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Corey Feldman -- One Helluva Mourning

3/22/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A week and a half after the death of his best friend Corey Haim, Corey Feldman found the comfort he needs at an L.A. nightclub this weekend ... in the arms of 2 platinum blonds.

Corey Feldman: Click to watch
Feldman hit Voyeur nightclub Saturday night ... where he mustered up the energy to leave with two very supportive women.

At least they were wearing black.


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1664 days ago


it's a shame...

1674 days ago

Corey\'s Friend funny! I cant beleive how mean and evil everyone in this world can be!! Especially when u dont know the person!! He is a really sweet kind hearted soul....he means well in this world, helps people and he's there for his son, a good person overall....yeah, he might have made some mistakes in the past....but who hasnt, so have you!! Who r u to point fingers at him????? Really??? He is an amazing person, actor, dad, friend, etc....And its so fu*ked up that people in this world think its okay to kick someone when there down....he lost 2 friends in 1 year, and hes going through a divorce....I would love 2 c how anyone else in this world would react to this situation if it happened to them?! Karma!! And its not for you to judge someone for what they do after there good friends passes away..... everyone reacts differently to there other good friend begged me to go out to a club the day after his dad passed away in front of him so he could get his mind off of it... people react differently so stop judging someone you dont even know just to feel better about your pathetic lives!! What goes around comes around. Does putting someone down make u feel better?? If so, u need to see a psychiatrist.....
Oh, and Robyn....Im sure his reality is much better then your poor sad reality any day....
LAWRENCE....and Im sure Corey career will be much more than yours will ever be...
And sad...its obvious u feel like a complete waste of space yourself....and if u have ever had paparazzi, which obviously your pathetic lame ass has'nt....then you would know that theyre not only cameras on the left, they're on the right also...

1673 days ago


I recorded Feldman's Larry King interview the day Haim died and watched it 2 or 3 times.

Nothing changes with each viewing. All I see is Feldman trying to sell himself to Hollywood once again. Not a nugget of remorse in voice...

Loved it when Feldman asked King "where were these people the last ten years of Corey Haim's life?" Hmph. Where were YOU Feldman when Haim really needed you? I watched "The 2 Corey's" and the vibe I got from every episode was that you were looking for an angle to rid Haim from your life. You never took him seriously. The camera never caught you pulling Haim to the side for a serious, brotherly conversation. There was no care of genuine concern on your part.

Haim had a serious drug addiction. No doubt that drug addicts are hard people to cure and bring back to reality. But it can be done, and is done quite regularly. From what I saw on the show, past interviews, media articles...I never got the impression you really tried.

Your phony sincerity on Larry King solidified you as a life-long degenerate. I mean, couldn't you have slicked back that silly long piece of hair for that interview on such a sad night? Would it have been so hard for you to arrive for the show not worrying about your image? You screwed yourself. And now the public knows why Hollywood will never put you in a big-budget flick ever again.

You have no heart. You're selfish. You have an enourmous entitlement-complex...and you have zero personality.

It must have burned your soul when Corey got that role in Crank 2.

Overall, Haim is finally lucky to be rid of you!

Rest In Peace Corey Haim.

1636 days ago
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