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Jesse James Alleged Mistress -- Stripping Video

3/22/2010 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is this what Jesse James saw before he allegedly decided to cheat on his Oscar-winning wife, Sandra Bullock?

TMZ obtained this video of Michelle McGee, the alleged other woman, which was shot at Pure Platinum in San Diego about a week ago.

TMZ technical note: Throwing dollar bills at the monitor will not make the video play longer. Just hit refresh.

UPDATE: We've got two more minutes of video, but we need to do a lot of blurring, if you catch our drift. Check back shortly.



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That many tattoos is a form of addiction. In another three years, you will not be able to see any
clear skin at all. She's nice looking but heroin thin. No sexuality whatsoever. I can see why young
buys may fantasize about her, - she's like a cartoon character from their comics.

Jesse had me fooled on Oscar night. I really thought him and Sandra made a super cool couple. I can just imagine how Sandra must have cried her eyes out when her world fell apart.

1641 days ago


yes jesse james was married to a porn star but at least janine lindemulder was hot when james was married to her. this video is like watching a half comatos transvestite. I swear turn off the sound on the video and play boy george's "crying game" off you tube for sound. it's better than the wizard of oz & dark side of the moon. .... ugh she is a disgusting. seriously, tatoos or not she is not attractive. skanky. gross. barf.

1641 days ago

danger baby    

This is the lowest of the low, even for TMZ. Why give her the attention she so desperately craves? I won't watch this, or click on another image of this person. Shame on TMZ.

1641 days ago


This whole episode just re-inforces the fact that when a man cheats it has absolutely nothing to do with how hot, intelligent or successful his wife is. It's all about their fragile little egos that just eat up the idea that some other woman is into them. And the other women? They're just some joke that this guy will laugh about with his friends.

1641 days ago

Queen of the Smash and Grab    

I can't believe he cheated on a class act and wonderful, nice person like Sandra Bullock for that little pig, can you spell S - T - D Jesse?! She was always too good for him She should dump him now. And NEVER look back. She needs to get a younger hotter guy. She is in her prime, younger men rock, just aske me. Who needs and old guy like that anyway, saggy balls are out. I never date anyone over 38. Who does he think he is? I would have bounced too.

1641 days ago

grossed out.    

Lisa, how does your tattoo help your sister's fight with breast cancer? Perhaps helping her with housework, laundry or cooking would be more effective. But then, anyone with 1/2 a brain would know that. And don't say something foolish like you were "supporting her". Brandishing her illness, permanently on your body (at a cost) does nothing concrete to support her. You really sound like you are about 15 years old/

1641 days ago


Okay, am I the only one that thinks she looks somewhat man-ish. Nothing to with the tats, because I have them too. There is just something about her that looks like she should be checked for an adam's apple. Plus, she looks like she might smell.

1641 days ago


@ #13- this female has EVIL IN HER EYES. The eyes are the window to the soul. A man would be a fool to be seduced by such evil.

JESSE IS A OLD FOOL, who has been given everything handed to him in life, to the point where he never had to work on his soul.

BLESSED AND SQUANDERED IT- Don't worry though, Jess will never have a problem finding another wife. ISN'T LIFE SO UNFAIR....

1641 days ago


Disgusting. I never usually say stuff like this because I am pretty non judgmental. But this chick is UGLY! horrible eyebrows... totally does look like marilyn manson. Home wrecking tramp needs to go back to the amish church and repent. she has ruined herself. Sad- she actually might have been beautiful.

1641 days ago

love her!    

Thanks tmz just what a sunday needs a disgusting slow motion racist slut on a pole....jesse james ur a d!ck

1641 days ago


This creature is beyond foul! Beyond White Trash! Way to go Jesse, I just threw up in my mouth.

1641 days ago


I cry foul...LOL. This video is staged. Cameras and other equipment aren't allowed in strip clubs. The first sign of a flash....the person is out the door.

1641 days ago

Lisa Armstrong    


Thank you... I really appreciate your concern... that was so nice of you. Part of my lack of good judgment is letting such close minded people such as yourself bother Which, it really doesn't. At first maybe but I get over it in just a few minutes. :)

And MAYBE YOU MISUNDERSTOOD ME, not sure. I'm a grown woman who works for a top 150 of the Fortune 500 companies, which means I have a GREAT job, thank you and as far as my kids, they all have great jobs as well. I nor my kids are " COVERED " in tat's.. nor would I ever let my kids get too many and they don't want many at all! DO NOT put me or my family in this chicks category because we're far from it. k? We are NO WAY NEAR " thug " again, you have no idea who you are talking to.

TRUST ME, I already have a GREAT Christian man who LOVES looking at me... and why is that?! HE doesn't have ONE tattoo nor does he want any... but he still wants me and LOVES looking at me. That must really bother you..huh? And that's because he knows what mine are and what they are for. He also knows that the small tattoo's I do have aren't mean, evil nothing of the sort.

You may consider yourself one of those " good men " but I'm not seeing it. I have a " good man " and I think I'll keep him.. :) I can't see how you consider yourself a " good man ", you're too busy judging people,even people you don't even know. ...

" Train Wreck " , you truly are a funny boy! lol If you only knew.. :) I've gone FROM " Train Wreck " to building myself a very nice castle.. ;) See taking the negative and turning it into a positive is what that's all about. :)

Now you can go find someone else to pick on to make your day more happy and complete. You still didn't answer why you don't like tattoo's... is it because you're afraid it will hurt or something else??

Oh and like I said, the 4 small tattoo's I do have are the only ones I'll ever have. They all mean something to me. I have no reason for more, thank you. So don't worry your pretty little head about it for me anymore..k? Although I do appreciate it.

1641 days ago


The Holland tunnel of love...
Jesse, GET CHECKED!!!!!If it didn't fall off already.....

1641 days ago


no need to blur the image, my balls crawled so far up they blocked my vision.

1641 days ago
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