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Jesse James and His Nuclear Divorce

3/21/2010 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A sliver of good news for Jesse James: If Sandra Bullock divorces him, it can't possibly get as ugly as the violent break-up of his prior marriage.

Janine Lindemulder, Jesse James, Sandra Bullock

TMZ has obtained legal docs in Jesse's divorce from Janine Lindemulder. James filed several declarations, accusing Janine of various acts of brutality -- including punching him, bludgeoning him in the back of the head with a flowerpot, swinging a steel bone sculpture at him, trying to run him over with her car, socking him in the eyeball because he used her parking space, and going Naomi Campbell on him with a cellphone.

James says on one occasion, when Janine was pregnant, she began hitting and chasing him in their bedroom, and he grabbed her by the hair to hold her at bay.

Bullock will probably choose to bludgeon Jesse with a Beverly Hills lawyer.


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Stupididy at its best    

Gerard you have serious mental issues.Your posts are disgusting to say the least. I don't know what Elin did to you but boy you must see a psycho.. Maybe she doesn't want to date you LOL
I'm sorry but I won't shed a tear on Miss Bullock. I reserve my sympathy for people who are dying in Haiti, people who are starving; innocent women and kids who are killed in Afghanistan and in Irak, innocent Palestinians who are facing daily humiliation ..........
She's an actress - not a very good one by the way; sorry but the fact she won an oscar is beyond me - and she's got millions in the bank. She will stick with him.Gosh she's already 45 ??? Time goes so fast Sandra, maybe it's time to get kids on your own.
She's an actress - very bad one by the way -

1674 days ago


Keep in mind there are kids involved who can read and have had to live through this once.

1674 days ago


Very few insiders in the MC industry respect this guy but generally won't challenge him in public because he was a gravy train. He's been this way the whole time but tolerated because he brought a name and a flair for design to a specialty industry that was making a lot of money for a while. There are lots of these custom guys out there but he was one of the few who had the luck to land a TV show and he looks and sounds good.

Over time, he has pissed off many of his own folks as well as suppliers for his business for his arrogance, non-payment, and non-cooperation. Thinks he knows it all and it's really everyone else's fault no matter how he works it.

He is really only looking out for his best interests and he was able to charm the daylight out of people (both in the MC industry and out) but in the sometimes harsh light of celebrity - his true behavior is starting to haunt him because he can't hide. He deserves the scrutiny. He may be unable to change though and he knows why.

He should try because the custom MC business is way down and those who buy these choppers either have one of his, are selling it, or are on to the next thing.

1674 days ago


When will the "good boys" get as much tail as the "bad boys"? Please don't say... "when they put out the dollars." I'll NEVER have dollars.

1674 days ago


Well what is odd too me, which no one has talked about. Sure there is a slim chance Jesse does not hold the same type of thoughts as his HO does, but if someone goes to the length to tat their feelings on their skin, then they must express those feelings to those they are with. So if she is a racist, is Jesse? and if Jesse is Sandra knew his thoughts and, where does she stand on the race issues. We know where the ho stand on her thoughts, and via association we have a insight on how Jesse may think... Just a thought...
It would be nice to such a powerful player in Hollywood, at least step up and denounce the ho's images of racism and distance herself from that aspect of the story.. true or not..

1674 days ago


Does anyone still think Jesse is intelligent. PLEASE!!!!!

1674 days ago


With the bakground of Jesse James, woman, drugs, porn stars lets face it life with Sandra, the girl next door became boring. He is what he is, and life with her was boring, except for the money she brought in---he liked that part the best. To bad for Sandra, but she will move on--she seems very strong, but she should have had more sense than marrying him in the first place but as the old saying goes "love is blind." he probably derseved the X's abuse.

1674 days ago


sounds like Jesse James is a glutton for punishment.

and he just fell for someone similar again?

1674 days ago

South Beach    

Try as they may, most men cannot take women who are percieved as being more "successful" than they, financially or just in a title. Ego wins out and they often will pursue a woman who makes them feel superior once again. It's a shame, because very often the "wife" truely believes everything is "cool", only to find out something like this has occurred.

Almost every man you ask will say they would LOVE to have a woman make the lions share of the families finances, but when it's really in play, very few can actually hang with it.

Bear it in mind, ladies.

1674 days ago


I feel sorry for Sandra but then again what should expect when you marry a man of Jesse James' character and background?

1674 days ago


29. He will say whatever he feels like and whatever he wants to all the while dragging whatever name Bullock had left thru the gutter. She brought this on herself and her children by marrying this dirt bag. Have fun Sandra

Posted at 7:14AM on Mar 21st 2010 by cranky

Sandra does not have any children. It helps to know what you're talking about before making a statement like that. Sandra was helping Jesse get custody of his children.

1674 days ago


Never mind that "she should have known", only the two people involved in a relationship really know the attraction and if or how the bond grows. I really feel for her, it is bad enough to have your world instantly fall apart as a non celebrity much less having this whole thing in public and bloggers saying such ugly things behind the screen of anonymity. The pain of betrayal never goes away, it may dull after a while, but every time one tries to trust again, it is just forms another layer of cynicism. Cheaters, liars and cowards deserve each other, so if you are one, leave people who (had)have trusting hearts alone.

1674 days ago


It's probably not a good idea to marry someone who had been married to a porn star.

1674 days ago


I love Sandy Bullock, but it is true that she married a total dirtbag. I mean, the guy was married to a porn star so what was she expecting?! I feel bad for Sandy, though -- I think she was hoping that she could be the one woman who could change the ways of this porn star-banging, tatted up loser. She's finding out that these people can't be changed.

1674 days ago


#40...Sandra Bullock being successful doesn't give Jesse James license to cheat. If he had an issue with her success, he shouldn't have married her in the first place.

You say "Bear it in mind ladies" women shouldn't pursue anything other than getting married and having children? Or should they quit their jobs and take a pay cut if they make more than their husbands? Why is it that if a woman is successful in a job outside the home, they somehow "deserve" or should expect to have a crappy family life? smh...

1674 days ago
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