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Jesse James 'Mistress' -- Furor Over Nazi Pose

3/20/2010 1:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who reportedly had an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, has another bombshell to drop -- a full scale Nazi photo shoot.

Michelle McGee

TMZ has obtained the shocking photos of Michelle McGee, which were taken almost a year ago. We're told the Nazi-themed layout -- complete with a swastika armband and backdrop -- was the photographer's idea, but that Michelle was very enthusiastic.

In child custody documents filed in January, Michelle's ex-husband says she "makes the Nazi salute," and has a swastika tattooed on her stomach (not seen in these pics).

In one photo the letter "w" is on Michelle's left leg, and the letter "p" on her right. We're told Michelle tells people it stands for "white power."

Res ipsa loquitur.


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she is a whorebag full of tattoos and boobs-- with out any of that she'd be a sucked up crackhead standing on the side of the street--waiting to do something strange fora piece of change...

1645 days ago


This actually explains ALOT about her and Jesse James love connection. Even though Sandra Bullock is from Texas, I dont think she swings Nazi.

1644 days ago


It should be "WT" for WHITE TRASH!

1639 days ago


I just want to say when daddy's little girl ends up on the pole or in porn daddy and mommy didn't do their job as parents....I mean their only duty in life is to keep their little off the pole and off her back....everything about her is vulger, everything....

1644 days ago


Jessies is low life trash, throw him to the curb. Tiger is the same. Both men don't deserve respectable women who are caring, loving mothers. Sandra was a mother to all three of Jessie's kids. How unappreciative can you get? Tiger's wife wasn't married to him for money, she obviously loved him because you don't have the kids and get married thinking "oh, I'm just here for money." I can see why Tiger's wife is having a hard time since they have kids and she doesn't want the kids to be growing up going back and forth from house to house, then there's the strippers/whores that Tiger would be bringing around her kids when he has them as joint custody. However, Sandra has no kids of her own with Jessie so throw the cheating disgusting car man out as he has done it before and will do it again.

1644 days ago


I've always liked Sandra... When she married the biker mechanic, I was truly disappointed. She had class. He had zilch. What the hell were you thinking? His antics were predictable. Sandra, get rid of this bad decision and don't look back! He was never even close to your league. He has shown his true colors and will never change.

1633 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

she is fucking hot and jesse james is a fucking god. i give him major respect on this one even though what he did was fucked up. she is gorgeous in her own way just becuz she aint some fake orange bitch with bleached hair dont mean she is ugly treat her with some respect and respect her damn decision to have a opinion in life

1633 days ago


I totally did this better.. www . myspace . com / felicityroseam

and, I did if first.. this chick is a loser!!!

1632 days ago


Btw.. I wanted to also share that I'm not a Nazi. My fiance is black and my best friend is Jewish.. xoxox

1632 days ago



1649 days ago

mrez golucky    


1649 days ago


My friend knows this skank and she is definitely a huge racist b*tch. She's also certifiably crazy, if that isn't already obvious. Poor Sandra, I hope she's gotten tested for every disease in the book. Jesse deserves this fug meth face whore.

1649 days ago


Poor Sandy. Knowing her she's probably crying and laughing.

1649 days ago

Just Sayin    

She does not represent herself well.
She must not think before she acts due to the meth use
Total Trash.

1649 days ago


Take Tiger's sex text...Choke me and pee on me...and put it over this disgusting tat skank photo. Jesse, is a disgusting pig for sacking this witch too. Run Sandra.

1649 days ago
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