybody seems to think that 'everything is everybody's business' on these boards:(

1622 days ago


Bindi is a very cute, smart, and sweet little girl. I was so sad when her father died. Be safe, Bindi. It's great that you have animals, but don't get too close to the ones that could hurt you. Love you.

1622 days ago


Of course she is smart, cute, funny, mature and has a high IQ...she didn't go through the American school system!

If she had, she would look like a $2.00 hooker and "um" and "uh" and "yo" and "wassup" would make up about 25% of her vocabulary.

1622 days ago


"Wombat" #91
You're 100% correct. She's much better off being raised in Australia. I hope she isn't exposed to Hollyweird very often.

1622 days ago

Brianna from Australia    

Wow! I had no idea that Bindi was so smart, down to earth, composed, intelligent and gracious....and I'm from Australia and know the Irwins really well (from t.v. that is). I mean, all we've ever seen are the t.v. shows like Bindi's jungle girl or whatever it's called, and she is completely theatrical and over the top on it, so I just assumed she was like that in real life, you know, articulating loudly, gesticulating wildly with her hands to make a point, etc. But, no, here is a beautiful young extremely mature girl who has definitely been brought up so well. Bless you Bindi..and Terri and Bob as well. RIP Steve!

1622 days ago

Todd da Man    

I'd hit it.

1622 days ago


#94 Todd
Shut up you weirdo pedophile.

1622 days ago


I couldn't watch more than 20 seconds of her. I had to go vomit... Put a pillow case over her head, Please!

1622 days ago


She's an adorable kid. And Bindi, I promise I will never eat a kangaroo.

1622 days ago


Wombat Said:

"Of course she is smart, cute, funny, mature and has a high IQ...she didn't go through the American school system!"

Too true.

1622 days ago


Bindy is a great role model for everyone!!

1622 days ago

Michael Jackson #1 fan    

leave her alone.. She is Michael Jackson in the making.. she will feel the repercussion of fame at an early age, and will have a hard time facing reality. I mean she is doing this for the sake of animales, but she is also taking over where her father left off, which is not a good thing. I think her mom is pushing for her to do this. But who care, like others have said all parents want their child to be somebody in life.. SO if the mother of this child wants her daughter to be all over the discovery and animale planet channels with a tv show contronting deadly animales let her do it...I wish they have some kind of Children's agencies to protect children from being exploited like they have animales rights leader...Its funny how they protect animales and not children...What if this girl was the one who killed that Sea WOrld employee, they would have locked her up, but how come the whale is not put to death??? Think about it folks..Hollywood dont care about kids...The world dont, so let this mom exploit her darling child..With all tha money her father left her, if it were me, I would be teaching this child some life skills, so she can fall back on somehitng when she is in a mental ward trying to get help for her alchol and drug abuse habbit..I can see it come, she is going to be filty rich, and will not be able to handle it..

RIP Michael Jackson, I know if you were alive you would talk some sense into this kid an dher mom..

1622 days ago
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