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Lindsay Lohan Went Out Last Night

3/21/2010 8:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like she had fun.



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Everyone thinks this kind of thing is funny, especially TMZ, until that person dies from an overdose.

1643 days ago


Ya know for the longest time I was trying to take up for her and say people have troubles, etc. but this girl talks about how much she wants to change etc. etc. but then pulls this same old crap. It's so sad that someone who actually got a break in the industry and was actually pretty talented in her acting abilities chose the path of destruction. There are so many girls out there that would die to have that break and make it in H-wood and actually be a role model and not some distraught mess. She needs to do what Ellen Degeneres told her to do and that was leave Hollywood for a couple of years.....take a break from that whole scene and work on self improvement to get healthy....then once you know your on stable ground and can handle it.....come back to acting....plenty of stars have done this and done well once they came back....

1643 days ago



1643 days ago


Can you say Lief Garret? Welcome to your future...babe...

You threw it all away. Just a big joke now.

10,000 girls in line to take your spot & the $ that goes with working...

1643 days ago


Too bad Britney Murphy...oh ...I mean Lindsay Lohan...oops...
not far from the truth....

1643 days ago

love her!    

So her dad has a heart attack last week..I know what the conversation was like between Lindsay & Michael Lohan..Lindsay "Daddy are you okay" Michael "I'll be fine as long as you promise me to get as high and drunk as you possibly can..I'll be a proud father" I get so sick of the addicts especially lindsay she has so many resources to help her yet she CHOOSES the disease every time! Don't blame your addiction on other people because I have gone through more in my life than most and I didnt turn into a wreckless human being addicted to drugs or alcohol...Spoiled rotten jerk!

1643 days ago


Boy, are you people gullible! Look closely and you can tell the shots were taken within seconds of each other. Her hands are in the exact same position, as is the rest of her body. The only difference is the second pic shows her lowering her head (which would make her eyes look closed)so she can get the seat belt on. Just another TMZ trick to make things look worse than they are.

1643 days ago


She'll be the next one found dead due to her own stupidity.

1643 days ago


Lindsay...only 2 pages of are sooo over!!!!!

1643 days ago


Let me be the first to say, just pose for playboy then we can forget about you. Amen. What is the last relevant movie/work she did? Parent trap from 2000? comes to mind ....ouch.

Also she probably qualifies as a tragic child star right? Along with the Corey Haims, that white girl from different strokes, etc. etc.I think she has reached that point in her life.

1643 days ago


two words! Corey Haim

1643 days ago

two cents    

What's the matter?? Too many White Russians. LOL
Milkaholic trash.

1643 days ago

Jerry Martin    

A skank goes out. BFD.

1643 days ago


Rehab is a joke! They are making millions on these people and they can't cure them. They must Want to quit, you can't keep pampering a drug addict.

1643 days ago

for now    

Why isn't Jason 1 in Jail? He sounds like a criminal.
Is Lindsay's life in danger? She needs to be careful.

1643 days ago
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