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Britney Spears -- Unleaded

3/21/2010 2:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hi, I'd like $20 on pump #2, a pack of Marlboros and ... a picture of Britney Spears.


The blonde bombshell stopped at a local 76 gas station in Los Angeles on Friday to grab an orange soda and, in the process, made one fan's day.


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I see gravity is working on Britts nipples, they are now pointing South

1640 days ago


B looks like a tranny that ran out of testosterone shots. Nastey!!!

1640 days ago

Once white trash always WT    

Where are the banjos? Was she buying some skoal or some seasonings for possum stew. She could play linebacker for the Giants. Like most women, without makeup and proper lighting she's nooooothin but a hillbilly.

1640 days ago


She's fat and has a boob job????? She looks like a normal woman to me. The boobs are real folks. They are saggy like ALL women (except for women with a man chest). Give me a break. The freakiest thing about this picture is the creepy woman taking a picture of someone walking by with a cup of coffee.

1640 days ago


Is that Celine Dion snapping the picture? I guess even famous singers get star struck by Britney Spears.

1640 days ago

liz, fla    

What a mess - she has the boobs of a 6y0 year old woman!!! GROSS!!! Lopsided or WHAT?? Doesn't she look in the mirror???

You can take the girls outtta the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park outta the girl! So sick that a skank like her has that much money!!

1640 days ago


R her boobs fake which would explain why her nipple r n the wrong place or is that just a cheap AS bra.

She could also use a tan and some decent hair extensions

1640 days ago

Miss Bu    

I don't make near she amount of money she does and I make it a point to but soap and A BRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1640 days ago


there is a Britney hater commenting on this thread, making all negative comments, but using different names.

1640 days ago


She looks amazing! love ya, Brit! Can't wait for the new album!

1640 days ago


There definitely is one person hating on Britney and just switching their name. Look at the similarities between each comment. Try harder, hater.

1640 days ago


The irony of everyone hating on the woman taking Brit's picture is that they are looking at it on a website that specializes in taking pictures of celebrities when they least expect or want it.

Why not criticize the TMZ photog invading Brit's personal space and taking an embarassing picture for the purpose of posting it where a large audience can view and mock it?

1640 days ago


Okay, I'm not a fan of Britney's but I'm going to agree with the few posts here who can't believe the brutality of people. She's a celebrity and she should not have to go out made up so we can NOT dis her. As to her imperfect body, my goodness, I would LVE to have that imperfect body. I can only imagine the bodies some of you who are critizing her have. ON THAT NOTE, if you look closely at the breast in question, is it just me or does anyone else notice a large oval shape right on that boob, it looks somewhat smooth. Is it possible this picture has been photoshopped. Look closely.

1640 days ago


So not one of you picked up on the second of two typos on the TMZ website today?

"The blonde bombshell stopped at a local 76 gas station in Los Angeles on Friday to grab and orange soda and, in the process, made one fan's day."

TO GRAB AND ORANGE SODA? It should read "grab an orange soda"

Stupid idiots. All of us.

1640 days ago


I think she looks pretty good from where she was a couple of years ago. Whether you like her style or not, she dresses how she feels and so what.

1640 days ago
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