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Murray Allegedly Stopped CPR to Hide Drugs

3/22/2010 7:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray stopped administering CPR to Michael Jackson to collect drug vials ... this according to documents obtained by the Associated Press.


According to bodyguard Alberto Alvarez (right), Dr. Murray stopped CPR and handed Alvarez drug vials and told him to put the vials in a bag.

Alvarez told investigators when he went into the room he saw an IV attached to Jackson's leg. Also Jackson's mouth and eyes were wide open and there was no sign of life.

According to the AP, Michael Jackson's kids, Prince and Paris, entered the room and cried as they watched Dr. Murray administer mouth-to-mouth.

According to Alvarez, Dr. Murray took several vials and told Alvarez to put them in a plastic bag, then told Alvarez to put the plastic bag in a canvas bag. Alvarez also says Dr. Murray told him to remove the IV that contained a white milky substance (Propofol has this quality) in another canvas bag. Alvarez didn't say where the bags went.

The report says, after Jackson was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center, Murray said he needed to go back to the mansion to get cream Jackson had "so the world wouldn't find out about it." The statement did not get more specific.

As TMZ first reported, Alvarez -- who called 911 -- told cops several months after Jackson's death that Dr. Murray hid bottles of Propofol in a closet so family members and cops wouldn't find them.

Sources connected with Dr. Murray's defense say the doctor didn't hide anything.


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first person murray thought of with mj lying there was ....himself...what a hot mess he is....and he is still seeing is incredible to me that anyone would continue going to this quack

1678 days ago


First of all, TMZ didnt break this story, they're are being followers and reporting this information from the Associated Press, Like everyone else. We dont even know if this is true and if the guard said that I believe the chef is more credible than him and she said the kids were down stairs with her. Too many inconsistencies with that statement.

1678 days ago

antonio busby    

The thing i think people lose cite of is that micheal would have found someone to give him Propofol, if it was'nt conrad it would have been sombody else, but im sure they would not have been as reckless as Dr Murray was.Now in no way im i saying Dr Murray should not go to jail for what he did. but he Conrad made a deal with the devil and loss.

1678 days ago


To bad this isn`t happening in Norway, small country = No where to hide!!!!!!

1678 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

This has Oxman written all over it! Who is the source of the ambulance records? Is it rather odd that just shortly after Joe Jackson is given rights to Michael's medical records, including the ambulance records,.... they appear in NOTW?

Sheesh. I would bet $1,000 Oxman is the one who leaked it! Do the have odds for this in LV ?

1678 days ago


Everyone is so quick to judge...I would do that for any one i called my friend and was hammered by the paps, or even lets say...a family quick to assume,.and then make the story theirs.Life throws you curve balls.Really....what would you do??With no ...scenario's. As is.When your a Doc to the stars you cover your ass and count your blessings.Im sure 'ol Michael had a lot more going on that Murray had no part of ,,,but who cares? Give it all to Murray.

1678 days ago


Lying SOB! I hope he rots in hell!

1678 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

25. that sounds like murder to me! If Michael was under the anesthetic his eyes would have been shut. What the hell was his mouth doing wide open?? Sounds to me like he might have been trying to scream for help!!!

This is soooo saaaad!!!

Posted at 6:45PM on Mar 22nd 2010 by WillOTheWisp

You are such an idiot! "trying to scream for help"!!??

I was kinda jokin about you before but YOU REALLY ARE AN IDIOT!

1678 days ago


Kai the cook pretended she was forced to stay downstairs with all the kids. I knew she lied because she was afraid of getting involved with the trial. She did anything to look innocent; she was fired because she didn't want the already high salary for her lame cooking (a rat wouldn't eat her tasteless diet food & BEET JUICE). MJ was very confused & EMOTIONALLY unstable after weeks of PROPOFOL & anxiety intake, so he mindlessly REHIRED Kai. Just like before, MJ was ignored by his greedy, stupid so-called family when he was suffering.

1678 days ago



go get a media witch haunt on dr MURDER!!

1678 days ago


Well no sht he did, your patient is DEAD and you are TOAST so hide what you can while you can and get the body the hell out of there and you get gone w/what you can carry out just after it leaves and before the cops show up.

Well, it is a logical thought out response to walking in on a dead MJ

1678 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

This paid for joker is lying through his teeth.

1678 days ago


*anxiety med

1678 days ago


I am wondering about the kids too, were they in the room?? Earlier reports stated that Prince were in the room an helped Murray.... what is the truth? If Prince was there no wonder that he has been so withdrawn and wouldn`t talk or show his feelings. He must be extremely traumatized about the hole thing... and if the kids know something and can`t talk about it.... pore kids

1678 days ago
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