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Brittany Murphy -- Hundreds of Pills a Month

3/20/2010 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brittany Murphy received no fewer than 200 pills every month from January 2008 through August 2009 ... and sometimes as many as 400.

As we first reported, Murphy used an alias -- Lola Manilow Murphy -- at Eddie's Pharmacy in Los Angeles for nearly two years before the pharmacy finally cut her off 4 months before her death.

Pharmacy records show Murphy was getting regular scrips for hydrocodone (Vicodin), clonazepam and Klonopin (anti-anxiety), and Vicoprofen (a Vicodin/ibuprofen combo) -- doubling up on some prescriptions on certain months.

For example, one month Murphy was prescribed 200 hydrocodone and 100 clonazepam; another month it was 300 Vicoprofen and 100 Klonopin.

All the prescriptions were prescribed by Dr. Richard Kroop. We're told investigators paid a visit to Kroop on Friday afternoon.

As we first reported, the owner of Eddie's Pharmacy told TMZ he cut Brittany and her family off 4 months before her death because, "We thought there was going to be an accident there."


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Dont you guys have anything better to do? Why cant you just let her rest in peace!!!

1676 days ago


Eddie's Pharmacy in Los Angeles

Now WHERE have we heard that pharmacy before....anyone....? Ol ex gov Brown needs to get that places records and blow the lid off the BS in LA.

1676 days ago


60. I agree with Prince Von A-Hole. This SOUNDS worse than it really is. My son has an illness and he takes about 9 pills a day (that includes thyroid medicine and med for nausea because of the other medicine). All CLOSELY monitored by two specialists. If you add that up in a month, it is 270 pills (9 pills * 30 days). When you look at it in a month's time frame it appears bad, but not necessarily. I take four pills a day (bp, vit, omega3, iron) all under the doctor's care and advice. That along is 120 pills a month.

Posted at 2:40PM on Mar 20th 2010 by FoxyAka




1676 days ago


I think Brittany would still be alive had she and her mother lived apart when Brittany became of age. Perhaps she would have made her own life including healthy decisions and and relationships, instead she became locked in a lifelong, until death household with her mother.

I bet most quality men would not want to start a married life with a wife AND her mother for ever after. Only someone like Monjack would not mind this living arrangement.

1676 days ago


What this girl took monthly was not for some failed organ or body system it was RX'd for "cramps" and she must have had a cast iron stomach. On the off chance it was cramps it is still like 20 pills a day for a period duration. If just your run of the mill drug addiction it is still 6 plus a day with a clozepam(sp) chaser.
I guess I do not understand pain killers as one makes me hurl but how can you function at that level or do you just adjust to that dose?

1676 days ago


i know this is all bad and everything...i don't condone it at all... but as a former addict, i know that there are errors in this article. Vicodin is hydrocodone/apap.... vicoprofen is hydrocodone/ibuprofen. Clonazepam is generic klonopin. so if one month she got hydrocodone and clonazepam, she just got the generic forms of vicoprofen & klonopin. just sayin.

miss her tho

1675 days ago


If anyone wathed larry King when Somin (the hubby) and Briitney's mother were on it was CLEAR as hell that the mother was DOPED UP to the nine's! This woman could barely speak and looked like a drugged up Stepford Wife. Right before Brittney died Somin was on a plane and his heart stopped. It is SO OBVIOUS they are ALl druggies and all Simon does is pretend that "Brittney never did a drug in her life"...Please! She HAD do be a drug addict to marry this loser!

1675 days ago


Her collected works could be flushed down the loo and I'd never notice they were missing. But thanks for all the drug information anyway.

1675 days ago


so she was a druggie and her hubsband and mom are too? Wow, poor girl. not only did she support those two financially but they couldn't even stay straight enough to see her slipping away?

I thought it was odd that the husband and mother where moving to NY, like they were a couple or something....

1675 days ago


The real problem is that no one stood up and put a stop to this nonsense. If Brittany's other had half a brain and pulled her head out of her *** she would have cut her off, got her into rehab and kicked Monjack out.

The doctor needs to lose his license and be thrown in jail. Instead of babying celebrities and overlooking their bad habits, send them to jail, thrown 'em into rehab and if that doesn't work then when they self-destruct it's their own fault and life goes on. I don't feel sorry for people who kill themselves when I'm sure others tried to reach out and help them and were probably denied or pushed away.

1675 days ago


its the people like her and MJ and the cory guy that end up thru their selfish actions
make it hard on folks with legit pain to get meds
the docs are all parinoid and worried about it
dam shame but goes to show those with the money rule all

1675 days ago


Klonopin is clonazepam;
Klonopin is the brand name, clonazepem is the generic (or the active ingredient).

1675 days ago


WOW...People r comeing out defending their 300/500 or more drug habits per month.You have been brain washed by ur good old docs into thinking you need all these med month after month year after year then all of a sudden your addicted brain will not let you function without them.While you slide down the hill your doctor is running up the hill with a bran new building at the top and huge house, wonderful vacations alot of which are paid for by drug reps,lots of nice cars ect...Because ur medicated brain loses the ability to be happy not to mention your lungs,heart,kidneys,colon,and liver all effected by what you keep putting in ur body.The human body can only take so much then it closes shop on you.We have become a fat pill addicted America, so sad but true.I bet alot of these fokes on this site spilling their nasty truth are jumping in their cars driving all around and going to work.No wonder there are so many car accidents and its hard to have anything done right the first time any more ppl are high on doctor script pills.To the ppl out there who say their doc wont hand out pain/nerve/depression meds like candy you have a good doctor, not alot of good docs left but there are some.Pill addiction is terrible it destroys the person you new and loved it sucks the happiness right out of there body,takes what you loved about them and burns it out.I have loss way to many good ppl in my life over this.Dead an 6ft under in the cold ground, all docter perscribed pill od.The ones still alive are shells of their selves still marching on to their doctor visits and pain meds.This must be stopped.America cant afford to keep slideing down the hill.Alot of these ppl problems could be solved other ways however no money to be made by telling ppl the truth. This is not only a problem in CA its a problem in my state of Ohio,Pain clinics every where with pharms in side so you dont have to go any where else.People need to change their lifestyles eat healthier,exercise,spend more time with their children and familys, slow down a notch{on ur own accord not by meds},deal with ur problems instead of medicating them,get out side an see the beautiful earth enjoy what is natural about life.Nobody says life is easy,everybody has something crazy happening to them every day.Life is tuff but it is what it is LIFE. Till its over..........

1675 days ago

White Trash    

Well I wonder why she went into cardiac arrest (rolls eyes). I also think the mother and husband should be investigated. There's something fishy about them.

1675 days ago


You guys pointing out that Murphy only showed 4 differenct scripts because some where brand names while others were generic versions .. you are still missing the point. Why the juggle game? Why the double up? Is one doctor prescribing the name brand and another the generic just so it looks like she isn't actually doubling these amounts? Unless you just had surgery or a serious injury there is no reason that anyone needs to be on 120 Vicodin a month for MONTHS. I don't care what 'you' are on, you are in danger yourself unless your pain is SO severe as to justify the risk of toxic levels, addiction and death. And please spare me the 'she had bad periods' nonsense to try and justify this level of narcotic pain meds.

1675 days ago
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