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Brittany Murphy -- The Presciption List Goes On

3/21/2010 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britanny MurphyTMZ has learned Brittany Murphy used her own name -- besides the alias Lola Manilow Murphy -- to secure an array of prescription drugs.

Sources tell us between 2003-2009, Brittany had scores of prescriptions filled for 32 different drugs ... and that was at just one L.A. pharmacy -- and it's not Eddie's Pharmacy, the one that cut her off 4 months before her death because the owner feared an accident loomed.

The drugs included Inderal and Propranolol (high blood pressure), Sarafem (a type of Prozac), chlordiazepoxide (sedative), promethazine (sedative), and four different drugs for asthma.

Also on the list --- a number of antibiotic and allergy medications.

Brittany had a prescription filled five times for Biaxin -- a drug used to treat, among other things, pneumonia. The Coroner ruled Murphy died an accidental death caused by "community acquired pneumonia."


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i doubt she was getting "jacked up" on promethazine - I am pregnant and take it for the nausea - nice little side effect is when you are really sick - it makes you go to sleep.

1684 days ago


So, what else is to ? there has always been a fine line (If any line) between drugs & medication. Uppers, downers- all mood altering, many side effects let alone patients become dependant.
Most are not to be given in combination with other medications !!!

Much of the pharmaceutical industry is corrupt. On top of that,
many, many doctors prescribe drugs with little or no knowledge about what they prescribe let alone the side effects and the warnings given about interaction with other drugs. They are however well aware of incentives that pharmaceutical companies give them to sell like nice vacations...
It's a racket.

All this goes on with little or no regard for a patients well-being.
Most recent horror to me is kids "diagnosed with" ADH/ADHD being given antidepressants & psychostimulant medications. This generation of kids suffers the consequences of this problem having gone on for too long.

This is a sad, senseless death. I highly doubt that these drugs ware safe in combination with one another.

1684 days ago

Blue Lake    

Nice goin' Simon and Sharon. Your drug addiction killed off your golden goose. Losers.

1684 days ago

and you know this    

Ummm, hello people, none of these drugs are drugs to get high!!! WTF?? All these people on here calling her a junkie, these are meds for asthma, high blood pressure, nausea, and general antibiotics!!! Jeez people will look for any reason to judge this poor girl. The death certificate PROVED she didn't die because of drugs. Leave the poor girl alone, and sue these pharmacies for releasing her personal info in the first place.

1684 days ago


I'm so sad to find out about this.It doesn't change my mind about her.She was a nice,sweet person who was kind to just about everybody.
I will always love her.

1684 days ago


She wasn't a drug addict. I've had all of the medications on the list. They are for migraines and menstrual problems.

1683 days ago


In my experience, promethazine (phenergan) is a strong cough syrup. I have been prescribed it for cough associated with asthmatic bronchitis. It bugs me when medications are exaggerated. They did the same with heath ledger. Yes there are tons of them....more than anyone should take. But why call it something its not? Its tragic enough without sensationalizing.

1683 days ago


Phenergan is for Nausea but can be used for its sedative like side effects. Technically its a anti-emetic but can be used for its sedative effects when stronger things like ativan and Valium are contraindicated.

1683 days ago


OK I'm not condoning anything and yes the number of drugs in her home need to be investigated because many drugs will cause severe complications when mixed with others. BUT HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY LOOKED UP THE DRUGS??? Promethazine is NOT a sedative it's an anti-nausea medication that is frequently given to pregnant women with severe morning sickness. It's generic drug for Phernergan. Come on TMZ check your info before you just put it out there! Any drug book on the market will tell you the correct information, Hell go to and look it something!

1678 days ago


All of the drugs Ms. Murphy was on can be used to treat dysautonomia, a serious genetic neurological disorder several of her family members have - including her brother, who has spoken candidly about his own struggle with the disorder and his conversations with Brittany about her own symptoms. Why do I care? Because I have dysautonomia myself, and I'm tired of reading crap like this. I deal with it enough in my own life - "but you don't look sick!" - and I am tired of seeing people judged when the facts aren't there.

1635 days ago


some people also like to drink promethazine(sp?) with soda, and i think (not sure)if it is used too often or in excess can cause heart problems (like heart attack.)

1620 days ago


This doesn't make any sense... To have so many scripts under different names is a problem of course. But the ones tmz names are fairly innocuous drugs when taken properly, and even when over-used, are unlikely to cause death. I myself have or have had almost all the drugs you name, for my migraine condition and symptoms (like nausea) of that. None are controlled substances. None give you a "high." What are the OTHER 30-plus drugs on this supposed list? This is otherwise a non-issue.

1620 days ago


Hate to tell everyone, but once you are deceased, you have no right to claim the Privacy Act or HIPAA. Unfortunately, this is why the pharmacies have not been and will not be sued for violation of these.

1620 days ago
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