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Jesse James 'Mistress' -- Furor Over Nazi Pose

3/20/2010 1:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who reportedly had an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, has another bombshell to drop -- a full scale Nazi photo shoot.

Michelle McGee

TMZ has obtained the shocking photos of Michelle McGee, which were taken almost a year ago. We're told the Nazi-themed layout -- complete with a swastika armband and backdrop -- was the photographer's idea, but that Michelle was very enthusiastic.

In child custody documents filed in January, Michelle's ex-husband says she "makes the Nazi salute," and has a swastika tattooed on her stomach (not seen in these pics).

In one photo the letter "w" is on Michelle's left leg, and the letter "p" on her right. We're told Michelle tells people it stands for "white power."

Res ipsa loquitur.


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What's so wrong with a full scale Nazi photo shoot? Christoph Waltz just won an Academy Award for one.

As for having an affection for the hate of the world... this is another matter.

1683 days ago


#119 says: "maybe this is meant as a joke? girl is growing a mustache under her pancake make-up in a lot of these shots" OMG--You're right! I had to take a second look, and there is definitely a stache growing there! That's TOO nasty!!

1683 days ago


Ok, I have to comment on this whole thing. First of all, this skank is a hot mess. She may have a hot body, but she is a Nazi lover and that is just wrong. Plus, those tatts are way to much. She does look older and in 20 years she is gonna look a lot worse with all those tats and her body is not gonna be what it is now. Jesse is an idiot and Sandra is better off without that piece of trash.

As far as your comment below, I understand what you are saying, and I know men like "bad girls", but I don't agree that every guy wants to "smack around a hoe" or pee on a chick for that matter. If a man wants to "smack around" someone, he has some issues and needs therapy. S & M is a whole other ball game, and if a couple is into that, its all good. There are men out there will "get nasty" with their wives or girlfriends and these women know how to be a "bad girl" in the bedroom and the men have no problem with their partners being the "bad girl" and letting them pee on them or play sex games with each other no matter how nasty, as long as they are not suffering from the "wife/madonne-whore complex". Read about it, its very interesting stuff.

Note: just because this whore has tatts all over and is a porn person, doesn't mean she's such a "bad girl", and who knows what type of diseases she has or drugs she's on. Com'on, any woman can be a "bad girl" for her partner, as we all have that in us, no matter how wholesome we look.

168. what you ladies do not understand is that guys like nasty girls,,they dont want to marry them but they like to have sex with them..just like tiger..he couldnt talk to his wife like that but he sure could talk nasty to hoes..we all want to pee on someone but not our wife,,we all want to smack around some hoe ..but not our wives..its rough going to work everyday ,,we need a release and thats why we seek out bad sandra is a little rough around the edges ..

Posted at 10:26AM on Mar 19th 2010 by electriczipper

1683 days ago


The MADONNA WHORE COMPLEX. Some men actually suffer from this dysfunction, and they feel they can't have a "healthy" sexual relationship with their wives or girlfriends, so they cheat with so called "bad girls" and "nasty" girls.

According to Freudian psychology, this complex often develops when the sufferer is raised by a cold and distant mother. Such a man will often court women with qualities of his mother, hoping to fulfill a need for intimacy unmet in childhood. Often, the wife begins to be seen as mother to the husband—a "Madonna" figure—and thus not a possible object of sexual attraction. For this reason, in the mind of the sufferer, love and sex cannot be mixed, and the man is reluctant to have sexual relations with his wife, for that, he thinks unconsciously, would be as incest. He will reserve sexuality for "bad" or "dirty" women, and will not develop "normal" feelings of love in these sexual relationships. This introduces a dilemma where men may feel unable to love any women who can satisfy them sexually and are unable to be sexually satisfied by any women who they can love.

1683 days ago


OMG for real wtf???? Jesse you have to be F***k*n kidding me. . . . . Was it worth it???? Damn Hoe's

1683 days ago


I really feel for Sandra, but she should've known in her head and heart that she fell for a wild dude who obviously has a taste for wild strange women. I'm sure Sandra knew this, but nevertheless accepted him hoping he would prove to be a good guy.

1673 days ago


Jesse you are such an idiot..Michelle is so scary looking, not that your anything great, but geez she is the female marilyn are weird...I feel so sorry for Sandra

1678 days ago

e beve    

a 100 years ago women in america were considered property and was unable to make decisions for themselves. I see two women that made a decision to do something they both wanted to do with this guy. both have made their own income without using a man. so who do you blame. sandra married a biker! what did she think he was going to do if she was gone. change ha. the other woman let her business out to the world.(stupid) let the real women stand up take what she wants an go forward. tmz needs pics of a real women cat fight and lets move on. my monies on sandra with a kick to the mistress in her nazi hole.

1673 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

jeeze!!! nasty nasty nasty... her hair hasn't been washed in weeks it looks like... you want white power??? go take a bath in baby powder .. maybe it will make your STANK GO AWAY I CAN SMELL IT FROM MY MONITOR!!!! gosh girl... have some respect for woman kind... and yourself..AND YOUR KID!! do you want your kid in 10 years saying"YEAH< MY MOM IS A FREAK SCUM BAG NAZI PROMOTING WHORE" put on some clothes wash off the 10 inches of makeup and BE A WOMAN! NOT A DISGRACE ON WOMAN-KIND! sandra is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more SEXIER than you could EVER WISH TO BE.

1672 days ago


Sandra is no Goody Two Shoes! After all, she courted Jesse while he was married and living with his wife who was 8 months pg.

What goes around comes around!

1682 days ago


ditto a thousand times over to 99.9% of all the comments listed above!! You go Sandra!!

1682 days ago


i've seen the photographer's work and he is truly an amazing artist.
his use of the swastika is that of art, not of white power.
i don't care so much about the mistress, but i hope that people understand that the photographer is not racist.

1682 days ago


I think this whole situation is sooooo sad! Sad for Jesse's children,and McGees children,and Sandra. It's pathetic when a man or woman puts their babies and their loving spouses through an ordeal like all this that Jesse and McGee are putting their families through. I don't believe McGee for one second that she wasn't aware she was screwing with a married man. Heres a clue everyone: if they are still married,you are screwing around with a still married person,which is WRONG! It's not worth the bad karma. I think that McGee and Jesse are both full of self hate and loathing to bring this misery upon themselves and they both need serious therapy.

1682 days ago


sheesh I never comment on these things but I couldn't help myself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but GD!!! This chick is utterly repulsive! Poor Sandra, and she thought Jesse had "her back", meanwhile he had this hooker laying down on her back! And she is a stripper? I wouldn't tip her a penny let alone a dollar!

1682 days ago


Sheesh! If I'm going to get in the AOL's gutter and read their tripe, couldn't they at least do a decent job reporting a few facts? Who did the photographer take the Nazi-Michelle photos for... what publication, group or individual PAID for them, assuming they were sold.... or did the photographer take them to amuse himself? I'm just curious to know who pays for creepy photos like that.

1682 days ago
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