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Cops Called to Home of James, Bullock

3/20/2010 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orange County Sheriff's deputies showed up to the home Jesse James and Sandra Bullock this afternoon.


We're told it was all over an argument between one of their neighbors (above left) and a member of the media. The neighbor was the one who called police. Deputies talked to the neighbor and no arrests were made.

The spokesperson for the Orange County Sherriff's Department says no citations were given and the gaggle of media in the area -- about 20 photogs -- are all legally parked in a public parking lot.

One source told us it was "no big deal."


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fo real    


1679 days ago



1679 days ago


BREAKING NEWS: James nasty hooker goose stepped her way over there and broke up the arguments. She threatened to send both to the chambers if they don't stop.

1679 days ago


love ya jesse! 81 4-life

1679 days ago


does anyone like BRMC's new L.P ? its really good.

1679 days ago


its called The Devils Tattoo

1679 days ago


Cinnabun was banging the neighbors dog Tattoo.....

1679 days ago


Hope you had fun w/whatever your intent was with this snake Sandra as now every single time he f's up (and it often) it will be your name dragged into it. It will not matter how long you have been divorced or away from him you are forever tainted by the lousy choice you made in a spouse. It was public what a dog he was and a PI would have pulled more than you ever would have wanted to know so no sympathy for you dear, just a get a helmet on warning.

1679 days ago

Get real    

One source told us it was "no big deal."

Read more:

Should have listened to that source and skipped this news bulletin.

1679 days ago


FOREAL: By the looks of that nasty chick he is involved with, I think his balls may fall off on their own!

1679 days ago


I'm wondering was SANDRA in rebound??Why would she pick something that is OLD&NASTY looking??I've looked at his pics he looks like he toothless,bald headed & UGLY as SIN....

1679 days ago


The Pap's have way 2 much le-way in CA. It wld totally drive me nutz if I had photogs outside my house 24/7. Deff wldnt live in CA & deff wldnt put up w/a cheating,lying,piece of $hit man like Jesse James. All men R the same. Worthless!

1679 days ago


Why eat cheap dog food when you have a good steak at home? Sandra, you can find someone better girl!

1679 days ago

kooky the clown    

if this dirty skank's children have kids at 16, wonder what she's gonna look like as a grandma. pig whore skank

1679 days ago


This just in from our spy in the neighborhood. Ed McGooch was watering his lawn when he heard a commotion coming from the house in question. As he approached he saw the side door to the garage was open and went to investigate and describes here what he saw and heard:

"Well, suh...I heard a man's voice and some wimpering coming from yonder garage, and when ah edged the door open ah jus' could not believe what was going on dere. There was dat pooch Cinnabuns in some sort of perverted restraining harness with dat low-down Jessie James behind him...and would ya believe it, the man was on his knees and nekked as the day he was born.

He was holding on to the poor doggy's waist like life itself depended on it...and was just a grinding a way into that pups behind like there was no tomorrow...and saying such filth, like:

"Disa'l teach ya to run off on me, bitch! That's it...bark like a dog, bark like a dog! C'mon Bombshell, gimmee that tail! T'aint no golfing sissy gonna one up me, no sir! Dat's it! Dat's it! Ya be a good doggy and Ima gonna give you some Skippy peanut butter...and then hose ya down with mah johnson. Oh yeah, Sandy may getcha in the deevorce...but she gonna get one bow-legged doggy by the time Ima thru with you! Whoo-hoo! Ride'm cowboy!"

"So, bein' from the south and a knowin' that that t'aint no way ta treat man's best friend...I done called da cops. Now if'n he'd stuck ta diddling sheep like men are likely ta do from time to time, I could understand...havin' had mah own share of "wool lovin" if'n ya knows what I mean...hehe. But, no suh...ya cain't be plain' no hie da salami with a liddle doggy in mah suh!"

In an unrelated story, a black man dressed in Nike clothes was seen running from the neighborhood carrying a golf club, shortly before the police arrived.

1679 days ago
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