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Tiger Woods: 'I've Done Some Pretty Bad Things'

3/21/2010 9:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fastest five minutes in sports just ended (Tiger Woods' interview with ESPN) and while he did duck some personal stuff, he did a pretty good job of answering the tough questions.

Tiger Woods

At least he actually answered questions this time.

UPDATE: Here are some highlights of Tiger on the Golf Channel. A lot of the same stuff, but a few different parts.

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love her!    

why does he need some clapping when he has THE CLAP!

1642 days ago


#57, you are absolutely right. Tiger, the billionaire, thinks he is so above everyone else, that he expects to be comped everywhere, and not have to tip service people. Sure he gives to some charties, all wealthy people have too. Great tax write off. So he lied to his wife and skanks, so that is pretty much between them to hash out. But to be a billionaire tightwad who expects everyone owes him, well, he is a certifiable nutcase. Oh yeah, he never mentioned his kids in his interview. Dad of the year!! What a piece of trash.

1642 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

He will always be a joke. I don't care how well he plays golf.

1642 days ago


What is with all the people in here demanding that Tiger do this or not do that or telling Elin what she should be doing. No one here has the slightest idea what was or is or will be transpiring in the marriage of this couple. In truth they are experiencing the same difficulties as the majority of married couple in this country. Don't you all know the statistics???? Take a minute and google them. 60% of ALL men cheat on their wives and 40-50% of ALL women cheat on their husbands. Statistics for spouses of our men and women stationed overseas is even worse - close to 80%. In other words over half of the posters in this forum have either cheated or been cheated on. The institution of marriage as we have known it is disintegrating. Why can you all take a rest instead of Sunday morning quarterbacking over a marriage that is frankly none of our business. We are not qualified to dispense marital advice or counseling and this forum is not a therapy office.

1642 days ago


definitely shaping up to be a classic case of sociopath behavior. news keeps getting worse, the behavior weirder and weirder, the denials and repentance puppet-faced, the wife totally silent (hope there isn't any entrapment going on there), the instances showing a steady pattern. Tiger may, if lucky, get in a few tournaments before something catastrophic turn of events develops; rendezvous with reality. in situations of this type, definitely get the wife and kids out early. there was no depth of reverence for the marriage before, to fake it now will only involve an elevated, fateful collapse of the masquerade later, adding more damage

1642 days ago


In all my years there is one thing that I know for a fact: Everybody is soooo sorry and remorseful.....when they get caught.

1642 days ago


I think Tiger Woods is a complete sleaze in the way he behaved. Also people would be a lot more forgiving if this was a one off incident, but he has totally violated his wife's trust and probably her respect has well.
I wouldn't even cross the road to see him, he simply is not worth it.
I am amazed he has the gaul to show his face in public..........

1642 days ago


Yea Tiger, you're right, you have screwed some horrific whores. But the penis wants what the penis whats. Or is that whorrific whores?

1642 days ago

Pat M    

Unfortunately the technology for 3D TV is so new we don't all have it in our homes yet. We could have had Tiger giving us a golden shower while he lied to us. Thanks NIKE for sponsoring this pig whos very, very sorry he was caught. We know he's sorry cause he said so.....

1642 days ago

danger baby    

I listened to the first few segments of Howard Stern's "Tiger Woods Beauty Pageant", where Tiger's mistresses competed for the $100K prize. If you want to know what Tiger did, and how he treated them, you can find the series on youtube. It's not a video, just audio.

Jamie Junger said they had sex on the first date, and that it was rough sex. He never gave her a thing during 18 months of sex. No gifts, no money. When he flew her out to meet him? He put her in Coach class on budget airlines! Byron Bell helped with the arrangements. TW was a complete douche to this girl. She asked for a SMALL amount of financial help to move out of her apartment (this was near the end of their relationship), and the billionaire's response? "I can't". If this man has feelings for anyone other than himself, I sure can't see it.

The second girl described orgies. Yes, he would bring in lots of girls, and everyone would get naked. He liked white women who were blonde. He never brought in Black or Asian women. Always white, blonde women. Tiger liked to watch another man having sex with the girls. He would dress up a business suit and sit in the chair watching them. This girl was paid through a matchmaking agency that usually made the arrangements for Tiger.

Just based on these interviews, I really think the public does not know half the things Tiger Woods has done. I also just do not understand why Elin would stay with him, unless it's about the money. She has been so humiliated. I can't even imagine...

1642 days ago


What a pile of fertilizer. "It's between Elin and myself"... "It's a private matter" "It's all in the police report". Lies. He refused to talk to the police and he never did. The accident occurred on a public road destroying a fire hydrant and killing a tree and endangering the public - that makes it a PUBLIC matter. He has taken in over $900 million in advertising endorsments for selling us his image of perfection - and completely betrayed that. He should switch from golf to dodge ball! He is truly sorry.. that he got CAUGHT! He didn't even GO to the rehab center he claims he went to. He was on his damn YACHT and at the residence of a billionaire friend in New York City while some stooge body double was parading around that rehab center to try and fool the media. They didn't count on high resolution cameras though! Anyone who thinks Tiger is going to give up his sexual antics is living in denial and a fool.
Lastly, when are they going to explain his gay encounters? And his drug use?
Oh, one other thing. In this interview, Tiger says he didn't realize how bad what he was doing was. Baloney! In the sexy text messages that were posted a couple of days ago, Tiger clearly shows that he is completely aware of how risky and wrong and devastating his actions were and tries to blame the woman for nearly getting him caught in front of his Dubai sponsors.

What a pathetic liar.

1642 days ago


tiger is a lying cheat who hates his wife and kids and likes to pee on ladies....and likes backdoor sex abd beating women,,hmm just the guy you want to bring home to meet the parents..if your parents was hitler and the unabomber

1642 days ago


Tiger like you and me is human. We all make mistakes. We as humans cannot stand in judgement of this man. we have all had indescretions in our lives, perhaps not adultery but other indescretions. Let it go he has to answer to his wife. He has to live with it. Let it go.

1641 days ago


That interview felt (to me) cold and heartless, and was utterly void of emotion. It was just plain creepy and I could barely look at the guy. It was one of those times where you felt like you needed a shower afterwards.

1641 days ago


Academy Award goes to..........Degenerate Tiger Woods

Sponsors should drop the Degenerate Tiger Woods NOW!

1641 days ago
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