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Murray Allegedly Stopped CPR to Hide Drugs

3/22/2010 7:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray stopped administering CPR to Michael Jackson to collect drug vials ... this according to documents obtained by the Associated Press.


According to bodyguard Alberto Alvarez (right), Dr. Murray stopped CPR and handed Alvarez drug vials and told him to put the vials in a bag.

Alvarez told investigators when he went into the room he saw an IV attached to Jackson's leg. Also Jackson's mouth and eyes were wide open and there was no sign of life.

According to the AP, Michael Jackson's kids, Prince and Paris, entered the room and cried as they watched Dr. Murray administer mouth-to-mouth.

According to Alvarez, Dr. Murray took several vials and told Alvarez to put them in a plastic bag, then told Alvarez to put the plastic bag in a canvas bag. Alvarez also says Dr. Murray told him to remove the IV that contained a white milky substance (Propofol has this quality) in another canvas bag. Alvarez didn't say where the bags went.

The report says, after Jackson was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center, Murray said he needed to go back to the mansion to get cream Jackson had "so the world wouldn't find out about it." The statement did not get more specific.

As TMZ first reported, Alvarez -- who called 911 -- told cops several months after Jackson's death that Dr. Murray hid bottles of Propofol in a closet so family members and cops wouldn't find them.

Sources connected with Dr. Murray's defense say the doctor didn't hide anything.


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scum bag TMZ    

118. what was the drugs doing in the closet???

Read more:

What a joke, yeah...but the drugs in the closet, released had the propofol bottles shown all over the place, and the home wasn't searched until 2 days after his 'death'.

OH, OK...let's be smart and leave the drugs at the scene but put them in the 'closet' cuz NO ONE is going to look in there. Crackin' up.

What a joke!

1587 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

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1587 days ago


Don't you just hate when MORE LIES are told to coverup other lies? First, both of them are lying and the 911 call proves it. THERE WAS NEVER ANY INTENTIONS TO GIVE CPR and the 911 call gives it away. Now that the 911 Call makes it obvious intentional with the CARDIOLOGIST GIVING CPR ON THE BED, it's not an effort to make it appear he gave CPR when the 911 Call proved NO SUCH THING EVER HAPPENED AND THAT MJ WAS DEAD HOURS BEFORE THAT CALL WAS MADE. Why is it the only drugs found in MJ were the one's THAT DR. MURRAY GAVE HIM? How do we know MJ ever asked for anything. THIS WAS CARDIOLGIST DEALING WITH THE HEART. Why would Michael hire a CARDIOLOGIST to inject him with propofol when this isn't even a doctor experienced in that area? THIS WAS INTENTIONAL MURDER TO GAIN CONTROL OVER MICHAEL'S ASSETS. The media has REPEATEDLY LIED that MJ was broke but how is that possible when his 1/2 of the ATV/Sony Catalog is valued at $1 BILLION AND HE OWNED MIJAC, HIS OWN SONGS?

1587 days ago


why doesn't someone just off him?? you know some old fashioned vigilantism. the government will let him walk.

1587 days ago


If you have all the parts of the puzzle now due to this story share. So many have struggled with the entire picture for so long and have even helped you along the way so do us a solid and give us your version.

1587 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    


because his songs SUCKED!!!!!!! who would pay to listen to his recent crap he passe doff as "music" Invincible? more like "Unlistenable"

1587 days ago



His eyes and mouth were wide open....yes, because he was alive.
Another fake story.

1587 days ago


I'm certified in CPR and yes, that is one of the conditions you are allowed to stop CPR, to hide drugs.

1587 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

June 25th was a GLORIOUS day!!!!!

1587 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

137. mj Died Thinking Of Little Boys
Thats Why His Mouth Was Wide Open.

Posted at 8:38PM on Mar 22nd 2010 by OhWell

That is exactly what I was thinking!

1587 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

WACKO JACKO fans are just looking for a scapegoat. WACKO JACKO's
behavior and ultimately his death were his own fault. All Michael
jackson needed to do is look at the "man in the mirror" if he wanted
someone to blame for his issues.

1587 days ago


Yes. all the pieces fit now. I still have questions ... but all the pieces fit . PM said way too much .

1587 days ago


Someone somewhere will kill his ass I swear.. haha

1587 days ago

For Sure    


I beg to differ with you and a quite a few others...

Sony did not need MJJ dead...All Sony had to do was let MJJ (please forgive me for what I am not going to say)...keep spending money ...not record...and they would have owned the catalog in a few months...nice and neatly ....

No they would have had the catalog by default...due to his upside down money situation...(no cash with assests)= upside down...

No Sorry to all.... Sony wanted him alive so they could get the catalog! It would not have been much longer! Like it or not!

1587 days ago


132. drugs in the closet, drugs at the scene, drugs in a bag..thats a lot of drugs. still why were they some in a closet? why did murray want to go back to the house? hes a murderer. if he wasnt guilty there would of been no drugs in the closet and none in the bags. there would of been more at the scene.

1587 days ago
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