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Tiger Woods' #1

I'm a Mistress

Not a 'Slut'

3/20/2010 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sleeping with a man who you know is married does NOT make you a "slut" ... so says Tiger Woods' mistress #1 Rachel Uchitel.


Uchitel's lawyers -- including glorious Gloria Allred -- just fired off a letter to Las Vegas showman Jeff Beacher, ordering him to remove comments on his Facebook page which refer to her as a "slut," "whore" and "hooker."

In the letter, Rachel's lawyers say the comments are false and defamatory ... and threaten legal action if the mean words aren't immediately taken down.

What ever happened to "I am rubber, you are glue"?

UPDATE: We caught up with Beacher in South Beach and he said he will make an official statement on Monday.


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She is a beautiful, pure, and honest human being that our children should look up to and emulate. What a wonderful world that would be.

1679 days ago

Allen Ridak    

She's not a slut!! I think the title 'STD-spreading Bushpig with No Morals' is more appropriate

1679 days ago


We need more information. What did Tiger Woods tell these women? What did he tell Rachel? Joslyn James? Jamie Grubbs? I do have some suspicions that he told them something pretty strong about his availability, considering the other texts that have been released. This is no closed book. We need a full definition of "slut" and we need much more information, not just Rachel's word. We need more texts, more emails, a video of him proposing to Rachel would work too, ha ha.

1679 days ago

chicken head    

she is right-
She is a DIRTY SLUT!
FILTHY PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!

1679 days ago


SKANK!!!!! What a whorey slut.

1679 days ago


boo hoo,, truth hurts huh...

1679 days ago


Sorry, you are a slut, whore, and jumpoff rolled in one. Now sit your azz down and close your legs to married man.
“The Blog Where Hip Hop Meets Scripture!”

1679 days ago

pink floyd    

thank-you chef kooky. keep them coming.

1679 days ago


Yes, Jeff Beacher is a low life and leased a home on the lake front in Las Vegas he didn't pay for and did some damage to. A really nice elderly 75 year old lady suffered major financial loss because he lied and cheated her and then left promptly rather than pay past rent due. He's a huge flake and liar so nobody should believe him. That doesn't negate the facts Rachel when indeed you are a tramp. You knew when you shared your body and a bed with Tiger that he was married and you continued to engage yourself with the married man you knew well he was. You did not intend to share your lovefest with the mother of his children you knew well wasn't suspect to your tryst. Nevertheless you sought the help of Gloria Allred exclusively to benefit you for $$ maybe? (At least she looked better in your camp but by the time she got to Joslyn James she became a clown, a ridiculed attorney who represented the ghastly porn frog. Gloria lost crediblity in the single TV appearance sitting beside the talking freak show demanding an apology. Now Gloria's hiding from the 'whore' who shared Tiger's bed just like you while she pretends to feign innocence as she puts his text messages on line to cause his wife pain and have revenge. Evem more ludicrous when as porn star, she's heard lots worse and loved it. Still I personally think anyone who sleeps with a married man with money and enjoys perks like big bucks, first class travel accomodations and such fine items they can't afford on their own salary, are tramps, whores, sluts, whatever. That said, I'm not an authority for the very reason I believe wives like Elin are innocent victims and I always felt I was better than that and could get single men since there are enough of them running around the globe to share. You obviously don't agree with me either but that's your choice. I'm only writing here now cause I saw Jeff Beacher's name in your demand and knew he wasn't a good guy and not the least bit nice to the elderly lady who trusted him and could have lost her home had he continued not to pay his rent living on the lake front in Las Vegas. Where I come from and where Gloria hangs out, people who aren't of the same worth are often called professional guests. Sleeping with married guys, well, that's called something else and everyone's entitled to their opinion just like you are. Whore is just another name you'll have to get used to when you can't sue everyone and they are entitled to their opinion. Rachel is not up for sainthood and we know Elin is classy and no one else Tiger slept with was/is.

1679 days ago


Here in Australia she would be called a MOLL, plan and simple and that means a tramp.

1679 days ago


How does that one go?

I am rubber you are glue, so that we can both get screwed?

1679 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

Poor Elin ! Does she have to face this humiliation over and over again . Even if she leaves, these sluts will keep coming and coming over. What did she do wrong to deserve that ?????
She was a faithful, loyal wife raising kids at home and now she has to endure the humiliation and shame her bastard of husband and his bunch of whores are putting on her.
Life is so unfair !!!!!
Men are pigs but women are not better sometimes !!!!

1679 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

There was a message sent by Tiger to Joslyn James dated 3rd July 2007. It was just a few weeks after Elin gave birth to Sam !!!
What a nasty pig he is !!!!! I remember Elin had complications at the end of her pregnancy. This was during the US Open week and Tiger knew Elin was in hospital. He didn't bother himself to run and be alongside his wife duing these difficult times. No he played the tournament and he finished 2nd.
Just another proof that he doesn't give a damn about his family. This was his first child for God's sake. Golf is more important than anything else for him except maybe himself.
What a dreadful man he's turned out to be. How people can come to his defense is beyond me !!!!!

1679 days ago


It makes you one if you know the guy is married and you sleep with him anyway......whore...
it only makes Tiger a lair and an A-hole!

1679 days ago


They all should have this "

1679 days ago
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