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Tiger Woods' #1

I'm a Mistress

Not a 'Slut'

3/20/2010 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sleeping with a man who you know is married does NOT make you a "slut" ... so says Tiger Woods' mistress #1 Rachel Uchitel.


Uchitel's lawyers -- including glorious Gloria Allred -- just fired off a letter to Las Vegas showman Jeff Beacher, ordering him to remove comments on his Facebook page which refer to her as a "slut," "whore" and "hooker."

In the letter, Rachel's lawyers say the comments are false and defamatory ... and threaten legal action if the mean words aren't immediately taken down.

What ever happened to "I am rubber, you are glue"?

UPDATE: We caught up with Beacher in South Beach and he said he will make an official statement on Monday.


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No RAchel..Your a SLUT!! Knowingly sleeping with a married man makes you a slut. And if you accepted any payments or gifts? That would make you a whore (Prostitute) under the law. So I hope you paid for those hotel rooms...hahaha

1649 days ago


You just go on thinking that Rachael. Nasty Adulteress! Does that sound better? And yes...she did get paid millions for her services. If the name fits......

1649 days ago


Oh puhleeeeeze!!!@Seriously...Regardless of what this sorry a*s man told that whore she knew he was still married. Don't u think the entire world would have know if their marriage was over???

@Steve...I soooo agree with u..Gloria sticks herself wherever she can for publicity and this home wrecking tramp is looking for attention and money because she knew he didn't want her loose p*ssy anymore.

1649 days ago

19th hole    

Gloria is an ass...the girls are sluts...they are only looking for a payday....they all need to crawl under the rocks they came from and do their movies....whores...

1649 days ago


@PatM...were u once a mistress? Come on now...are u telling me she's not as much to blame as him? Do u honestly think this money grubbing chick would have given him a second look if he wasn't Tiger Woods? That man's entire life is in the media. He couldve told her anything but I'm damn sure she knew he was still with his wife. This man was not blessed with a golden tongue. She put all this out there to get back at him because the money train stopped. Plain and simple. Sticking up for the whore...HA HA HA. Dont get me wrong now...the man is just as much a nasty whore as her.

1649 days ago


Same thing! Let's not start that!

1649 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

I read this as Rachel declaring she's moving in with Tiger ASAP. If so, she's all for Elin leaving and watching in high anxiety. Why else this public outburst? Are paps following Rachel? Rachel going for the kill? Is Elin protected? The kids? Independently of Tiger? Cross yer fingers that this doesn't get rough now that it's already insane.

Totally agree with that post. I find it very strange that the porn star released the text messages just 2 days after Tiger announced his return and a few days after Elin and Tiger were spotted together for the first time since Thanksgiving.
I have the feeling that Uglytell is not a stranger to this situation. She has the same lawyer as Joslyn James and since she has to keep her ugly mouth shut up, what a better way to destroy for good Tiger's marriage than releasing those messages.
I hope that this story has a happy ending because I wouldn't like to see something tragic happening to Elin or her kids. God may bless them as they are innocent victims in this sad story.

1649 days ago


yucca tell and aldred should stick together and make the world understand that men can not lure women into a prostituting position and get away with it, tiger should pay dearly and apologize to these freakazoids in front of HIS wife and children.

1649 days ago


They should not be sleeping with married men! Period. He's apologized. They need to move on and quit the 15 minutes of fame. It's pathetic and discusting.

1649 days ago


Sorry but in my first amendment right to freedom of speech and my opipion is that Rachael is a home wrecker, and i am sorry to say but you slept with a married man and in my book that makes you a whore.
A real lady does not settle for someone's sloppy seconds.

1649 days ago


Gloria or whomever is advising this idiot should tell her that she is just digging the hole deeper (no pun intended) She makes herself look more and more like a gold digging slut with every pathetic attempt to legitimize her slutty self. She is a slut slut slut and will always be. End of story. Now go away.

1649 days ago


The barely legal extortion is disturbing and, hopefully, the greedy lawyer and her wannabe stable will go down in flames before this is over. Uglitel is a swine and may have a lot of money now but she will receive her karma before the final chapter is written in this saga. Swine is probably the nicest thing one can call her or any of these creepy women as they are all void of any decency or personal integrity. Someone needs to take a heavy duty brush and some Lysol to their mouths and crotches.

1649 days ago


I agree...any women that knowingly sleeps with a married man is a slut (also see Cindy Hensley aka Cindy McCain)

1649 days ago


If you knowingly sleep with a married man, you are a slut. Also, a worthless, piece of trash gutterwhore. Just STFU already, SLUT!

1649 days ago


Rachel you made one mistake you could of said no to Tiger your married but you didn't you said you are a mistress, mistresses at times say no.
But you didn't now you have to pay the price. As for the names you were called maybe you deserve to be called them. All you want to do is not work and to be taken care by some rich A-Hole that you will never love you will only love his money. So if the shoe fits you have to wear it.

1649 days ago
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