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Jesse James Alleged Mistress -- Stripping Video

3/22/2010 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is this what Jesse James saw before he allegedly decided to cheat on his Oscar-winning wife, Sandra Bullock?

TMZ obtained this video of Michelle McGee, the alleged other woman, which was shot at Pure Platinum in San Diego about a week ago.

TMZ technical note: Throwing dollar bills at the monitor will not make the video play longer. Just hit refresh.

UPDATE: We've got two more minutes of video, but we need to do a lot of blurring, if you catch our drift. Check back shortly.



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My little dog could work a pole better than her. If this is a preview of what shes
'd be like in the sack then I'd send her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1680 days ago

Lisa Armstrong    

Hey Jerry,

What are you like 21?? Or maybe little to no experience?? She , in my opinion is far from HOT or SEXY... she's a flippin pig! She's got kids and anyone who has kids and does this for a living is disgusting.

Sure, you would mess around with her and she probably is fun to hang with but definitely not someone to get serious with, that's for


Do you consider the rest of us Homely and Boring because this ( whatever it is ) is about the ONLY type you can get?? And I'm pretty sure that if it was " your " girl , you wouldn't want other guys looking at her the way you are, would ya?? Or how about if it were your daughter?? Would you like that?! Probably.

1680 days ago


I cry foul.....LOL. This was a staged video. Cameras and video equipment aren't allowed in strip clubs.

1680 days ago


damn how old are all of you to keep harping on about the tats?

anyway, she looks ok but wow is her butt flat and her moves are just horrible. you KNOW shes got to be a bad lay if she dances like that

1680 days ago


Poor thing. Something awful obviously happened to her as a child. All those tattoos to cover up or hide from something. Have a feeling she hates herself as much as some of you hate her.

1680 days ago


Instant Hepatitus..

1680 days ago


this is an ugly whore. michell mcgee is so ugly looking, no guy would want her. she has to strip and get tatoos to get anyone to look at her.
sandra bullock is a beautiful, smart and talented lady. why would he cheat on her and with that lowclass stripper? sandra bullock is much prettier than that stripper even if she was wearing a nuns outfit or a potato sack with no makeup.
you always hear about men cheating with trash women who are uglier and lower class than their wives. you wonder
its always the ugly pathetic ladies that sleep with married men

as a female why would another female willingly sleep with someones dosnt bother them that their wife is being disrespected? theres so many single guys out there

1680 days ago

Lisa Armstrong    

I'm 42 , harping about these tat' :) With 4 of my own.. didn't get my first until I was 30.. I've always wanted one since I was really young but knew I had better think long and hard about it because I was going to need to live with them for the rest of my life... and I don't regret one of them. I'm just happy I waited and didn't end up looking like her! My oldest 26 has 3 of them, my middle 24 has two and my youngest 22 has two as well and he's going to be an apprentice for someone as well. Nothing against tat's at all... just need to have some class.

To each their own I guess. If I looked like that , my kids would be disgusted and I wouldn't blame them at all! Oh yea, by the way, " this is my mom and she also comes complete with a body full of tat's and OH YEA, she's also a stripper "... haha No thank you.. I would rather put in a good, honest days work busting my butt for one of the 150 Fortune 500 companies I work for than to be anything close to being like her!

I would have to agree with ya about the " can't dance , so she must be a bad .... " though... haha

To me she doesn't look " ok " , we don't even know what the heck she truly looks like , she's completely covered. Maybe she's trying to hide something.. lol She clearly has issues though.

1680 days ago


First off im female,I wanted to take a peak to see what she may or may not have over Sandra. NOTHING LOL!! I havent seen alot of strippers however I was expecting soo much more. BORING this chic was terrible looks like she took a hand full of pills.She couldnt even rock the song.If she slowed down any more she would be dead.Jesse Jesse whats wrong is Sandra to wild for you!!! Nasty bi##h uses her kids name on stage. WP stands for WASTE PUKE!!!

1680 days ago


she's horrible . i dont See the beauty in this but thanks tmz the trouble with Hollywood is that they don't married regular guys they must married their wallets so that's why it hurts. i am glade i finished my hot chocolate before watching this I'd have thrown up

1680 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

It moves. Whatever it is, shoot it!
Yeash,oppsoiti4es attratc.people change. Jesse waswith a p orn start ,Ajnnine ,before Sandra.
Ludacris said it best in Usher's song,, "I want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed."
I think Jesse found a lady in the streets for his kids in Sandra and a freak in the bed with Sandra too.
Yep.America's Sweetheart Sandra was bed freaky for Jesse.
So back on Jesse,he had Sandra:rich, pretty, smart,clean. Her career allowed him to keep his manhood and stuff in his career. He was self-made. Sandra's money,his fameand money,the world was Jesse's oyster.
Hacing been married to Sandra, helped him gain keep full custody of his daughter until Jannine can clean herself up for joint custody.

Sandra-you have to feel sorry for her.
Most entertaienrs irrate asmany people as who are fans of them. Online, 99.999 of the public issorry for this poor girl. She makes movies. See them if you want. She lives out of the Hollywood game in Texas, So. Ca.She does not push herself down our throats.She isonly out when she has to promote a movie.
She is the girl next door.
Man, what was Jesse thinking and to have unprotected sex and do Sandra.

She must have her test results for Cervical Cancer,all STD's,HIV,by now. Her people and doctors did a rush on the whole bunch of tests, you bet.

What is worst than that he cheated, cheated with trash, really went lowballing it in the gutter, hurst worst than this woman trash putting it all out there, what is worstfor Sandra isthat

Jesse did this and watched and cried nd cheered her on and was proud and everything as Sandra said during awards time how much she loved Jesses, him having her back, having someone for the first time that had her back, etc.
Wow, waht a FOOL he made of her and watched her as she made a public FOOL of herself for him.
That hurts most.

1680 days ago



1680 days ago



1680 days ago

Lisa Armstrong    

Hey there Jim,

I have to agree with the " something awful must have happened to her as a child ". But she isn't a " poor thing ". I've had some pretty bad things happen to me while I was growing up and when something like that happens,you have TWO choices.. you can either keep it going, like she did and end up like her , going down the wrong path OR you can take that negative and turn it into a positive, which is what I did... there's no excuse...

And if something happened to her when she was growing up , she just added to her burden about 1000%.

I wish Sandra was the type to just find her and punch her square in the face and I wish she would do the same to Jesse... they both deserve at least that! And I've been a fan of Sandra and Jesse since way before they got together. I HATE seeing what he did to her and I HATE guys who DO NOT appreciate what they already have and how easy it is for them to stray... gggrrrr Not to say that some women aren't the same, it's just a fact that men are more likely to do something like that.

1680 days ago


Lisa Armstrong, how about a reality check? Anyone that has a tattoo has NO class! Period. It's not even open to discussion. Sorry.

1680 days ago
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