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Jesse James Alleged Mistress -- Stripping Video

3/22/2010 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is this what Jesse James saw before he allegedly decided to cheat on his Oscar-winning wife, Sandra Bullock?

TMZ obtained this video of Michelle McGee, the alleged other woman, which was shot at Pure Platinum in San Diego about a week ago.

TMZ technical note: Throwing dollar bills at the monitor will not make the video play longer. Just hit refresh.

UPDATE: We've got two more minutes of video, but we need to do a lot of blurring, if you catch our drift. Check back shortly.



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one word "DISGUSTING", she should take poll dancing lessons from the pretty wild girls, she definitely doesn't know how to use the poll, she just rocked back and forth....I CAN'T BELIEVE JESSE JAMES DID THAT, SHE IS DISGUSTING...WHAT IS EVEN ATTRACTIVE ABOUT HER. EVEN HER FACE IS TATOOD??? she is one nasty chick. i find it so gross that people tatoo their whole bodies anyway, but this chick is just plain nasty. i feel bad for his kids and sandra. i think sandra should get full custody of the kids, get rid of him and try and get on with her life. i use to like jesse james, i watched him on the apprentice and i liked him, he looked like a really great husband while he was with his wife during oscar time, but the truth ALWAYS COMES OUT IN THE END. obviously this piece of trash has her motives of coming out with this, i just hope she doesn't get a reality show now....she is just one nasty b*&%#. she is a nazi loving, home wrecking, crazy NUT JOB...WHATS WRONG WITH JESSE JAMES???OBVIOUSLY HE LIKES TATOO'S, BUT TO CHEAT ON HIS WIFE WITH THAT????TO CHEAT ON HIS WIFE WITH ANYONE. SANDRA BULLOCK IS AWESOME. EVERYONE LOVES HER. WHATEVER HAPPENS HE DESERVES, AND THIS WHITE PEICE OF TRAILER TRASH SHOULD CRAWL BACK INTO HER HOLE AND GO AWAY QUIETLY, BUT THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. SHE IS GONNA RIDE THIS AS LONG AS SHE CAN, JUST PLEASE...NOONE GIVE HER A REALITY SHOW,

1673 days ago


Way too many tats!

1673 days ago

Terri Turner    

yes, her poor kids! to have a "mommy" like this freak show will surely be devastating to their lives. it is hilarious tho, that this pig thinks she is sexy. I could not stop laughing watching her, lookin like a zombie whore. but now I have to go gouge out my eyes and spray my body with lysol. yeeks!!!!

1673 days ago


Wow, thats the most boring dancing Ive ever seen. Tats...gross.

1666 days ago

Dont be a Sucker    


So many of you are so blind and / or ignorant

As a strip club manger; I can assure you this is a set up...No dancer or club allows filming unless they're getting something out of it....The club is getting LOTS of free publicity and She's working the situation for whatever she can.

ntm...TMZ gets another article to keep you all in a frenzy over it

Move on

1672 days ago


I'm not justifying Jesse's actions but I wouldn't be able to resist her either..I personally believe she is extremely gorgeous and has the most beautiful eyes.She was everything Sandra wasn't

1666 days ago


This woman makes me want to go out and look for a priest so that they can do an exorcism on her...she looks possessed by satan...or by hitler...she is nothing but a white trash racist disgusting pig...!!! Jesse I was starting to have respect for you but, not any more man!!! you made it big by marrying Sandra, now she is decent and well worth keeping...Love ya strong do not need this pig in your thing, does anybody remember to protect themselves with condoms???? HELLO DISEASES ARE AROUND!!!! especailly AIDS!!!! GROW UP JESSe!!!

1672 days ago


Gag. What a whore.

1676 days ago

danny sanchez    

she is utterly disgusting. jesse james must have mental issues to want to cheat on sandra with this.

1676 days ago



1676 days ago


Who would want such a whore? Stay classy, Jesse.

1676 days ago


That is the exact opposite of sexy. Yuck!

1676 days ago

Michelle in Clwtr    

Corrupt girl. You tatoo your forehead about sinning and you feel it gives you a warning label to anyone in your radius. I would same shame on you but a person like you doessn't feel shame. Someo day, you will fall in love and want to trust that person with everything of your being. I hope he/she/it finds a great way to embarass you and your heart :) cheers

1676 days ago


Jesse used to be married to a porn star. Why is it such a big surprise he banged this chick? Did Sandra really think he would change?

1676 days ago


Just nasty! GAG!

1676 days ago
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