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Elin Nordegren -- Boat Trip

3/22/2010 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Tiger Woods was busy prepping for the Masters and granting interviews, Elin Nordegren spent the weekend on a yacht in Florida.


Everyone is wondering ... when will Elin throw Tiger overboard?


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I smell HIV or gonoreah when I think of Elin and Tiger. How sad a woman would stay with a man for the money cause if she had some concience, she would leave and not risk going through that again. Give him time. He'll be shooting his balls agin in the wrong places. Yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

1681 days ago


She's probably operating under expert divorce lawyer guidance (her own, not Tiger's), so let's hope the reason she's not moved out yet is because it just takes a little time to arrange. As in, hopefully there is not an issue of tyranny, entrapment, mind games, low self-esteem or threats going on, and Elin is essentially free to do what she wants, and that she is not going to tolerate Tiger's petty, selfish, absurd evil any more. No doubt she's in shock and feels thrown in a million directions, but if Tiger tries to manipulate her, watch out.

1684 days ago


All that moneys nice!!!! Thats why she took him back!!!

1684 days ago


Will you PLEEEEZZZZZEEEE STOP IT!!.. She's not leaving her CASH COW.. Let's remember She was NANNY.. What's the going rate for a NANNY? Let me see NANNY?- TIGER?, NANNY?-TIGER? I Choose to stay with TIGER.. TIGER doesn't owe you all anything.. Keep up the good work Tiger.. 1st Billion Dollar Golfer? LET THEM HATE!!..

1684 days ago


If she seriously stays with this dirty, nasty, pussing, seeping,
pissin' razor blades, penis of a man, then she is truly in need of some brain cells.

HOW could one ever have sex with their husband after knowing all she knows?! All those skanks that were more important than me...

He'd have to find them because to say this will blow over is a joke. He will have CONSTANT reminders of his actions because all these women are NEVER going to shut up, we will be hearing about this come 2020!

Oh here is my Tiger love child! Pay up....

1684 days ago

danger baby    

Hmmm...slogging my way through the mistresses who were on Howard Sterm's Tiger Wood's Beauty Pageant (youtube), and some of the stuff he got up to is pretty shocking. I can't imagine Elin ever having sex with him, knowing he sat in a chair, in a hotel room, in a business suit (he specifically dressed in it for the occasion) and directed a bunch of blonde white girls (all naked) to perform sex acts. He also had another man participate, and he liked to watch the man having sex with the girls. I mean, seriously twisted sh*t, and it get worse. I saw a few clips of his ESPN interview last night, and he struck me as souless. I actually fear for Elin. She is very young. My guess is she has not a clue how disturbed he is. Be afraid of TW Elin. Be very afraid. This is NOT someone you want to devote your life to. The rest of the nation is done with him, and you should be to.

1684 days ago


I agree with Danger baby totally. He is a sick perverted man, it is one thing bad as it was to have affairs after affairs but to know he wanted to do the things with porn stars that is coming out is sick, just totally sick!!! I would not even want him around my children---I would rather not be as rich, then stay with him. Even if there was a pre-nutial the lawers can work out a fair settlement and Tiger should want to support her and his children. she will not have to go back to being a Nanny for goodness sakes but GET OUT!!!

1684 days ago

Mrs Patrick Campbell    

We hope this disgusting stinky fish has an 'accident'.

1684 days ago


Elin has a background in child psychology. She is from a politically active family in Sweden. The term "nanny" shows a very limited understanding of who Elin is...

1684 days ago

get better J.C    


1684 days ago


Tiger wants us to "clap" for him at the Masters. The only "clap" he will get is from his NEXT whore. He is a controlling skank himself. His wife should leave immediately unless her self esteem means nothing

1684 days ago


OK my pity well for Elin has dried up. Now I just think she's an idiot with no self respect. If she does decide to stay with Tiger, it's only a matter of time before he does it again. It's women like this that propagate misogynistic and inferior attitudes about and towards women. This sh*t might fly in the Netherlands but not in the USA. Elin needs to realize that her dignity has value!

1684 days ago


I think that Elin Nordegren has been trying very hard but she cannot get over Tigers' savage betrayal and who can blame her? Elin’s life has been and continues to be a living hell but she keeps going on for her children. Elin has conducted herself with dignity and courage during this horrid ordeal. How can Elin heal and trust again when all the sordid details of Tiger’s infidelities are being disclosed by the media almost daily? How much more pain, suffering and humiliation can this graceful and decent woman endure? I pray that whatever Elin decides to do work the best for her and her two precious children. My heart goes to them!

1684 days ago


#4 Terry

She was a highly sought after swim suit model. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that she could jump back into modeling in a heartbeat. She is a remarkably beautiful girl. Plus, she comes from a very intelligent family. Her mother is a politician and her father is a journalist / professor. How do we know she is not smart? I would love to see her do her own talk show or join one. The View?

She was young when she met Tiger. Maybe a bit star struck. She will get out of this marriage and become her own person. It will be ironic if Tiger's fortune continues to crumble (Accenture, Gatorade, etc.) and she starts to come into her own.

Every person, male and female, deserves to have a partner that respects them. Tiger did not respect her health and well-being. Unprotected sex with porn stars and hookers? That's just wrong. If you want to screw around...don't get married.

1684 days ago


#9-All the news media/reports say she was a Nanny prior to marrying TW. Of course out knowledge is limited in knowing who Elin is---we only know what we hear is reported. I wish her only the best.

1684 days ago
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