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Jesse James Alleged Mistress -- Honor Student

3/21/2010 8:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just because Michelle McGee -- the woman Jesse James allegedly cheated on Sandra Bullock with -- is covered in tattoos and occasionally likes to dress up as a naughty Nazi, it doesn't mean she isn't smart too.

Michelle McGee

Turns out McGee made the honor roll all four years of at Eastlake North High School in Ohio. According to her yearbook, she ran track, played soccer and was even a cheerleader.

You can't always judge a book by its tatted up cover.


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White Trash.

1643 days ago

amie Class of 98 at North High    

Haha good old North High...i remember this girl she was in one of my study halls in the fishbowl room,she was really nice...another shining moment for Eastlake,Oh

1643 days ago


She said she's French Canadian and Amish... problem is, there are no French Canadian Amish. Doesn't she look stoned out of her mind on that video? Otherwise she might be able to dance and look like a real stripper. Guess she sucks even at that. I feel sorry for her kids, what kind of life do they have to look forward to with such a role model?

1643 days ago

Tiger the HOMEWRECKer    

She looks beautiful. I can see why Jesse James was intrigued by her.

1643 days ago


Honor Roll in high school DOES NOT mean she is smart. Obviously.

1643 days ago

Middlefield Anyone?    

Um... for those who are (claiming to be from) NEOH about Eastlake not being near an Amish community... what in the world is in Middlefield or Burton? Fake Amish? Geauga County is not 1.5 hours away from Lake County (home to Eastlake North HS).

Anyways, this woman definitely is lying because 1) the Amish wouldn't educate their children beyond 8th grade (regardless of Old Order or New Order), 2) the Amish wouldn't allow their daughters to cut their hair in a manner as such in the picture, and 3) she looks way older than 24; more like 32-ish (give or take 6 months).


1643 days ago


Yeah, Geauga county is close to Eastlake, but a lot of the Amish moved out of Geauga county years ago due to the sharp increase in land prices in the area. A lot of them moved to an area in Kentucky with cheaper prices and more varied land. But I agree--no Amish family would send their kids to school past 8th grade or cut their hair the way she has it in the picture. I think her whole story is a lot of bs. Maybe she's the Nazi version of Tila Tequila.

1643 days ago


Also, if she was Amish, she probably wouldn't have the last name of McGee. Yoder, maybe, but definitely not McGee. lol

1643 days ago


Dave, go to bed. You're up too late and stop watching that video over and over and over and over again!
It's bad for your health!!!

1643 days ago


Yuk Yuk Yuk...He certainly screwed up.

1643 days ago


Oh, and yeah..right, of course she isn't dumb. He's just disrespectful and and should be ashamed of himself. People have no moral values these days. Why would anyone expect Jesse to? Sandy is strong. She will pull through this. It's definitely his loss.

1643 days ago

dennis mcgee    

i,m michelle's dad-it really hurts to read these comments-one thing you have to remember is that michelle is single and was told by jesse that he was separated from sandra-also michelle is very very smart and although you think she is some tattoed bimbo think about what she has created

1643 days ago

Dix Handley    

And now she is hideous and ugly and a freak of nature. Like we need more like her in today's society. Take her up in a plane and give her a parachute that won't open and tell her to jump into the ocean. If we could do this to many other fame seekers I think this too would make a great reality show. The title could be "Will the chute open?"

1643 days ago


I think this woman has a higher purpose in God's Kingdom.

She has made her body the Ultimate Scarlet Letter. I think she will ultimately be brought out of the Wilderness, and led home to GOD.

God's number one law: Love ALL people.

1638 days ago


I do not know how the link was added to my comment for "HOME" in my original comment. I did not.

God Teaches us to love each other...sometimes it is hard to do, but we should all try. Regardless of creed, color, national origin, or outrageousness...LOVE ALL PEOPLE.

He also wants us to love HIM. Simple. Enjoy your life, love GOD, and love each other.

Of course, there are other COMMANDMENTS. They are very simple also. Thou shalt not kill for example. I translate that to not kill, or bring harm to any living thing. Simple.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife. Again, simple. Although she may be dazzlingly beautiful...keep your paws off, EVEN if she encourages you. Very simple stuff.

I admire you Mr. Dennis McGee for defending your daughter. She breaks my heart in a way. I hope you and her are guided, protected, and BLESSED.

She will give an inspiring TESTOMONIAL one day.

God bless you both.


1638 days ago
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