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'Jersey Shore' Takes Off for Miami

3/21/2010 8:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's 76 degrees in Miami today. Tonight there is a 60% chance of rain ... but a 100% chance of Snooki.

Jersey Shore

A TMZ spy on the production crew for "Jersey Shore" tells us the cast was given its marching orders for season two last night -- they're headed for Miami.

And we have another source. At least one cast member told a TMZer he/she got the word over the weekend ... and the word is Miami.

Good luck, Miami. You're gonna need it.


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The lowest of the low wan-na-bees we've had here in Miami Beach.

1623 days ago


It's more like kids from NY watch out for Miami. Not the Jersey Shore.... and good luck with DJ Pauly D landing a DJ gig here. Miami may be a tourist destination but the music in the clubs is first class. I haven't seen anything good come from him on the decks. And Ronnie, there are a lot of gay people here, and they are a lot bigger than you..... Just saying...

1623 days ago


How can they call it the Jersey Shore if they're in Miami?
Guess they were kicked out Jersey for acting like a$$hole's.

With the super high humidity...there ain't enough Auqa-Net in Miami to keep Snooki's hair up. Geeez, take your 15 minutes and leave us in peace.

1623 days ago


Pure garbage!

1623 days ago


You aren't even going to notice these folks so slow your roll.

1623 days ago


I thought Hookie, snookie, or what ever the fat one goes by now was going to Haiti or Lima... Cause she could help (in what, who knows). She probably changed her mind cause all the resturants and bars are closed. What would she do? Except be fat...she could do that here....

1623 days ago


OK, Frist is the loser right behing Skanks, or Looksie, Hooksi, what ever the fat one goes by.....

1623 days ago


Your fat butt eatin kinniy bottom ass proves only that it has a suction hose....If you were cute (Like co-stars), you wouldn't make the rest of us sick....

1623 days ago


LOL! everyone might dislike these guys/gals from the show "jersey shore" but you really have to give them credit for the amount of publicity they have gotten. They are taking advantage of the fact that people hate/love them. We could all be going after the 30 year old guy living in a basement!!!!!! So life for them is good right now. No, it won't last forever but let them have fun dang it.

1623 days ago


If Snooky wasn't punched in the face not many people would have even heard of this show. Is Snooky going to take another one for the team? How about a show where people just walk up to the cast of Jersey Shore and punch them in the face? Now that would be entertainment.

1623 days ago


Let's see who's got the bigger butt, them or the Cubans.

1623 days ago


Miami-Dade and the South Beach area have quite a diverse population including people from all races, religions, and sexual orientations. It is going to be hilarious when one of the idiots hooks up with a cross-dresser and doesn't know it until the momemnt of truth - none of them seem to have more brains than a bag of beach sand!

Of course the girls, if that's what you want to call them, can pass for trannies, so they'll fit right in!

I feel an ass-whipping in their near futures!!!!

1623 days ago


Definitely agree with Jeanne - I feel sorry for them because they are not going to be in Jersey the only place where that look and way of life is considered okay. When they get to Miami they are definitely going to go through a culture shock and probably not recv. the same warm welcome they got in Jersey.

1622 days ago

Guido Glossary    

You need more Shore....

1603 days ago
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